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Mood - Genki

14th December 2K8, Sunday – Night.



Ms.Aya here is engross with Dragon Ball~!

I started reading the manga again (starting from book 16 when the battles are more crucial and threatening). So nostalgic~♥! ↓

This whole entry is going to be about Dragon Ball so — I apologize to those who aren’t fond of it and might find this boring. (Cries) <;___;>

Baa.. <.___.>lll Moving on…

I remember I used to read Dragon Ball during my primary school days. And now that I think about it — Dragon Ball is indeed a classic anime/manga that will never die out throughout time.

Dragon Ball has been around since 1984 and until today — it is still the most talk and recognize anime that no one will ever miss out. (you have to be an ignorant loser to dismiss Dragon Ball!)

Even though new anime and manga seems to be beat Dragon Ball in perspective of sound effects and drawings — Somehow, when it comes to story line, I personally feel that Dragon Ball’s plot is more deep and most importantly — Original.

Plus, the characters are great. They show development throughout time. Take the main character Son Goku for an example.

He practically grew up in the series and showed major improvement in his martial arts. Although the whole destroying the solar system may sound ridiculous but face it — The story is great. The characters are cool and the humor tickles the shit out of your bones.

Now when I read Bleach, I’m like — What the fuck is Bankai? (Laughs)

Anyway — Let’s talk about… Who are your favorite characters and which is your favorite saga? <^v^>/

Answer: ______________________________

Baa~ There are so many fantastic and funny characters. But for me — My favorites are:

Cyborg 18 and Cyborg 17 – Because they are the only villains that are not alienated. (Laughs) Also, I find these cold blooded siblings cute when they act together. No.17 is so boyish and he likes cars (I think he’s into guns too) while No.18 is all about clothes and fashion. Seriously, Kuririn is damn lucky to have No.18 as his wife.. Although she orders him around. <^-^>lll Pretty girls are difficult, huh?

* Awesome fanart of No.18

* Awesome fanart of No.18

Then again — Don’t you think No.18 is way too powerful than Kuririn? No wonder he dare not say no to her. (Laughs)

As for No.17, I’m kinda sad that he returned as a bad guy in Dragon Ball GT and that he was destroyed by Goku and No.18. (Cries) Why….. <;__;>

I prefer the normal C17 ↑ than the Super 17. Super 17 looks … scary and freaky.. <=__=>lll

Vegeta - (Laughs) The bad ass in the group. Initially, he appeared as a villain and was a serious threat to the Z group. This son of a B is tough to kill as he keeps getting up after numerous blows by Gohan, Goku, Kuririn, Piccolo and even Yazirobe.

A terrifying character indeed but later, he forcefully team up with Goku and the rest in order to defeat Frieza who was his superior which he hated and wished to rebel against. After defeating Frieza and with no where else to go, he stayed on Earth and lived with Bulma and her family.

Warning: Marry a Saiyan ONLY if you can afford to feed his bottomless stomach!

Warning: Marry a Saiyan ONLY if you can afford to feed his bottomless stomach!

In the manga, there was no emphasis on how Vegeta and Bulma got together in a relationship. However, the development is shown in the anime.

For those who have yet to see how Vegeta gets alone with Bulma, please watch the video below. ↓

At first, I have no blady idea how in tarnation these 2 could end up together but after I discovered this video on Youtube — I’m like Wow~~! I didn’t know Vegeta could be that lenient to Bulma! (Laughs)

They really make a good pairing. <^-^>/

Plus, he makes a good father after all. The video beneath shows a funny moment he had with his daughter, Bra. ↓

Well… I like the fact that Vegeta has this bad ass and violent attitude but somehow he was able to acknowledge his defeat to Goku and in the crucial battle with Majin Buu, he sacrificed himself and later he also contributed to save the world which he once despised.

Another fact about Vegeta that should never be missed out is his intelligence. He came up with brilliant ideas, plans and strategies to help everyone. I wanna praise Vegeta more but I have to move on to my next favorite character… Piccolo! ↓

Piccolo – From a villain to a faithful team mate of the Z fighters. At first his ambition was to kill Goku and then take over the world. This ambition was brought forward to him from the Old King Piccolo. However, the young Piccolo did not inherit too much evil from his father. He started fighting along Goku’s side after he confronted Radietz, Goku’s brother.

Fearing that Radietz was stronger than Goku and himself, he decided that he needs to team up with Goku to eliminate Radietz in order to avoid interference with Piccolo’s ambitions. After winning the battle with Radietz at the cost of Goku’s life, he was informed that 2 more Saiyans who are more powerful than Radietz will be arriving Earth in 1 year’s time, Piccolo decided that he shall train Son Gohan, the first son of Goku for he sees a potential in him.

