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Second Report on the LG KF350

Posted by: Ms Ayain Reviews
Mood - SAD

Mood - SAD

Christmas Eve~☆◊☆◊☆!


Nu~po! <OAO>!!!

My new cell phone…. ↓


…hanged! <o_o>{!!]


!! cries !!

I was hoping that I could report good news in my second report for the LG KF350 but NOooo~ Something awfully wrong just can’t spare sheep! (Tears)

I tried removing the battery, sim card, connect it to the computer … even wished that somehow the alarm that I set for the next day will somehow trigger the system to function again… In the end all attempts were futile. <;__;>

Sheep is sad and disappointed. It hung for 3 days already. <_  _>lll

A~ah well.. *sobs* After Christmas, I’ll send it for repair — And please after this, no more surprises. I hate surprises. <u_u,>

Besides this, I have more things to report about this phone.

  • Input dictionary keeps resetting to default - I’m used to typing manually so the first thing I did when I got the phone was — I disabled the dictionary. However, when I turned off and on my phone again — The dictionary enables itself again. It’s annoying in the sense that I have to keep disabling every time I switch on my phone.
  • The receiving end can’t hear me clearly – I phoned Mira a couple of times and she had difficulties in making out what I was saying. She said that my voice sounded very soft and unclear. <;__;> Saru-chan called me once and he thought I was half-sleep judging from my sloppy voice!
  • MMSMira sent me a MMS and at first, I had problems retrieving it. Later I discovered that I needed to download the MMS settings again. I’m using HOTLINK and in the process getting the settings, I couldn’t find LG KF350 in the category of download. Usually you need to select your phone model before downloading the settings, right? Perhaps LG KF350 is too new that’s why. In this case, I selected LG KF300, since it’s sort of similar to LG KF350. Fortunately, it worked!
  • External LED - Baa… I’m not sure whether it’s meant to be or only my phone is dysfunctional but — the time and emoticon only appeared for 2 seconds and disappeared just like that. Odd…

Apart from these, I have nothing more to report.. Since my phone hanged on the 2nd day BEFORE I could explore it to the fullest. (Cries)

Due to this unwanted incident, I could not take a picture of the dead rat that Auwlithe killed.

You see, this rat has been camping in our car engine for weeks. We didn’t know until Auwlithe urged us to check the car engine.

We tried to catch it but the rat was such a sneak and our rat traps were to no avail.

Anyway, yesterday when I returned home from shopping — Auwlithe showed me the dead rat and it appears that it’s neck was twisted.

I’m convinced that it was Auwlithe’s work since he killed another rat and a pigeon using the same method, in front of me.

… Auwlithe, いい子だ~♥! <^v^>/

Baa~ <u_u>

Time for sheep to leave~!

Baa-bai minna-hun~

And …


↑ Mum bought this hat specially for Auwlithe~♪! <^ω^>v

<TTATT> (Cries) My ice-cream phone…

!! U~~WAaaaaaaa~~~ !!

While everyone is celebrating, Ms.Aya is going to cry herself to sleep. <;__;>

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