Mood - Uncertain

Mood - Uncertain

22nd December 2K8, Monday – 4:49+pm.


Ne, ne… <.__.>{?]

You know… <-   ->lll

This girl.. When she’s at home, she simply clips up her hair without a care? <OAO>{!!!] ↓

(Laughs) <^x^>lll This girl is no other than me, the sheepish Ms.Aya. <^ε^>/♪

What can I say? Home is the best place where you can be YOU without worrying whether you look pretty and outstanding. Come on, who’s around to judge you?

If you’re living with your family members, I don’t think they give much a care either because they too want some time of from dressing to impress the neighbors.

Therefore, home (bedrooms for certain people) is where you can really be YOURSELF. In other words — FREEDOM! \<^v^>/

Speaking of freedom, last Saturday — At the hand phone shop, the sales attendant who attended me was in my opinion — kind of cute in the sense that makes me want to pat his head even though he’s taller than me.

Although he isn’t anywhere near my type but — Let’s just say I do cherish other people’s charm. He was helpful and I wanted to inquire more about the phone just to be sure that I’m buying a reliable phone.

In the end, I said nothing because my mummy was beside me. I didn’t want her to get the any silly ideas. Besides, she isn’t tech savvy so she wouldn’t understand and eventually get bored.

After walking out from that shop, for some reason I felt that freedom and hope never existed. <;__;> (Cries)

So you know, I don’t even open myself up to my own family — Not at all. <u__u>

(Sigh) I’m dwelling in too many trivial yet hard to escape issues. Here’s one of them, a stupid wish I made 2 years ago, when I bought my Nokia 7390 phone — At that time I was wishing hard..

“I want this to be the phone where I can hear his voice. I want this to be the phone where I can tell him I saw something funny while I was at the mall. I want this to be the phone where I can see his name and phone number on the screen…”

In the end, it didn’t happen at all. Now that I’m using a new phone, somehow I can’t bring myself to make that childish wish again. Despite that, deep down I still secretly wish for the same desire.

[ . . . ]

Anyway, how is everyone? It’s been some time since sheep wrote a normal diary-type of entry. <^-^>lll Most importantly I forgot that I’m blogging to minna-hun. <_   _>lll (Slaps self) <x__x>

Christmas is just around the corner so I assume that everyone is preparing themselves to celebrate this joyful occasions with their family and friends. <*^-^>/

On my side, there won’t be much of a celebration for me other than attending mass in church. After mass, the day will continue just like any other day. So yes, that’s pretty much my Christmas. (Laughs) <^人^>

As for celebrating the New Year, I promise Auwlithe that I’ll welcome the Year 2009 with him outside our house. <´•ω•`>/ When that day comes, in lieu of wasting myself on beer like a party animal — I’d be sure to have enough stock of Sparkling Ribena~☆! ↓ <^▽^>

The time has come to end this entry~♪

Everyone, please enjoy your holidays and Christmas celebration~☆!



Current favorite dress <^ω^>/~♥ ↓

[ . . . ]


<OAO> “Oh” again?

I’m alone at home — until Wednesday! <°A°>{!!!]

Y~ay! FREEDOM~☆!

!! removes wool and runs around naked !!

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1.  wilsonphua
December 22nd, 2008 at 10:15 pm

hey, how old are you? Just curious. lol :D

2.  Ms.Aya
December 22nd, 2008 at 10:32 pm

(*^-^)v IF I’m right, I dare say — I’m 5 years ahead of you.


… I hope that I won’t get any unkind words in return, young man. (^-^)lll

Being at home is personally a drag for me, I never seem to find anything funny to do. I like outing. On days off I’d go outside carrying my not-so-trusty digicam and I’d take pics of things I find funny, cool or odd.

Wandering around cool, interesting places with my earphones on pumping music to my ears is what I do whenever I have days off, plus, you never know when you’d bump into a cute, good girl with bad, naughty intentions ho!.

Despite how interesting the idea of Sheepy running around in her bare skin sounds, I have to say it’s not such a good idea to go so “light” on this season, anyway, just take care and don’t catch a cold ok???.

*The dress looks good on you, and so does the cardigan. Oh!, I can see you’re already rockin’ your new mobile’s cam.

4.  Ms.Aya
December 23rd, 2008 at 12:45 am

Aw~ Rocketd is an outdoor animal.

There are some people who dislike going home because they can’t find peace there. For example, they have family problems or their house is in a mess hence they prefer to stay out all day long.