Son Gohan

Son Gohan

Piccolo them built a father-like relationship with Gohan and became unexpectedly attached to Gohan to the point he stood in the way of Nappa’s fire ball attack in order to save him. In the manga book 18 page 38, he mentioned that Gohan received the same fate as himself, who was forced to survive in the wilderness alone. Gohan on the other hand, regards a very high respect to Piccolo that on some occasions, he wears Piccolo’s uniform.

Piccolo is one of the strongest characters among the Z group and even though later on he was unable to battle the stronger opponents — he is the wisest character.

This could be due to his fusion with Kami-sama, his origin form. Piccolo used to be a very serious and an individual with no sense of humor. (He doesn’t even know what love is all about) But later on, he starts having gag moments even though not at his will.

Especially when he has to deal with Gotenks. (Fusion of Trunks and Son Goten)

Last but not least — ↓

Trunks ~♥ - (Laughs) Guess what — Now only I learned that the name ‘Trunks’ was actually directed to ‘swimming underwear’. All this while I thought it was a tree trunk. (Laughs nervously) The Briefs family — Why didn’t I realize that sooner!? <OAO>

Anyway — Trunks is cool. I like Mirai (Future) Trunks more though. The present Trunks is also cute and his friendship with Goten is really funny.

Mirai Trunks ↑

Mirai Trunks suffered a tragic life which involve all the Z characters death leaving him the only warrior left to fight for man kind against no.17 and no.18. Trunks traveled via time machine built by his mother, Bulma in order to prevent the death of the Z group and to save Goku’s life from heart attack by supplying him a medicine that was made by Bulma. Also, he wishes to meet his father for the first time and save him from death.

However, tragically — he discovered that his presence in the current time will only create a new time line and change the order of happenings. Also, the changes he make in that time will not affect his own time zone. So unable to reverse the damage and destruction caused by No.17 and No.18, he then stayed back to fight against No.17, No.18 and Cell because he does not want the current time zone to suffer the same fate as his.

After witnessing the defeat of No.17, No.18 and Cell, he returns to his time zone and easily kills No.17 and No.18. Apparently, the No.17 and No.18 in his time is more vicious and wicked than the ones in the other time. In fact, No.17 and No.18 is the past were revived and continued living in harmony.


Ok.. These are my most favorite characters. As for sagas, After Piccolo’s saga and onwards are my favorites because the battles become tougher and no longer fighting against earthlings like R&R (Red Ribbon) Yamcha, Jackie Chun (Master Roshi) and Tien Shin Han. (Laughs)

Therefore, what’s your favorite Dragon Ball character and which saga do you like? <^.^>v

As a finale, here are some funny *pictures I found. ↓

* Cosplay pictures… ↓

And here are some *funny fandubs by WeeklyTubeShow.

“Mother fucking seat belt..” (Laughs)

“Green dick is better than blue dick!… Oh shit mother fucker!” (Laughs)

Watch these video only when you’re dead bored and retarded. <´v`>/~!

Alright.. I have to go now.

(Sigh) I want to watch all the Dragon Ball filler that I missed out. I mean — Piccolo driving a car?! <OAO>

How awesome is that!

I also want to watch Dragon Ball GT. (Cries)


Ok.. I have to go now.. I have a WWE tag to finish!

Therefore, this is Ms.Aya taking her leave for a moment~!

PS: Hell not, I’m not going to watch the English Dragon Ball movie that will be premiering next year. What? I’m allergic to bullshit, you know!

* 100% credits goes to the creativity of the rightful artists, cosplayers and video makers.

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1.  Gray
December 15th, 2008 at 2:43 am

you forgot to add something about the new live-action Dragon Ball movie. i’ve never read the manga nor liked it’s idea… but i heard the producers of Matrix liked the anime. also, a otaku blog i’m following had a post about the movie. here:

oh, and the URL to the movie’s trailer is on YouTube here:

2.  therocketd
December 15th, 2008 at 11:24 am

My favorite DB’s saga is Dragon Ball GT (I know I’m a sucker, so please don’t lecture me about DBGT being boring and corny). My favorite DB’s character is Son Gohan’s daughter Pan (she’s so cute!!^^), since it seemed everything was possible in DBGT’s saga (y’know, super saiyan level 4, the golden Osaru, Vegita wearing a mustache and being an almost normal and common father, a cyborg having a baby, kuririn being killed…again) I hoped Pan would become the first female super saiyan (too bad she didn’t).



