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9th December 2K8, Tuesday – 7:53+pm.


Hora, minna-hun~♫

This is Ms.Aya who is going to continue her entry on ‘Why it Sucks to be Single’.

I read someone’s comment saying that leaving your bag on the table is totally fine and safe, plus — You’re certain that the table is all yours. <T_T>

Hence said, what’s so bad about being single? (in this case, going out solo)

Well today, I went to Coffee Bean and despite how packed it was — I managed to find a comfortable seat and a spacious table for me to layout my books. So without taking any chances, I left my books on the table to sort of give away a hint saying — “Place taken, sucker”. <`A´>/

Then, I ordered my usual beverage at the counter and guess what? <.___.>{?]

This time it wasn’t one of those guys with a detestable yet innocent smile on his face that conveniently took my seat. This time… ↓

!! Eraikotcha !!

It was a kid beneath the height of my hips that came running to my table. I made a second glance just to assure myself that the kid was mindlessly running amok but no —– There he was sitting in front of my books looking like this. ↓

“Ore makechatta ~~ya”, my mouth dropped. <∏A∏>

There was an older kid accompanying the little one and I guess he saw my ‘eraikotcha’ face so he figured that those were my books. He persuaded the little kid to move and later they sat at the table which was beside me. Rather cramp and small. For a second, I had this intention to give up my place for them since they had an additional adult with them plus they were carrying some folders as though they wanted to conduct their studies.

However, the adult left, leaving their faces glued to their PSP’s. So yea… Free from guilt! (Laughs) <^-^>lll

Baa… <u_u> I’m so glad that they were reasonable to the point I feel ashamed for thinking of strangling them. (Slaps self)

Long time ago, I sat in Coffee Bean and I was fortunate to have a good place to practice my English. Then a group of girls entered and there was only one small table left. Naturally, they sat there and they noticed that I was alone and I had a table for four.

I could be imagining this though, those girls (5 – 6 of them) were staring daggers at my direction, made some bitchy eye contacts and if I’m heard correctly — they made some nasty remarks that goes by the line “Waaa… So great ah, one person only want to take up so much space….” ヽ<`Д´>ノ

They even made gestures as though they want to ask me to switch places with them. <=_=>lll

When I looked around, I realized that I’m the most vulnerable and intimidated one in the cafe. Everyone was with somebody and even though there were other singles — they were men. (Laughs)

Anyway, they did not confront me in the end. <u_u> They just displayed their annoyance of having to squeeze their bag of lards just to sit close to each other so that none of them will miss out the latest gossips and rants. (Laughs)

Alright, enough about dining/having lunch solo. Let’s move on to other reasons why it sucks to be single. <^-^>/

Have any of you ever watched a movie ALONE in the cinema?

Your answer: _______________________________

If you’ve never gone to the cinema alone, do feel that you’re bless with friends and companions. You’re definitely not as silly as sheep to go to the cinemas alone!

Going to the cinema alone is not all that weird and lonely. It depends on how you perceive and handle loneliness. Some wimpy asses might go to the cinemas alone out of self-pity and just to encourage the emo shit in them.

On the other hand, some people are just too darn excited and eager to watch the movie that they can’t wait for their pussified friends who are whining about their incoming exams. Apparently by staying at home, they are entitled to full marks. <_   _>lll

As for me, I enjoy going to the movies alone — SOME TIMES. The good thing about watching a movie outside solo is:

  1. No additional narrator/commentator: I don’t like people talking to me during the movie. Especially when they try to explain to me about what’s going on (probably I understand the movie better than them) without me asking, “Eh, how come he’s still alive?!” or when the obvious is obviously shown. Don’t you think it’s better to save all the discussion after we’re done watching?
  2. No complaints: “The seat is hard”, “This place stinks”, “I can’t see the screen”, “The mother fucker at 12 o’clock is having a seizure”, “Bastard kid is kicking my chair — AGAIN”.. <-  ->lll Dude, STFU. < ̄へ  ̄> 凸

So yea.. sometimes the absence of friends in the cinema can be calm and relaxing.