I hope you’re not in this category because — it’s simply torturing not to have a good home to return to.

But you’re right. Staying at home ALL THE TIME isn’t healthy and that decreases the chances of meeting people.

That’s probably why — I’m still single till today. (Laughs nervously) (u_u)

It’s not cold here. In fact, I’m sweating a little bit. Goodness, why can’t Malaysia have 4 seasons too? (Cries)

… Is Rocketd still living next to a cactus in the middle of a desert — with a small oasis nearby him? (.__.)

For Rocketd’s Christmas, he is going to make snow man out of sand! (Laughs) \(^v^*)

* Thanks! As a reward to your compliment, I give you Mira~!

(sheep is currently not in the right mindset now)

5.  Sachi-chan
December 23rd, 2008 at 1:19 am

Hmmm, I like being at home, though it can sometimes bore me to tears ;_;. But I normally find interesting things to do after walking around my house blindly for some time (namely, surfing the net).
I wish I spent more time outside, but it’s just soooo lame and boring where I live that there’s really hardly ever anything interesting going on offline.
Sometimes I go over to a friend’s house or something, though. Or I have friends come over here.
Come to think of it, I really cherish my freedom in my room! I love having my space and being able to just be by myself. Though some offline social encounters now and again are also good ^_^.

6.  nappyheaded
December 23rd, 2008 at 3:00 am

I’m putting my martial arts training off and enjoying the holidays. Aya you’re not unattractive so I think the guy would be flattered if you hit on him.

@Sheepy: Yep yep, still living near the cactus, but I moved to the oasis, it’s more comfy here ha ha ha ha.

In that case we should call it a “sandman” right? (that kinda reminds of a Metallica’s song).

‘* Thanks! As a reward to your compliment, I give you Mira~!’

No need to thank me, in fact I’d rather not being set up with Mira chan, I’m still trying to cool things down with her brother the raging monkey ha ha ha. All my respect to Mira chan.

8.  Daisuke
December 23rd, 2008 at 12:33 pm

Sheep chan>> MERRY CHRITMAS sheep chan!!…may you have a blessed christmas celebration…with presents all around….but anyway loh…freedom doesn’t mean taking out your fur…and running around naked….that’s the abuse of freedom…..then again….may santa bring you whatever u wished to received for christmas….a month supply of wool fur coat perhaps….heheheheheehehe….-runs off….-

9.  Pixy
December 24th, 2008 at 8:51 am


Nice dress you have there … hey, cheer up abit =)

Holidays is just bored for me …

I prefer working days where is work or study, then come back home play games … Rather than playing games whole day …

Anyways, Merry Christmas to u, Aya …

10.  Circle
December 24th, 2008 at 1:47 pm

Bnah !

I feel home everywhere on earth, sorry everyone but I think property sucks ! /(>_<)\

I’m not communist neither !

Hey Sheep, just noticed that the snow (or something) makes my computer slow when I zoom-out the browser… Well I never do it habitualy but Bandit pushed a button and then I noticed somethin anormal… Well, it’s not really a problem.

Finding someone who fits you, is not an easy task since everyones comprehension is different. I think no one could fits together as long as they’re waiting something from the others, even if it is a very small thing because two persons won’t think of it the same way, sure some people could have very close ideas, but very close isn’t “same”, it’s like the way you process to do an addition in your head, even the simplest, you just can’t really understand how you’ve done it, it’s something you’ve learned, right ? You know that 1 and 1 are 2, but there’s nothing who makes it real in your head, that’s the same for the moral and other stuffs, for some people you don’t steal until it don’t inflige anyones any pain, for others steal doesn’t exist since nobody own anything, others would be very strict, etc… And it’s the same for the infinite others kind of stuff peoples could imagine.

I don’t have any girlfriend because I just know that nobody could live with me, and it’s not a matter. Sure I could be someone said “normal” with common ideas, etc… But inside I wont feel myself, so what’s the use ? Because my girlfriend could understand that, and I think it’s a lie too. And I dislike too lie, well, I can’t, I used to, but I can’t anymore, even to a lambda person, I think it’s bad, yeah, it’s bad, not a “bad action” stuff, but I think that if I could lie to the meaningless person, everyone coudl to it to me, and if I don’t want peoples lies to me, i shouldn’t do, don’t you think so ? But of course, what’s a lie or what’s not is my own interpretation.