I agree with u, Dragon Ball’s plot is very imaginative and despite all the sci-fi load, you can learn a couple of things about always aiming to the top and never giving up.

3.  Daisuke
December 15th, 2008 at 12:36 pm

Yep…..-nods..- Dragon Ball is definitely recognized as a classic anime…in the world of anime and manga….anybody who is an otaku..(anime/manga fan…) has definitely seen or heard of Dragon Ball…cause….it’s likely one of the series which has started the popularity of japanese anime/manga here in Malaysia….in fact it has been around for a reeeally long time…..(sigh…) it sure brings back memories….personally i have heard of Dragon ball…long before i even became an otaku…or even read the manga….i even knew that…Son Goku…the main characther can turn into super saiyan form….(funny isn’t it…??) my very first manga of the series was starting from the battle between him and Fliza…on Planet Nameck….and that was how i eventually got hooked into it….hmm…my fave characther?? i got tons…that are too many to list…but among the many…future Trunks…especially with his changed super saiyan hairstyle….fighting with Cell…,Son Goku in his super saiyan forms…all the way to super saiyan (was it 4 or 3??) i can’t remember..and of course the many different fushions throughout the series….in my opinion i think the best saga has got to be the Buu saga…where they had different fushions…Bezict…(Bezita and Goku) and Gotenks…(Goten and Trunks..)….after the Z series there was the GT series…many years after their fight with Buu…with the main characther Son Goku…becoming small again….fighting off newer villians and wierder fushions…(a full monkey….)…anyway…there is a movie version…in Youtube…which has a brand new story after the fight with Buu….in other words…the missing episodes…but what we’re not looking forward too….is the live action movie….of the series…that changes the whole story of Dragon Ball…..(why didn’t anybody complained or even the artist behind the series…Akira Toriyama…voiced their opinions about this…??)

4.  nappyheaded
December 16th, 2008 at 4:50 am

All I have to say is Piccolo is my favorite character.

5.  Sachi-chan
December 16th, 2008 at 10:37 am

I <3 DragonBallZ! ^.^

6.  Ms.Aya
December 16th, 2008 at 8:16 pm

Dear Gray

Uh — Thanks for the links[?]

Dear Rocketd-hun

Quote: Kuririn being killed…again

(Laughs) Some people love to die. In GT he was killed by Super 17, right?

I haven’t watch DragonBall GT but I know there are a lot of filler episodes. I’m thinking of watching ‘em too so I’m joining your loser ring. (Laughs)

Pan is cute. If you notice, there are only 2 female fighters, namely Pan and No.18. (^-^)v I wonder who is stronger… (.___.)

Dear Daisuke

I started with book 20 and at first, I thought Dragon Ball only had 2 characters! (Goku and Vegeta)

Quote: in my opinion i think the best saga has got to be the Buu saga…where they had different fushions…Bezict…(Bezita and Goku) and Gotenks…(Goten and Trunks..)

I’d say so too. There were lots of funny moments and new fighting techniques added. Vegeta finally acknowledge that he can never beat Goku and as a finishing off for Majin Buu, the humans contribute their power to help Goku and Vegeta out.

What a great finale!

Quote: (why didn’t anybody complained or even the artist behind the series…Akira Toriyama…voiced their opinions about this…??)

I’m sure after premiering the movie, there will be lots of huu-haas going on.

Dear Nappy & Sachi-chan


7.  therocketd
December 16th, 2008 at 11:59 pm

@Sheepy: There’s another female Z-warrior, don’t forget Pan’s mother, Videl!!^^. I believe Pan is stronger than 18, after all she’s also a saiyan, and she pulls some great moves in DBGT.

Ha ha ha ha, yep, Kuririn gets killed by super 17, he’s already been compared with Kenny McCormick from South Park series ha ha ha ha.

Sure!, there’s always room for one more loser in my ring, welcome^^.

8.  Ms.Aya
December 17th, 2008 at 12:40 pm

Oh ya. But Videl is human. She can’t participate certain battles. Then again, I salute her for being able to break Spopovitch’s neck. (^-^)/

Pan’s cute. For such a small girl, she can sure fight well. I also think No.18 is falling behind.

Quote: Kuririn gets killed by super 17, he’s already been compared with Kenny McCormick from South Park series ha ha ha ha.

(Laughs) Same goes for Yamcha, TienShin Han and Chiao zu! These 3 people also love to die and get revive again!

Right now I’m trying to look for the movies and the GT series. Of course, in Japanese. (Laughs)

You watched the Japanese version or English dubs?

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