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Mood - Blank

21st December 2K8, Sunday – Morning[?]


I-I-I-got a new phone~☆!

Chang-chang-LA~a~! :*:・< ̄∀ ̄>・:*:

This is the phone that I made an advance booking 3 weeks ago. The retailer assured me that I will get it in 1 week but hell no, he told me to wait some more until yesterday — I canceled my order from him and left for another retailer. <`A´>/

Thank goodness, I finally got my hands on the LG KF350! (Laughs) <u_u> ↓

In the past few weeks, I was so anxious and restless. I kept my fingers cross hoping to receive good news from that retailer saying, “Your phone is here!”.

A~ah well, can’t blame me because this phone has a plain yet attractive design. In fact, it looks like a Japanese keitai style. I’m sure many youths (especially girls) will find this phone very catchy to the eyes.↓

(My previous phone: Nokia 7390)

As said, sheep is now very happy and gleeful! <^x^>/

This phone model is called The Ice-cream phone. I have no idea why it’s named after ice-cream. Perhaps it’s because there are 3 dewy creamy colors available; Blue, White and Pink. <.__.>{?]

Well, my color of choice is pink and let’s take a look at actual phone that now belongs to me. (Laughs)

Judging by the appeal itself, it sure gives away the stylish and Japanese feel even though this phone isn’t as long and tall as Japanese made phones.

… But look on the bright side, it’s slim! <^v^>/

Surprisingly, it’s a bit heavier than it looks. Very solid despite that it consist of plastic material.

As for the interior design… ↓

It’s neat and I simply love the simplicity of this phone. The phone is horizontally broader than my Nokia 7390 however, not too obvious and still acceptable.. at least to me. <_  _>lll

↑ The user interface is 240 x 320. At first, I was disappointed with the small screen. There’s ample space to make the screen bigger and longer but as you can see, LG designed an unnecessary border around the screen which makes the screen look even smaller!

* There are only 2 themes: Black and white. (Cries) No variety, huh? <;__;>

If that does not suck enough, the black dot you see on your top right is NOT a camera. (Sorry, cam whores..)

*A~aw~* <;__;>

That is an Auto Luminance Control. Since my knowledge in explaining technical stuffs is rather limited and pathetic, the most I can do to help you understand this function is to extract the information from the LG KF350′s manual book itself:

Auto Luminance Control

“When you set the Auto brightness to On, the brightness of the LCD screen will be automatically set by an ALC (Auto Luminance Control) sensor built into your phone. Auto Luminance Control automatically adjusts screen brightness according to the ambient brightness. KF350′s smart luminance control provides clear screen under bright lights and is gentle on the eyes when dark, all while saving battery power. The function of Auto Brightness is set to ON by default.”

At first, I didn’t know about this function and while I was testing out the phone — The back light kept blinking from bright to dark. Afraid that it was spoiled, I panicked and when through the manual book again to discover that it was a special function.

Seriously, LG should have just build a camera in replace of the ALC because the constant change of light can be very distracting.

Now moving on to the key pad compartment… ↓

It’s very spacious. I’m not used to big key pads and the END CALL (Button that cancels everything as well as turns off the phone) is too close to the number 3 button.

While typing a message to Mira, I kept hitting the END CALL button which resulted my message to be save under Draft. And this jinx happen like — 5 – 8 times in one message? <o_o>

Don’t feel discourage. My fingers are at fault for being spastic, not the phone. <^-^>lll

Baa… Up next… ↓

You can check the time without opening the phone. All you have to do is click the side button (which is the volume button) and the time will re-appear. The time will not be displayed at all times by the way. I think it’s better that way. It will help you reserve battery.

Another great feature about the LED is — You can select an emoticon as your screen saver!

Firstly, click OK → Settings. ↓

Then go to External LED → Wallpaper. ↓

You can choose to display the time only or … ↓

Go for the kawaii emoticons! \<^v^>/ This is how it will turn out. ↓

* Some emoticons are animated! Like the one above!

If you like, you can also customize your own! But you can only store 3 customized emoticons/text. (Cries)

About the MP3 player … ↓

That’s how it will turn out to be. There will be light omitting according to the beat and tempo of the music.

Ok… Enough about how awesome the design and the LED function. Let’s move on to the main question that we all ask before purchasing a phone. And that is — Are the photos taken by LGKF350 sharp and reliable?

Well honestly, I’m quite upset that it ruins up-close shots because it does not have an auto-focus and macro feature. However, I’m quite contented with its quality results.

Below here are some sample photos taken using the LG KF350. ↓

My beloved dog, Auwlithe~♥ ↑ <≥ω≤>/

With these pictures, I let you decide whether the quality is satisfying enough for you.

The camera is equipped with basic functions such as the following:

  • Color effect
  • White Balance
  • Night Mode
  • Timer
  • Tools for editing (Rotate, resize, insert text and element, clipping, image defect [mosaic blur, distort...], special effect [black & white, sepia, color negative, black & white negative, enhance RGB, contrast, sharpen, emboss, sketch..etc])
  • Frame effect
  • Mirror
  • … and more!

The capture speed is fast unlike Nokia 7390 that takes about 3 seconds. Therefore, your photos will be snap in an instant.

Now how about the reliability of LG 350′s video recordings? <.__.>{?]

To clarify the quality, I specially made this short video! ↓

Uh… (Laughs nervously)

Silly video… Well.. This is all I can say about this phone for now. I’m happy with it and still exploring its features. The 1 thing that I’m quite paranoid about this phone is that the latch for the USB/Head phone/charger and Micro SD is loose.. <OAO> ↓

It’s very VERY loose. >_<

I don’t mean that it comes off easily — It’s just that when I lift it up to plug in the USB/Charger, it dangles. <TAT>

So you gotta be careful. Don’t be rough when opening it and plugging it, ok?

Oh! Before I end this. One last tip:

* If you can’t seem to insert the Micro SD card and it keeps ejecting — Remove the back cover, battery and SIM card then insert the Micro SD by the side. That ought to be the trick!

Baa~ Make that as the second last tip because I still have one more. <^-^>lll Please please bear with my long-windedness.

For those who love BLINGING their accessories — LG KF350 is probably a very ideal phone for decorations!

Here’s a web site that sells many lovely and sparkling accessories for phones. Here’s an example of how your phone might turn out to be soon! ↓

Personally, I’ve not bought anything from Strapya-World yet. I’m planning to but haven’t decide what I want. There are too many goodies there! <*^v^>/

With that said, do check this online shop~♥! \<´v`>


Hai! \<^ε^>/ This is the end~! Thank you for your patience with sheep~!

I admire your endurance~! (Laughs)

Ms.Aya, taking her leave now~! <∏A∏> (Cries)

[ . . . ]

PS: I can’t say anything regarding the life span of the phone battery because I’ve only used it in 2 days. Perhaps after 5 days or a week later, I’ll make a second report. Hopefully, this phone won’t fail me by then. (Laughs)

P.PS: Oh! Yeah! How can sheep forget?! <^-^>lll When you purchase the LG KF350 — you get a ice-cream phone strap! ↓

Before this, I heard that customers who buys this phone are entitle to Baskin & Robin’s ice-cream voucher. Strange.. I didn’t get it. <.___.>{?] 1GB MicroSD memory card was also not included..

A~ah well.. I was too distracted with the cute and adorable sales attendant. (Laughs) <´•ω•`>lll

With that said — Cheers to ice-cream phone!


Update! The phone hanged! It hanged! SHIT!

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