Well, I could just be myself and try to have a girldfriend too, but as I said, it wouldn’t be a life for the people who’ll live with me because I tend to try not to have any desire of any kind, so it would be frustrating for some people, because I think everything is important and enjoyable with the ones you love, so if you love someone, you’ll do what you both feels to do and is harmonized to the two of us. Our society makes us think that having perfect sex is the ultimate peak of love act, nonsense, love is a continium, nothing is best of worse, it’s just.

Last thing is… I too feels liberated when I’m not forced to do something. But I keep being myself even if I’m going outside, and I don’t think it bothers people which thinks the same, because I’m a joyful person with an overflown exuberance ! (Well, I’m constantly overflowing smiles and hapiness, I hope it helps peoples)

That’s why I advice you to stay the one you want to be, don’t fear to stay alone forever, it would never happen, and don’t fear your parent’s judgement, a judgement is just an advice to make yourself the way other peoples want you to be.

And don’t care to post what you want to post, I apologize for saying that your last entries has lost a few in quality, I wasn’t thinking about the bunch of work it asks, in fact your quite courageous, GOMEN ! (.___.)

This juice looks pretty yummy, is it blackberries ? I think it should be since there’s “bla” typed under you hand and the fruits drawn on it looks as. But even, I wonder how it would taste like !

We can’t see the Star wars stuff on this pic… However, is it your room ? It seems very empty. But your last entries made me think that your living room should be a bit more suited ? Well… I find what we can see of your room a bit empty, especially for a girl ! (Laughs)

You look very cute, as much as you always do, on your “natural” picture, you just look the same in fact ! And as Rocketd said, your cardigan and dress are great.

Love to being outside as much as I love being inside, love the sun, love the fog, love the rain, love the night, I used to go out by night watching stars but I think my sight is going a bit too low to see stars as I used to ! Anyway, I just love the feel of being outside by night and the gentle wind in my hairs and tree’s branches and other peoples’ hair. And look at the Moon.

Quote: Baa? Mr. Circle can bake? (o_o)!!!

Of course I can, I love to, for friends. I’m going to open my own business and being a traveling creps seller. I just wished I could doing this without the admistrations stuffs and so… but I have to, neh ? I wish too I could give what I do to peoples freely, but if don’t have money, I couldn’t live and buy ingredients. (Laughs)

Ok, now it’s time for me to go and wish you a merry day !

Babai everyone ! Have fun and feel a lot of love ! I love you all !

11.  Ms.Aya
December 25th, 2008 at 12:49 am

Dear Sachi-chan

A young girl like you should go out and play more often rather than cooping yourself in your room. But since you’re playing The Sims 2, I can understand why you prefer to be in front of the computer. (Laughs)

Playing The Sims is like playing God. (^-^)lll

Isn’t there any playgrounds near your house? Or a field where you can play sports? (.___.){?]

Dear Rocketd

Enter Sandman by Metallica is a nice song. Say, what are your favorite songs from Metallica?

A~ah.. Moved to the oasis huh? Good luck in surviving the heat~ (^-^*)/

By the way, what happen to your blog? (.___.)

Dear Daisuke

Merry Christmas to you, Daisuke~!

Next time we meet, I’d be sure to give you a little present~ Last time, I didn’t really expect you to come on the trip (also because we were not fully in acquaintance with one another).

(Laughs) If I’m given lots of wool, I’ll be the happiest sheep in the city!

Dear Pixy

Merry Christmas~!

Thanks. I’m feeling ok I guess.. Though now I’m upset about another thing which is my new handphone. (Tears)

You too, have a good day with your friends and family~ Bored?

.. Baa… Maybe one day we should all go out to the field and play soccer.. Wait– I’m stronger in badminton! (Laughs)

Outdoor sports should be more fun that computer games.. Yea.. *nods and mumbles to self*

Dear Mr.Circle

I stopped the blog from snowing already. I too experienced lag in loading the blog hence deactivated the snow.

Thanks for letting me know about it otherwise I would have believed it was my laptop’s fault. (^-^)v

From what I can understand from you’re explanation, you’re looking for someone who thinks and feels exactly the same as you?

That’s going to be tough because no one is the same as another. Just like you can never find the same finger prints. Love in a relationship needs compromising and I believe that total opposites makes the best chemistry ever.

Have you heard of Ying and Yang? It’s a Feng shui belief for balancing. Ying (White, feminine) and Yang (Black, masculine) are total opposites from each other yet they are the best balance. It goes to say, more of another or less than another will ruin the perfect balance.