… On second thought, it does suck to watch alone. Especially when you’re seated next to a weirdo.

You know, I’m quite childish and dreamy. When I line up to buy my ticket, I’d think to myself, “Maybe I’ll be seated next to my long lost lover and we will finally reunite there!” If so, I promise to keep that ticket in my treasure box as a memento. <#^∇^#>ゞ

Sadly, a dream is a dream. Here’s one weird and freakish moment I had in my solo outings — in the cinema!

I think it was last year or the year before — I went to watch Fantastic 4: The rise of the silver spoon alone and it was on my birthday.

Next to me was an uncle who seem to have came to watch the movie alone too. He wore shorts and a very thin, worn-out T-shirt and throughout the movie — He kept talking to himself. <o_o>

He was like, “Haha.. Good one…”, “Haha… Very funny…”, “Haha… I knew it!”.

He even repeated certain dialogs! <OAO>!!!

Another incident was when I watched Black Sheep, there was yet another uncle who had a staunched body odour and kept fidgeting throughout the show. ↓

At times like this — I’ll call out for Mira and Saru-chan. (Laughs)

In other words, I appreciate friends because if anything else — I’m immune to them and I can tell them to be mindful or watch out for their manners.

… What!? <OAO>

You don’t expect me to tell those uncles, “Oe.. You fell in the drain is it? So smelly leh”.

Suppose they cup my butt — Then I’ll put my morals aside and …

!! SLAP !!


Other reasons why it sucks to be single is… You can’t ask for opinions from people whom knows you best.

If you were to ask sales people, on purpose — They’ll introduce to you the most expensive products. And if you’re alone — Somehow they can overpower you! \<*`∧´>/

One last reason — Buying ice-cream.

Damn — As you can see the picture beneath, I always struggle a lot to make my payment. ↓

Even though I can set my things on the table — Some people are just too blady impatient. It’s not like I’m going to buy all the ice-cream, leaving none for them — right?

And what I hate most is, the counter fella will just shove the ice-cream to me and hands out for money. Can’t he hold the ice-cream for me until I take out my money?

What I usually do is — I’ll ask in advance how much the ice-cream cost so that I can whip out my dollar notes and dig out for coins. However, they always tell me — “Wait ah… wait ah…….OK!” (Hands over the ice-cream and then expects me to take out my money single-handedly)

(Tears) <;__;>

A~ah well… All these are trivial matters.

I guess being a single and friendless is making sheep cranky, ne? <.____.> ↓

One is the loneliest number. <u_u>

Sheep needs to go now. Bath is awaiting sheep~ \<^w^>/

If I have not replied your comments — Don’t be alarmed or offended.

I’ll reply them as soon as I have time. <^x^>/

This is all from Ms.Aya — Have a good and pleasant day~♥

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1.  Mira
December 9th, 2008 at 10:18 pm

yea i understand how you feel. Even when i am eating alone i feel as if nothing is safe in this world and that i cant trust anyone. That sucks T.T i know how it feels. i just hate it when people stare at me =.=” i know i am fat already! *kicks those ass*

well i havent watched any movies in the cinema alone BUT i do get assholes who keep kicking my seat till i scolded one guy that day =.=” if they want a stool to put their legs on get it and put it at the side and they can sit on the stairs ! saves more space for another person who knows how to seat well =.=”

love your drawings XD lol ehehehe

2.  therocketd
December 9th, 2008 at 11:35 pm

I’m gonna uncover a nasty secret, I hate going to the movies with company. It’s not like I always go by myself, but if I must go with someone we always watch a film I’m not interested in. You’re so right, side comments are not appreciated nor the unwanted previews.

Guys think it’s a good idea to take their girlfriends/liked ones to watch scary movies in the hopes of getting a feel of their bodies when they get scared and feel the urge to squeeze someone’s arm against their chests, well, I hate that, how am I supposed to focus on the events taking place in the movie (useful to understand what’s the bloody movie about)if myarm is being torn apart from my body??, and if things get all lovey-dovey??, well, if I’m gonna spend 2 hours making out with my companion I’d rather do it @ home or in a hotel, why showing off your passion when everyone else in the hall wants to see the movie screen in front of them?. When I’m interested to really watch a film I always go by myself (same rules apply for RAW and SMACKDOWN nights, strictly no distractions).

