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Mood - Blank

Mood - Blank


Kon’ban wa.

This is Ms.Aya who is leading a very uneventful life.

At the moment, sheep is feeling very mundane and apparently— lacking the sense of humor. <T_T>

I noticed that ever since the beginning of year 2009, I’ve been so cranky and I take every word too literally. Every time I speak or get into a chat, it will somehow process into a horrible argument which I initially have no intention of aggravating anyone.

This goes to show that sheep has really lousy people skills and perhaps — incurable. <;__;> (Tears)

Like most girls, I’d like to blame on our bleeding period however — I never once had any PMS problem/pain. (Truth to speak, I don’t even know what PMS stands for and I was surprise that our bleeding period can actually affect our mood swings. All this while I thought it was just a cheap excuse to escape PE)

So if I ever tell you that I’m suffering of PMS — it’s a damn lie. (Laughs)

Baa.. <u_u>

Ok. If that’s not it, what is my problem then? <.___.>{?]

Well, it has a lot got to do with social and my indecisive manner towards it. One minute I happily open the doors to people, the next minute I withdraw myself from everyone. <u_u>

(Sigh) Not that you all came here to find out how much of a gloom sheep is. (Laughs nervously) Unless there are some of you who are here to rejoice upon my downfall in which — I’d say, nothing ends until sheep is roasted on your grill. <T_T>

That said — With my own strength, sheep will do her best to find her own happiness even if sheep has to do it herself~! \<^v^>/

Who needs people, correct? <^x^>/

As a proof that sheep is capable of smiling — Hora~! ↓

And tomorrow, I’m going to wear this white dress~! ↓

Looks familiar? Well… It’s not the same dress as I’ve shown you before. This one is longer than the other one and it has no lace. <´•ω•`>

The cherry of today —  After 3 weeks of watching the sky constipating — it finally rained! ↓

I hope it rains tomorrow too! <^v^*>/

(Laughs) This is all from the sheepish Ms.Aya.

Ja ne! <^ω^>v