Ah shoot. I’m not so knowledgeable in NEW AGE section. I do read but barely register anything into my head. (Laughs nervously)

Anyway, it’ll be nice if you can find someone who shares the same thinking and feelings as you. Someone who loves you for who you are in and out without any doubts or force.

Etoh.. I hope I didn’t imply any disrespect or misunderstanding here. (n_n)

About the Star Wars box — Inside that box is a light saber.

Yup, Darth Vader’s light saber!

Next time, I’ll take a picture of it for minna-hun! It’s really big and long! Like the actual one!

By the way, that room is my brother’s. I share my room with mummy because we only have 2 rooms in this house. (Laughs nervously)

Oh, that’s blackcurrant. The taste is like black berries — with a bit of tinkling and sparkling sensation. Plus rich with vitamin C which makes you grin to the fullest! (Laughs) (*v*)/

O~well. You really do love mother nature. How nice if everyone else share that same love for our planet. (^-^*)

Gotta go now~

Merry Christmas~

12.  Circle
December 25th, 2008 at 1:16 am

He… Not particuraly someone thinking the same way, you got it wrong !

You’re totaly right by saying everyone is different. Juste someone who loves, everything, everyone, like a god knowing that his / her childs arn’t perfect.

I can’t really imagine, but I love when I see people showing true love toward the others without having any kind of relationship.

Don’t worry about your saying, they rocks, and I want to see that sabe too, I want to see you wearing the Darth Vader Saber and I’ll do a drwing of you with Princess Leila’s haircut ! (Laughs)

Cheers ! Keep up for your phone, I hope a miracle !

13.  Sachi-chan
December 25th, 2008 at 3:18 am

Yea, there’s a field and a playground near my house. I go to the soccer field often (*LOVES SOCCER!^o^/!*) to play soccer, but lately I haven’t been there in quite a while because of problems with my toe ;_;.

14.  Ms.Aya
December 25th, 2008 at 10:50 pm

Dear Mr.Circle

Leila’s hair style? That’s so — old fashion. Unless it’s not bundled up… Then it might make me look more sheepish~ (Laughs)


My phone ~~~~ (;___;)

Dear Sachi-chan

What a tragedy. (Tears)

Wait.. You like soccer? Cool~ I used to play soccer too. Not so much though.. (Laughs nervously)

*Pats* I hope that your toe isn’t permanently injured. Otherwise that’s bad and it will restrict you from freedom.

15.  Circle
December 26th, 2008 at 6:23 am

I love old fashioned things too. (Laughs)

I hope your toe will be okay again too Sachi. But freedom is in the mind.

16.  Sachi-chan
December 28th, 2008 at 9:13 am

Tankies to all for your good wishes! ^_^ My toes seems to be healing now so I should be back on the field by next year. (I hope so, at least u.u)

17.  the rocketd, my booze is already wearing out...
December 28th, 2008 at 11:05 am

@Sheepy: Man!, what a hangover!!… my favorite Metallica’s songs right?. I love the whole “And justice for all” album, I like “I dissapear”, “Master of puppets” (obviously), “Enter sandman”, “Battery”, “For whom the bell tolls”, “Fade to black”, Creeping death”…too many already right?? ha ha ha.

I had to move my blog again due to strange phenomena happening to my old account, I fixed up the link above (the one in my name). I’ve only managed to get done with the design so far, no entries yet, but I’ll be writing stuff again in no time.

18.  Ms.Aya
December 28th, 2008 at 12:53 pm

Dear Rocketd

Oh! Fade to Black is a nice song. I love the ending solo guitar play by Kirk. The live version is simply awesome!

Master of Puppets (S&M) is superb!

I amended your link in the blogroll already. Did you sabotage your blog obliviously while you were drunk? (.___.) Hopefully no more jinx for you and your blog. (Laughs)

19.  the rocketd, my booze is already wearing out...
December 29th, 2008 at 12:57 am

Doh!, no, ha ha ha ha, when I’m drunk I don’t even touch the computer, I might puke over it ha ha ha.

Nope, it was pretty strange, suddenly my password was no longer accepted to access blogger… could someone be plotting against me??… nah!.

Hell yeah! (S&M) is awesome, though I still think we could dispose of some cheesy string arrangements here and there.

Thanks for amending (again) the link^^.

20.  fariahimpaway
January 22nd, 2009 at 9:30 am

Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
God will appreciate it.


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