Oh!, you’re right!, till now I never realised that ice cream vendors never wait up till you get the money out, people always bring someone to hold their ice creams while they get the cash out their bags/pockets… hmmm… a useful strategy would be having the cash ready in your hand and beat him in his speed game ha ha ha by handing him the money before he can hand you the ice cream, I’m sure no vendor expects that ha ha ha.

When you find your life partner you will get many comodities, however new and unknown trouble will arise, sharing your time and space with someone else is not piece of cake, courtship may prove to be overvalued sometimes… well, nothing in this world is flawless.

Did you watch the slammy awards??? ha ha ha.

3.  Sachi-chan
December 10th, 2008 at 3:14 am

*Nods* 1 is definitely such a lonely number. I feel your pain, ane-san, I spend most of my time alone -_-, so I’ve endured many hours of cranky loneliness̀x́/!
I really love the little drawings of sheep and her surroundings n_n, good idea!

4.  Daisuke
December 10th, 2008 at 12:32 pm

Sheep chan>> Awwh…there there…-pats sheep back…- i’m single too….but that’s basically the cruel realities of being single….till this day i really long for a really cute gf…who i can take care….and spend my whole life with….(T____T)…..unfortunately all the girls that are pretty and cute….are either taken…or turn out to be worse than i had actually imagined…..(darn it…) anyway…i never watched a movie alone….and i’m really grateful that i do have great friends which i can rely on….no matter how bad life is….in other words friends are really important in life!! there are like gold….precious yet more valuable than money…..(^_____^)….

[Out of topic]: Attention sheep chan, mira chan and Saru….!! my blinkz site has closed permanently….due to the main website’s closure…so do take out the neccesary link out of your own respective blogs….in the mean time…you could link my deviantart instead….but i’ll be back soon with a brand new website…..

5.  Ms.Aya
December 10th, 2008 at 11:53 pm

Dear Mira

(Laughs) If you dislike being ‘fat’, then workout and control your eating habits!

I understand that people have the tendency to stare and I’m beginning to accept it as something normal. But sometimes I do wonder — They stare at other people because they admire them or what? (.___.)

Sheep don’t understand~ (TAT)

Indeed, those people who put up their legs on other people’s chair are inconsiderate and clearly you can tell — They uncivilized people!

Baa! You got lots of friends to hang out with!

Dear Rocketd

Speaking of movies, do you watch Dane Cook’s stand up comedies? If so — Have you watched the one about Movies (featured in ‘A vicious circle’)? (Laughs) Since your lifestyle can be consider Americanize, you can probably relate your movie days with his.

Quote: well, if I’m gonna spend 2 hours making out with my companion I’d rather do it @ home or in a hotel, why showing off your passion when everyone else in the hall wants to see the movie screen in front of them?

Exactly! What’s so thrilling about making out in the theater? Get a room and do all the fore plays in the karma bible.

Mmm… So Rocketd isn’t the type to take his girl to the theme park and to the movies… (-___-)lll

About the ice-cream vendors, I tried that. I asked for the payment and they won’t tell me until they’re done scooping my ice-cream and shoving it to me. Another way I tried was to check the menu for the price and prepare every penny but surprise, surprise — Inclusive of government & service tax. (_ _)lll

Quote: When I’m interested to really watch a film I always go by myself (same rules apply for RAW and SMACKDOWN nights, strictly no distractions).

You went to watch WWE LIVE before!!!!? (OAO)!!!

I’m pretty sure they go to your country!

And yes! I watched the Slammy Awards! (Laughs) Which was your favorite part?

Dear Sachi-chan

The drawings are cute? Thanks! I was afraid that no one can understand them. (Laughs)

Loneliness can make one cranky. And I mean — Seriously cranky!

So anyway, when you’re alone — What do you do to by pass that time?

