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Cream for Boobies!

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Mood - Sleepy

Mood - Sleepy


Ohayo, creatures of Earth~ \<´`>/

This is Ms.Aya who was forced to wake up before 11am thanks to her dearest dog, Auwlithe. He came in my room and licked my toes which was so ticklish that I just had to exit my cotton candy dreams. (Laughs)

I wonder if any of you have experienced being jolted up from your sleep by your pet. I’d say — The feeling is fantastic because you’ll know your pets are smart. <^v^>/

Baa~ Anyway, that aside. /<´ω`>/

Sheep is still on a quest to growing bigger boobs~♥

I really can’t help but to feel that my chest is too flat!

I remember last time, I was hanging out with Sey-kun and Mau-chan at school and they were talking about boobs. Both of them have large assets and when they look down, they can’t see their feet. Whereas for me… (Laughs nervously) I could see my toes. <∏.∏>

Although I’m not asking for a pair of soccer balls, perhaps 81cm B would be good enough. <u_u> (Sighs)

Anyway, sometime ago.. I was browsing in SASA and came across a bust enhancing product that looks rather promising. <´•ω•`>

I was peacefully reading its ingredients until a sales promoter approached me. This woman wa ne… She took my hand, applied the bust cream — and asked me if I felt any sensation. <_  _>lll

I was like — “Ano sa… If I do feel any sensation, don’t you think that spells out for trouble? Because that would mean I might grow a nipple on my hand, na?”

She just laughed a little bit and continued rubbing the cream on my boney little hands. <x__x>lll

As a result, the only sensation my hand felt back then was itchiness because she applied the bust cream on the spot where I had a couple of mosquito bites. <^-^>lll (Laughs nervously)

O~h well.. In the end, I bought the cream at the price of RM148. It’s quite small so I have to use it sparringly. ↓


<´•ω•`>/ The cream smells like milk~ ♥!

Y~ay! From now onwards — Sheep will continue to pursue its dream for bigger boobs~!


Who’s with me?! <OAO>/ (Laughs)

[ . . . ]

A-re? Where did everyone go to? <.__.>{?]