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Creeps Are Everywhere!

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Mood - Vibrant

Mood - Vibrant



Anyone here?

Hell~O! \<´•σ•`>\ (Calls)

Baa… Looks like everyone is busy with their own things.

I hope that minna-hun is doing fine. On sheep’s side, everything seems to be moving very slowly. <—ω—>

I wonder why? <.___.>

Anyway, today unexpectedly — Auwlithe insisted on going for a long walk~! <´••`>

Usually, he’s quite a lazy bum and sometimes he would quickly detour home.

Maybe I teased him too much about his side profile, that’s why. <^-^>lll ↓

Auwlithe walking at the speed of light!

Auwlithe walking at the speed of light!


Today was a very windy and breezy day so with that, I thought the wind could blow away every doubts that are clouded in my head. <^-^>

After all, Auwlithe didn’t want to go home yet. So we hung around the other side of the neighborhood. <^v^>

At first, it was rather peaceful and I enjoyed watching young boys playing basketball and ladies tending their to their gardens. <u_u*>

The trees, the houses, the flowers — All that I saw was a great comfort to my troubled mind. It was really relaxing and for a moment, I’ve forgotten my worries and troubles. <—ω—>/

Until — A man in a small car passed by me.

It was just a split-second when I saw his face. But his creepy smile was engraved in my head and then I started to feel some bad vibes about him. <_  _>lll

Awhile later, I dismissed those vibes as I felt he shouldn’t have any bad intentions since there was a little boy beside him in the car. Probably he was having a nice chat with his son and I just caught him smiling that way.

Auwlithe and I then carried on walking down the road and I stopped at my favorite spot which is the drain filled with tadpoles. ↓

Sorry, you won’t be able to see any tadpoles. They’re too small! (Cries)

Baa.. <u_u>

I noticed that there aren’t as many tadpoles as before. I really hope that they grew up and left the place instead of dying in that polluted drain.

I cannot fathom why people must throw rubbish into the drain. Is it that thrilling to do so?

Stupid people. ξ<`A´>/ (shows tantrum)

Shortly after watching the little tadpoles, we left the spot and was about to go home until a man riding on a motorcycle stopped and asked me something in Chinese.

I couldn’t understand what he said/asked but before I could shook my head — he suddenly rode off as though he was in a hurry. <.__.>{?]

My chin haven’t even reached my shoulder yet! <TAT>

I looked around and realized that there were some other people (and dogs) near me. However, it soon occurred to me that he was the same man whom I saw earlier! <OAO>!!!

“Wasn’t he driving with a small boy in a car?!”

I knew I saw that ‘Chi Ko Pek’ (which means ‘Perverted’) smile somewhere — and just not too long ago!

I used to think that sweet and charming smiles are always imprinted in memories for eternity. Then again — creepy and perverted smiles do have the same effects. (Shivers) <x_x>

Sheep was a bit frighten at first but regained composure after assuring that there are other people nearby.

With that, I quickly headed home. <_  _>lll

The sky was getting dark

The sky was getting dark

I have no idea what were his intentions but I don’t intend to find out either. I remember there were a few times I encounter creeps on the street. Some were up-to-no-good bastards who tried to approached me, sneaky stalkers — and even some were shameless assholes who flashed before my very eyes! <≥A≤>/

As much as I’m a sucker for pink — but that color on that form is seriously hideous.

No offense, men. I have yet to like and have fantasies about that.

And before you say it — No, sheep is not a lesbian. My sexual orientation is straight. It’s just that — I’m not going after guys for that.

Baa… <u_u>

O~oh well.. Incidentally while we were still walking around, I came across 2 men in orange jumpers.

At first sight, I thought there were escaped convicts! <OAO>

(Cries) My mind sure like to play tricks on me. <@Δ@>lll

This is pretty much what I’ve gone through today. Other than finally kicking Cell’s ass in Dragon Ball: Infinite World. (Laughs)

Ok, sheep has to take her leave now~♪! \<´`>/

Baa-bai, minna-hun.

And take good care of yourself! Chinese New Year is just around the corner!

Get as much Ang Pow from your married relatives~♥!

Say nice and kind words. That I’m sure — you’ll win their hearts. But most importantly, mean what you say — Ok, children?

Good~ Listen to sheepy-ane-san! (Laughs) \<^v^*>/

PS: About smiles… Lately I’ve been trying to smile more often however, I freaked 2 people out this week. One of them is my brother and apparently, I give away a very scary vibe. How come? <.___.>{?]

If that’s the case, I’m not going to smile anymore! (Cries)

PPS: When I take Auwlithe for his walks, I usually dress like an Indonesian maid. I’d simply tie up my hair in bun, wear worn out T-shirts and decent pants. Not that I’m hinting Indonesian maids are ugly or improper, just unattractive. So yea.. I don’t get why I’m quite unfortunate when I go out for walks. Perhaps girls who takes their dogs out are considered.. Cute? <.___.>{?]

… Eeew. I don’t want to look cute in the eyes of evil, perverted maniacs. (Tears) <;__;>