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Mood - Static

Mood - Static

4th December 2K8, Thursday – 10:20+pm.


Yoroshiku POP minna-hun~

How have you all been? <.___.>{?]

Good, I hope. <^x^>/

I notice how quiet this blog has been and sometimes I wonder — “Can I ever be a great and influential writer?” <_  _>lll

A~ah well, leave that for Ms.Aya to ponder about, ok? <´•ω•`>/

Baa~ This afternoon while I was peacefully eating ice-cream at Baskin & Robin, this thought occurred to me out of nowhere:


In many ways, it really does.

Especially when you’re eating out ALONE.

Here’s why ↓

Number 1: Having lunch/dining outside

It’s lunch time. You go foraging from floor to floor, from one end to another — searching for the best and most suitable place for a single person to dine in. You stop at each food outlet and evaluate according to their cost, hygiene and of course — their food calories. You stand in front of the menu, debating with yourself whether this pasta will earn you one kilo or tons more. <_   _>lll

In less than 5 minutes, you quickly move on to the next food outlet because the waiter is starting to look annoyed but not as annoyed as you, who feels rather intimidated because you’re all alone with no one to help you decide or tell the waiter to fuck off so that you can slowly choose what is best for you.

So you continue foraging and you come across a really posh restaurant which you have always dream of dining in. The tables are distant from one another and surely, you enjoy such privacy. So much better than Mcdonalds which is always crowded with school students who don’t seem to have home works to accomplish. Plus, they don’t seem to have a house to return to.

Perhaps money is not your issue, however — you can’t help but to feel like a lonely loser who goes to a grand restaurant to order for one pax which can actually feed 2 stomachs.

Not having the guts to go in with a capital L on your forehead, you then go for the next best thing. Let’s just say, you choose to have coffee and some sandwiches at Starbucks because all the other places are crowded and it will take you 384927109 hours to get your food.

So yes, you slowly enter Starbucks and you ignore the low-life greetings of the staffs because you are too busy looking for a vacant table.

“Come on, I’m just one person. ONE PERSON!”, you say to yourself. <`A´>/

Then lady luck smiles upon you and voila~! A vacant table in front of your very own eyes! \<´v`*>

“Yosh!” , you walk towards the table and suddenly, it hit you. “Damn, I can’t leave my bag here. There are too many valuable stuffs in it…” you smack across your own forehead and you couldn’t possibly leave any of your belongings on the table without anyone guarding it. <_  _>lll

You then line up at the counter and every 5 seconds, you glance over to your table that is patiently waiting for you at the very back of the cafe just to ensure no one takes it. It goes well at first and just when you start to think it is ok to chill and place your order, the next thing you know is — some son of a B walks over to the one and only vacant table and parks himself there. <OAO> ↓

You already purchased your beverage and sandwiches. So what now? Maybe if he is all alone by himself, you can approach him and tell him that you booked that table. However, to your horror — He has a group of big burly men and a couple of whores with him. Plus, you did not technically booked that table. Therefore, you stand there dumbfounded while they’re laughing away. <∏A∏>

Flabbergasted, you scout around for other vacant tables. It doesn’t matter whether it’s dirty and has some left over crumbs on the table, you just need a place to settle your tray of food and duh, to feed yourself! <°A°>

But judging from the atmosphere of the cafe, you realize that it is impossible to get a blady table because everyone’s mouth are running more than indulging in their chocolaty cake.

Damn mother fucker fuck shit! <x__x>

Frustrating, right?

I wonder, does any of you feel this frustration when eating out alone?

I know there are other ways to overcome this petty matter but eating out alone in a long run can be very depressing and perhaps, overly paranoid.

Now now — I don’t mean that just because you need someone to reserve your table, then you must start dating. What I really meant is —

Won’t it be great to have lunch with friends~? <^x^*>/