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Mood - Genki

Mood - Genki

Jusu~ Ninyen-tachi! (=Human beings!)

Ms.Aya is here to give a quick update on her busy week!

But firstly, sheep would like to say thanks to Ms.Alexandra for her thoughtful and altruism email. <^x^>/

Apparently, there are some local online shops that sells blinging decorations cheaper than Strapya. <´•ω•`>

These online shops are probably much more convenient for Malaysians because your goods will arrive faster than overseas shipment. Also, The Sticker Monster does not charge any postage fee as long as you’re within Malaysia (Unless you’re living in Singapore). (Gulps)

The sites are:

So if you want to sparkle your eyes, check these sites out and see whether they are to your likings~

As for me, I plan to get someone to stick the screen protector for me — properly before re-designing my phone. (Laughs) <u_u>

Oh ya, another thing. Thanks Ms.Alexandra for attaching a folder filled with cute sheepish emoticons~♥! ↓

Each and every one of them are so adorable that it makes me want to go “Kyuuuuu~♥!” <≥ω≤>/

Those of you who are fond of kawaii emoticons — you can find them at: Neskaya.

Baa~ \<´v`>

Now to share with you a bean of my events for this week. <^-^>b

My relatives of 5 (2 uncles, 1 aunty and 2 cousins) came over and camped at my house for 2 nights.

Remember prior to this I was uncertain whether to go to the beach or theme park? <.__.>{?]

Well, looks like I’ll strike beach out of the list since I went there with my family last weekend.

On my part, I didn’t do much there because my skin is sensitive to the sun and truth to speak, sheep is not as sporting as her brother who can lie still like a corpse and give jack squat about what others may think of him. (Laughs)

That’s my dearest brother~ ↑. (Laughs)

However, it’s not that I didn’t want to enjoy myself. In fact, I pestered my mother to buy me a kite.

I miss flying kite. The last time I helped a kite soar in the sky was 5 years ago, with my favorite uncle who lives in Singapore. So the minute I saw a small stall selling kites — I felt rather nostalgic and sentimental that I want nothing more but to steer and watch the kite —- FLY~!

That said, we bought a kite for RM10 and sheep sped off to play by herself. ↓

However… My first uncle saw me with the kite and he quickly ran over, asking me to take a picture of him flying the kite. <_  _>lll

↑ Judging from the photo above, you can roughly guess how many minutes and seconds I had my hands on it. <_  _>

Anyway… ↓

First uncle happily flew the kite and I stood there taking his photos in sequences. Then my second uncle (in an orange shirt) who came out of nowhere also wanted to play with the kite. Just when he wanted his turn… ↓

/<ºДº>/ {Eraikotcha!]

My first uncle started losing control of the kite and the next thing I saw in his camera phone was … ↓

“Eh? <.___.> Why is the roll of thread on the ground?” I studied the photo dumdfoundedly.

I’ll let you guess what happen to the kite. (Laughs)

Use your imaginations ans every possibilities that you can think of!

Baa~ <u_u>

One hint: I didn’t get a chance to fly the kite at all! <∏A∏>

(Cries) <;__;>

So much for feeling nostalgic and wanting to catch up with my past happiness! <´•__•`>lll

With that said, this is a bean of my moments with my relatives which turns out to be quite a silly moment. <_  _>lll

Sheep can’t believe that her uncles are still very childish and playful for their age.

I really need to learn how to treasure my youth from them, do you agree with me on this? (Sheepish smile)

Yossha! Time to wrap up this entry~!

Wait — How rude of sheep to just end an entry like that! <`A´>/

More like, how selfish of sheep! <≥A≤>/

I’ve been blabbing about my happy moments without asking anyone about theirs!

Having that said… (bites self as a punishment) Do you have any memorable moments with your family members?

Are they silly yet jovial memories?


Have your own say!

PS: As usual — I hurt myself again. ↑ I slammed into a wall at home and if that’s not enough, I got a small cut on my finger thanks to the kite’s thread. <x_x>

O~wie… <;__;>

Ice-Cream Phone – Deco!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Reviews
Mood - Fatigue

Mood - Fatigue


Good evening, fellow readers~♫! \<´v`>/

This is Ms.Aya who received her ice-cream phone earlier than expected! <OAO>

In fact, right after I posted the previous entry, Zitron beeped me and told me to collect my phone immediately before they close for the long holidays. Otherwise, I’ll have to wait until the end of Chinese New Year which is next week. <_  _>lll

So those of you who have been following my updates on the LG KF350 phone — everything seems to be fine, period. Though I noticed that there are some scratches on my screen. (Tears) <;__;>

That night itself — Sheep begun decorating her phone with her newly arrived accessories~! ↓

Deco tools!

Deco tools!

Sheep was so excited because it was her first time decorating her keitai with 3D gems~♥!