Dear Daisuke

Quote: unfortunately all the girls that are pretty and cute….are either taken…or turn out to be worse than i had actually imagined…..(darn it…)


By saying that — You’re implying that you’re only scouting girls according to their looks?

… Nanka hidoi. (_ _)lll

Yes, it’s only right to be grateful for having great friends who are there to support you and keep you away from being alone.

About your website — I’ll remove it until you put up a new blog of your own. (^-^)v

6.  therocketd
December 11th, 2008 at 12:29 am

I do take my gfs (when I have one) to the movies, amusement parks and everywhere they wanna go, me enjoying it it’s another story…

If I get a respectful companion, someone who understands that if I’m paying to watch a movie then what I wannna do is WATCH THE MOVIE is fine, I can go with that someone, though I know very few of this people is actually alive.

I’ve actually been to a WWE show three times in my life, once when I was in Japan, and twice here in Mexico. Anyway, I don’t like distractions when I’m watching the WWE on tv either ha ha ha.

My favorite moment?..hmmm, I don’t know, this year the nominees and the winners were pretty cheesy ones. I liked it when Beth let Santino fall on his butt and then ran off to pick her Diva of the year award ha ha ha. I freaked when JBL took away HBK’s award and I totally loved Mysterio’s victory… CM Punk comes next…that’ll be a nice match.

Chris Jericho superstar of the year?? you’ve got to be kidding me!!!.

I came up with a WWE tag, check it out in my blog. Cheers!

7.  nappyheaded
December 11th, 2008 at 3:36 am

Don’t worry about those bitchy teenage girls. Kids are always a pain in the ass.

8.  Sachi-chan
December 11th, 2008 at 6:00 am

Hmmm, well I spend most of my time on my laptop surfing the net, blogging or reading manga etc. Other than that I spend my time drawing manga, chatting (online) reading… Yea, that’s about it… Wow! O.o I spend more time on the computer than I even realized! Maybe I should get out of the house more -_-.
What do you normally do in your free time?

9.  Mike
December 11th, 2008 at 5:59 pm

i have never went to Cinema alone as of yet… i donno why, but i just can’t get myself to go alone…. i would always go with some1… and often miss movies that i wanted to watch coz of this… i would not say tat i have alot of frens… but i can say tat i’m bless with amazing frens… eating alone is a norm for me… but i stil just hate it…
u noe, i always sometime dream who would sit beside me in the cinema, dining table or even bus when i travel alone back to my hometown(i always go back alone)
its so sad to spend on ur birthday only u and yourself… i have also had my fair share of it… which i dun want to remember it…
i love ur ice-cream part… they think tat v have an invisible hands hidden somewhere…

10.  mYsTyLe
December 11th, 2008 at 6:02 pm

Well, I went for movie alone for more than 5times, and it’s not really that bad. Sometimes being couple doesn’t mean u will have the best time in ur life. It comes with commitment and responsibility, and trust me, it’s not easy. Being alone sometimes help you to think, but bare in mind that, think wise, and not negatively.

I know, christmas is coming, that feeling of loneliness will sure strike even harder, and u will be thinking (where are my frens? they are only busy with their couple) COme on, it’s not a big deal… We are born being single (not having any frens or relationship). Cheer up

11.  3POINT8
December 11th, 2008 at 6:46 pm

Going to the cinema alone? Never!
Its more economic and convenient to watch that particular movie at home. Well, a movie is a mere delivery of idea, I could wait for a high quality dvd to come out.

12.  kennhyn
December 11th, 2008 at 7:20 pm

I guess guys and girls are different. I have been single for far too long that I so used to it. But I don’t like to watch movie alone in the cinema, the only time I watch alone is Matrix Revolution…. way too long ago…cheers, enjoy ur life!

13.  YL
December 11th, 2008 at 7:41 pm

haha. interesting post you have there. sometimes, being single doesnt suck after all! :D
haha. look on the brighter side of things :D :D

14.  arth akal
December 11th, 2008 at 8:42 pm

i like how you picture yourself as a sheep in ur drawings. hehe cute.

oh, i draw a lot too :)

15.  Ms.Aya
December 11th, 2008 at 10:57 pm

Dear Rocketd

I see.. Hopefully you get a partner who understands you and not be a hindrance while you’re engross in something. (Laughs) That, I think we have in common.

