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Mood - Owie

Mood - Owie

3rd December 2K8, Wednesday – Lunch time.


Good afternoon~!

This is Ms.Aya who woke up with a significant pain on her forehead and nose.

It was as if someone punched me while I was asleep. (My nose has been flatten too!) <x_x>

So I’m thinking — either it was because I dreamed of performing a spear and a drop kick on an unfortunate victim last night OR someone out there hates me so much that he/she dreamed of punching sheep in the face. <`A´>/

I hate to say this but — To whomever hates sheep, there you have it. I received your punch and it’s really hurtful. <_  _>lll

!! runs off to continue her day !!

… O~wie… <;__;> (Cries)

-End of today’s entry-