First and for all, I wiped my phone as clean as possible. I even applied a bit of soap and carefully wiped the screen clean. Seriously, the people who handed my phone were rather careless people. I spotted some scratches on my external and internal screen! <OAO>

Baa! Sheep was flabbergasted! <`A´>/

But since the marks are quite minor, I guess it’s best I pardon them instead of boiling my own blood. Ne? <—ω—>

So back to where I was saying…

↑ After cleaning my phone, I drew a crappy layout on the screen protector sticker.

As you can see — ↓

I didn’t do a good job on that. (Laughs nervously)

Let’s just say — I own a pair of fidgety hands! <;__;>

I can never draw a straight line even with the help of a ruler no matter what~!

So if given a chance, please don’t ask me to draw lines for you. You’ll regret it!

Baa~ <u_u>

I only had 2 pieces of that screen protector and as hard as I tried to cut and paste the sticker diligently however… ↓

I failed miserably! ↑ (Cries)

I’m not sure whether its suppose to be extremely sticky like a double-sided type or what but — I’m definitely not going to do this again manually. I just wasted them unnecessarily!

Besides, it’s so sticky that I won’t be surprise if it leaves any glue stains in a matter of time! <x_x>

Therefore, be wise — Get an expert if you have no confidence in doing it yourself, ok?

In the end, I somehow managed to use the bits and pieces of the remains. <T_T>

After struggling to stick the protector screen, I investigated the other packet where all the goodies were~♥

(The marker pen is however — not included!)

You’ll be given some gems, pearls, flowers… (according to the design that you chose), 2 cotton buds, 2 tooth picks and a pair of glue which you need to mix on an aluminum foil. Do be careful! The glue is very sticky!

From this point onwards, I did not take any photos for this footage simply because — My hands were very sticky. (Laughs nervously) <^x^>lll

However, I can spare you some basic yet handy tips:

  • Arrange the beads and pearls BEFORE sticking on them for real. It’s better that you have a rough idea on where you want to stick them and how you want them to appear at the end of the day. After that, you should have enough confidence to apply glue on them. (Blend both the glue as well as possible. And don’t leave them expose to the air for too long. It’ll dry up!)
  • Start with the bigger beads and pearls. Use them as your mark.
  • Use the 2 tooth picks that are provided for you. Especially when it comes to the puny beads.
  • Use the cotton buds to clean up the exceeding glue.

It took me close to an hour to decorate my phone up to my satisfaction. ↓

(Smiles) I’m quite please with how I arranged the gems and pearls. Though I’m still beating myself senseless for picking pink flowers instead of red. Moreover the phone is already pink in color.. (Sobs) But from the way it looks — it still stands out I suppose… <_  _>lll

Once I was done, I eagerly attached my new hanger on my princess-looking phone~! ↓

Presenting the final result~! ↓

From afar, it looks nice and fancy. But truth to speak — It’s damn messy up-close because I simply stick the screen protector. (Weeps) <TAT>

Question: Will the gems and pearls get in the way when the phone lights up?

Well.. See for yourself! <^ε^>/ ↓

What do you think? <.__.>{?]

No no! I don’t want your opinion on my how terrible my verbal skills are. I meant — the phone and its light!

!! Slaps own forehead !!

Is it too gaudy? Because that’s what my mother and uncles said. (Tears)

Then again, it’s my phone so — (Sticks out tongue)

Can’t stop sheep! <≥A≤>/

Those of you who are wondering where I got my accessories… You can find them at

Click here to go to the Handphone Stickers category immediately!

They do ship their goods to Malaysia so don’t worry. We’re not that unknown. (Laughs)

Other than purchasing their screen protector (which I’ll never buy again), 1 Swarovski Original Design and that lovely wishing-upon-a-star-ribbon strap — I also bought a Morimo! ↓

It’s so much smaller than I expected! <´•ω•`>

A Morimo is a small weed[?] which apparently acts as a good luck charm. Take good care of it, change its water regularly and it will bless you with luck~!

You can buy Morimo with your birth stone with it~♥! \<^v^>/

It’s now hanging on my wallet~♫

Baa~♫ <u_u>

Sheep has to leave now~♫ <^x^>

Just so you know, I won’t be blogging for this entire week because I have guests in my house.

So don’t panic during my absence alright? <T_T>

I’ll catch up with minna-hun as soon as possible!

Desu kara — Baa-bai~♥!

PS: I got Auwlithe to pose for me because sheep is too lazy and ugly to cam-whore at the moment. With that said — Please pardon me~! <´•___•`>

P.PS: If you’re an individual who keeps her phone in her pocket, then you better not decorate your keitai like mine. Imagine those sharp little things poking your ass! (Laughs)

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Mood - Sleepy

Mood - Sleepy



Blogging right now is the sleepy Ms.Aya who seem to be yawning throughout the day~ Did you know? Even when sheep is singing — sheep can still yawn?