I’m so jealous! You went 3 times?! (Cries) It’s decided! Next time when they come to Singapore, I’ll go even if I have to stay in a hotel overnight alone!


By the way, how did you feel watching WWE live?! (.___.)

About Beth & Santino part, I suddenly like Beth more than before!

Are you on the same page with me on this? The trophy award is so — Hilarious! A man lifting another man up. (Laughs) I want that trophy too! I also got mad when JBL butted in and confiscate Shawn’s award. He even took over the speech. Wake up, Shawn.. You can’t work under that loser. (Cries)

As for your WWE tag — I’ll do it during the weekend, ok? (^-^)v

Dear Nappy

Whoopsy, I did not specify correctly. They were older than me. (Tears) Or more or less about the same age as me.

You’re right. I shouldn’t worry about them. (_ _) Than you.

Dear Sachi-chan

Well… Same as you. My life pretty much revolves around my laptop, books and my dog, Auwlithe. (Laughs)

Aren’t we sad people? (Cries)

You can try going walking around your neighborhood for a start. Get to know who lives nearby you and you might even make new friends. (^-^)v

Holy zen! The power of Innit

Ok… Sheep.. Don’t be lazy.. Just reply even though they might not come back to read.. Yosh! Start talking to the wall!

Dear Mike

They say — Quantity of friends can never beat truly qualified friends.

Quote: i always sometime dream who would sit beside me in the cinema, dining table or even bus when i travel alone back to my hometown(i always go back alone)

You think so too!? I wonder why we think or dream like that. Could it be due to those anime/manga and Japanese drama that gave us this fantasy?

Or — It’s a normal thing which I fail to know in the first place.. (Tears)

Dear Mystyle

Thank you. Somewhere along your lines reminded me of a strong belief which I used to abide myself to.

Being alone can be healthy in the sense we have time to breath from a relationship without worrying about commitment etc… Then again — Dwelling in loneliness for too long is not good, right? (;__;)

Dear 3POINT8

A~ah.. The comfort of your own home. (Smiles)


Thank you~? (Laughs nervously)

16.  Saruchan
December 12th, 2008 at 3:34 am

Wow … thats quite alot of visitors ! *distribute some cookies*

anyways ,

Another point to add . i hate going to the movies alone and not having someone to comment about the movie “after” watching ..

I always find it entertaining listening to that person remarks about that specific scene/character ~

like for example :

” Oh My Gawd ! did you see that Zack Effron (i think its spelled that way) French Kissed that Fat Chick !??! ( The movie is called “Hair Spray” ) damn gross !!i wouldn’t do that for a million bucks ! ”

I used to make mistakes like what you did at the ice-cream stand …

This time I found a way to avoid that ..

When i buy an ice-cream .. i ask for the price .. but then that person is obviously busy preparing the ice-cream , so when he/she hands over the ice-cream to me , expecting me to take it and pay up .. instead . I will ask for the price and make that person hold the ice-cream until i take out my notes and exchange it for the ice-cream .. if there is an extra change + resit , just take it with your free hand and shove it into your pockets/hand bag while you enjoy your ice-cream! (top priority is to enjoy !)

Note : Please take the ice-cream using your arm that carries your hand bag . cuz it will be easier to use your free hand to put the money into your bag

If you follow those i dont think paying ice-cream will be a problem ! ^^

But if that counter person keeps on pestering you .. give him the I-Will-Slit-Your-Troat and Rip your Guts out Look on your face (emphasize more on your eyes) and he/she will immediately shut up … It works for me !

Serious! action speaks stronger than words ! cuz your breath and the energy used to produce words from your mouth is much more valuable than their life ! so dont waste it on them . =)

Enjoy your ice-cream ! xD


You don’t expect me to tell those uncles, “Oe.. You fell in the drain is it? So smelly leh”.

