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Mood - Uncertain

Mood - Uncertain

22nd December 2K8, Monday – 4:49+pm.


Ne, ne… <.__.>{?]

You know… <-   ->lll

This girl.. When she’s at home, she simply clips up her hair without a care? <OAO>{!!!] ↓

(Laughs) <^x^>lll This girl is no other than me, the sheepish Ms.Aya. <^ε^>/♪

What can I say? Home is the best place where you can be YOU without worrying whether you look pretty and outstanding. Come on, who’s around to judge you?

If you’re living with your family members, I don’t think they give much a care either because they too want some time of from dressing to impress the neighbors.

Therefore, home (bedrooms for certain people) is where you can really be YOURSELF. In other words — FREEDOM! \<^v^>/

Speaking of freedom, last Saturday — At the hand phone shop, the sales attendant who attended me was in my opinion — kind of cute in the sense that makes me want to pat his head even though he’s taller than me.

Although he isn’t anywhere near my type but — Let’s just say I do cherish other people’s charm. He was helpful and I wanted to inquire more about the phone just to be sure that I’m buying a reliable phone.

In the end, I said nothing because my mummy was beside me. I didn’t want her to get the any silly ideas. Besides, she isn’t tech savvy so she wouldn’t understand and eventually get bored.

After walking out from that shop, for some reason I felt that freedom and hope never existed. <;__;> (Cries)

So you know, I don’t even open myself up to my own family — Not at all. <u__u>

(Sigh) I’m dwelling in too many trivial yet hard to escape issues. Here’s one of them, a stupid wish I made 2 years ago, when I bought my Nokia 7390 phone — At that time I was wishing hard..

“I want this to be the phone where I can hear his voice. I want this to be the phone where I can tell him I saw something funny while I was at the mall. I want this to be the phone where I can see his name and phone number on the screen…”

In the end, it didn’t happen at all. Now that I’m using a new phone, somehow I can’t bring myself to make that childish wish again. Despite that, deep down I still secretly wish for the same desire.

[ . . . ]

Anyway, how is everyone? It’s been some time since sheep wrote a normal diary-type of entry. <^-^>lll Most importantly I forgot that I’m blogging to minna-hun. <_   _>lll (Slaps self) <x__x>

Christmas is just around the corner so I assume that everyone is preparing themselves to celebrate this joyful occasions with their family and friends. <*^-^>/

On my side, there won’t be much of a celebration for me other than attending mass in church. After mass, the day will continue just like any other day. So yes, that’s pretty much my Christmas. (Laughs) <^人^>

As for celebrating the New Year, I promise Auwlithe that I’ll welcome the Year 2009 with him outside our house. <´•ω•`>/ When that day comes, in lieu of wasting myself on beer like a party animal — I’d be sure to have enough stock of Sparkling Ribena~☆! ↓ <^▽^>

The time has come to end this entry~♪

Everyone, please enjoy your holidays and Christmas celebration~☆!



Current favorite dress <^ω^>/~♥ ↓

[ . . . ]


<OAO> “Oh” again?

I’m alone at home — until Wednesday! <°A°>{!!!]

Y~ay! FREEDOM~☆!

!! removes wool and runs around naked !!