(Laughs) Mummy thinks that I’m the only one who can yawn even while I’m active and wide awake.

Today, sheep is quite happy and contented because the accessories that sheep ordered online has finally arrived her door step~! ↓

<´ε`>/ As you can see, they are meant to decorate my keitai but — BUT —-

Where’s my ice-cream phone? <;__;> (Cries)

<´•___•`>lll Well… It hanged last Sunday night and the next day, I sent it to Zitron for repair. Apparently they don’t have what it takes to repair my phone so they have to send it to KL. I was told that I’ll get it back in 3 weeks time but that’s very unlikely because next week is the beginning of Chinese New Year. (Tears)

That said, I better not put my hopes too high. Speaking of Chinese New Year — What plans does minna-hun have, kana~?

Those of you who celebrate Chinese New Year, how’s the atmosphere at your home town?

On my side, it’s pretty dead. Though shopping malls are playing those “Ta-ran-tochang, ta-ran-tochang-tochang~—~ music, the decorations seems to be less.

I saw this fella in Jusco and he looks so lonely because there were no other decorations around him. How sad!

Oh well… <u__u>

Are you going to visit your family and friends?

I’m guessing that everyone is going to meet their entire family members. How awesome will that be! \<^ω^>/

Come to think about it — I’ve never met my entire family tree before. The only members that I know of are my mother’s siblings. 2 uncles and 1 deceased aunt. Apparently, her side of the family is very big while my father is the only child hence no uncles and aunties from his side. <.__.>lll

(Laughs nervously)

Well… I’m kind of immune to living in a small family. However… I’m just thinking — How is it like to have a grandma and grandpa?

Sheep has never met her grandparents from both sides because they passed away long before I came in to existence. <_  _>lll

So whenever I hear people talk about their grandparents, a huge [?] appears above my head. It’s like — a missing puzzle where I can’t feel any connections to them.

My mother do tell me stories about them. Like the fact that my mother’s parents’ marriage were arranged.

In spite of allowing other people to decide their marriage, they got along very well and their love for one another was strong. They even passed away on the same date but different year! <o_o>

Baa~ Imagine if they were still alive, they would be able to tell me lots of old folklore’s and especially their experience during the Japanese invasions. <^-^>lll

I wonder, those of you who have met your grandparents — How is it like spending time with them? How do you treat them and what do they talk to you about? <.___.>{?]

Hona, sheep has to go now.

I await your answers patiently~!


Ok ok ok, Auwlithe.. I’m coming! Sheesh! <≥A≤>/

PS: IT’S OFFICIAL! All trolleys hate me! ↓

The wheel ran over my toes — Again… And AS USUAL! <`A´>/

Cream for Boobies!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers
Mood - Sleepy

Mood - Sleepy


Ohayo, creatures of Earth~ \<´`>/

This is Ms.Aya who was forced to wake up before 11am thanks to her dearest dog, Auwlithe. He came in my room and licked my toes which was so ticklish that I just had to exit my cotton candy dreams. (Laughs)

I wonder if any of you have experienced being jolted up from your sleep by your pet. I’d say — The feeling is fantastic because you’ll know your pets are smart. <^v^>/

Baa~ Anyway, that aside. /<´ω`>/

Sheep is still on a quest to growing bigger boobs~♥

I really can’t help but to feel that my chest is too flat!

I remember last time, I was hanging out with Sey-kun and Mau-chan at school and they were talking about boobs. Both of them have large assets and when they look down, they can’t see their feet. Whereas for me… (Laughs nervously) I could see my toes. <∏.∏>

Although I’m not asking for a pair of soccer balls, perhaps 81cm B would be good enough. <u_u> (Sighs)

Anyway, sometime ago.. I was browsing in SASA and came across a bust enhancing product that looks rather promising. <´•ω•`>

I was peacefully reading its ingredients until a sales promoter approached me. This woman wa ne… She took my hand, applied the bust cream — and asked me if I felt any sensation. <_  _>lll

I was like — “Ano sa… If I do feel any sensation, don’t you think that spells out for trouble? Because that would mean I might grow a nipple on my hand, na?”

She just laughed a little bit and continued rubbing the cream on my boney little hands. <x__x>lll

As a result, the only sensation my hand felt back then was itchiness because she applied the bust cream on the spot where I had a couple of mosquito bites. <^-^>lll (Laughs nervously)

O~h well.. In the end, I bought the cream at the price of RM148. It’s quite small so I have to use it sparringly. ↓


<´•ω•`>/ The cream smells like milk~ ♥!

Y~ay! From now onwards — Sheep will continue to pursue its dream for bigger boobs~!


Who’s with me?! <OAO>/ (Laughs)

[ . . . ]

A-re? Where did everyone go to? <.__.>{?]