Suppose they cup my butt — Then I’ll put my morals aside and …

!! SLAP !!


hmm… i do feel that im blessed with friends ! even if they are so far away from me ! xD

@ Ms.Aya & Rocket’d

I agree that Making out in the theaters are gross !! even doing it in public is so disgusting and uncivilized !

If you want to show your girlfriend/boyfriend how much you love her/him .. better still you go up to a tall podium and shout out your love using a microphone in public rite ?

I think “people with low class” does that kind of thing … cuz i think love is to be shared between 2 people only . thats what makes it special and unique no ?


Yep thats about it for now ~


*jumps through the roof*

17.  nappyheaded
December 12th, 2008 at 5:13 am

Saru chan knows things which I didn’t think a 16 year old would know.

18.  therocketd
December 12th, 2008 at 11:26 pm

@Saru: I don’t think what they wanna show off is their “love” though… I’ve heard of some countries organizing annual “make out” contests, lots of horny couples get togheter and make out for the crowd, those who can endure the longest period of time kissing and fondling each other win the contest.

No wonder why they say each head is a different world.

19.  Saruchan
December 13th, 2008 at 1:47 am


I see.. thats something diffrent ,

At our place , we dont have that kind of events but people say that “it is romantic to show everyone how much you love your boyfriend/girlfriend by having a luvey-duvey intercourse in public ”

I think thats just stupid .

but indeed i agree that each head is a different world .. cuz thats what makes us “different”

20.  nappyheaded
December 13th, 2008 at 7:46 am

Do you have some type of teacher? It’s really scary and dangerous if you don’t. I hope you have someone over there who could teach you these things.I don’t think I could teach you but I’ll tell you these two possibilities.

1. You’ve gone insane.

2. you can see the world as it really is.

hope that helps.

21.  Ms.Aya
December 13th, 2008 at 3:09 pm

Dear Saru-chan

Same! I love having deep discussions after the movie — depending on how good the movie is. (Laughs)

About your ‘ice-cream’ method, it works. But I’m quite paranoid with the vendor’s hygiene. Sometimes I won’t take the ice-cream from them until I take out my money. However, there are some vendors who don’t know how to hold the ice-cream properly. Once, there was this guy — He hold my ice-cream by the cone and his fingers were digging in the ice-cream.

!! Gross !!

I refused to eat that part and had it removed. Ok.. I know.. Sheep is overly paranoid and fussy..

Slap sheep. (Cries)

Man.. I sound like a problematic person. (Laughs)

Quote: But if that counter person keeps on pestering you .. give him the I-Will-Slit-Your-Troat and Rip your Guts out Look on your face (emphasize more on your eyes) and he/she will immediately shut up … It works for me !

(Laughs) Thanks. I wanna try that next time. This is my own words: It is healthy to freak random people once in a while!


Dear Rocketd

.. Like making-out booths? (.__.)

(Laughs) Obviously those category of people have no shame in showing off their public display affection. But knowing these people — Today you see them kissing this girl — Next week he is French-kissing another girl.

Dear Nappy

I’m Saru-chan’s mentor. As his superior, I’d like to ask you to stop discouraging Saru-chan’s wisdom and growth for knowledge.

!! Laughs !!

22.  Daisuke
December 15th, 2008 at 1:34 pm

Sheep chan>> In a way….yea…i’m only hoping to find a girl who is cute and pretty….but of course….u can’t be too hopefull…just as long as the girl has good charactheristics as well as having a pure heart….then again…i’m still waiting and longing….(-____-)….

23.  Jessica Sideways
June 19th, 2010 at 3:34 am

It is exceedingly difficult being single, even more so if you are a transsexual woman and there is no one who wants to be with you for more than a month or two (if you’re even lucky enough to get that!). I’m sad, lonely and depressed.

24.  Ms Aya
June 20th, 2010 at 12:28 am

Dear Jessica

I’m sorry to hear/read that you are going through a tough time finding a partner. And your situation isn’t easy at all. (;__; )
Your pool of prospects is a lot less than the average people.



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