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The 2008 Baton!

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Mood - Sick

Mood - Sick

Hey~Ho, minna-hun! \<^ω^>/

There’s no need for sheep to announce itself each time it post an entry however — since this has become a prone habit and routine… ↓

This is Ms.Aya who is starting a baton to end the year 2008 resolution~! <´•ω•`>


Those of you who did this baton last year — Let’s do it again~!


Star~TO! \<^x^>/

1. How was the atmosphere of the year?
Very lucid and boring. <_  _>lll

2. How many new friends did you make?
Got to know many nice people through PaperDiaries. <^▽^>~

3. Have you gotten any taller or put on weight?
I lost weight. Last year I was around 44-45kg. Now I’m balancing between 41 – 43kg. *Happy~♪* As for height, I suppose I’m still standing at 163cm. <.__.>

4. What kind of clothes did you wear?
Dresses, long skirts, blouses and cardigans – Floral patterns and mostly white and brown in color.

5. Developed any new interest(s)?
Yes. I’m taking interest in the blogging arena, show biz, the art science of advertising, Dragon Ball GT and Japanese keitai.

6. Did you fall in love with anybody?
Baa… <u_u>… Broly~♥? <´•ω•`>lll ↓

7. What have you been dreaming this year?
I’ve been dreaming about…

  • my ideal man
  • the kind of life and career that I’m longing for
  • running on the roof tops and chasing after the mid night fireworks
  • living a no-humans-allowed life in a cottage house with Auwlithe and a flock of sheep.
  • taking nap in a huge and spacious sunflower field!

8. What were your sweetest and best moments in Year 2008?
No memorable happenings. (Tears)

9. What were your WORST/FRIGHTENING moment in Year 2008?
A night in Cheng De, China – The hotel room that I was assigned to had a black patch of goo above the ceiling. I thought it was poltergeist and was afraid to sleep under it since the bed was place right beneath that patch. Plus, one of the bed was facing the mirror. (Shivers) I purposely ‘konked’ myself to sleep and refused to get up to go to the loo!

10. What was the most proud thing you did?

  • I returned the wallet to its rightful owner without second thoughts despite how loaded it was.
  • When I saw a woman who was about to be a victim to that bastard snatch thief, I boarded the cab and came to her aid.
  • I climbed over my neighbor’s gate to rescue his puppy from choking — twice.
  • I scolded a man for hurling nasty names at Auwlithe.

11. What do you regret most?
Trimming my hair too frequently! (Cries)

12. How was your birthday celebrated?
It was as though it never existed.

13. What is the best thing given to you?
Ideas and funny imaginations.

14. Any confessions to make?
I-I-I— am GAY! (Laughs) Just pulling your legs! <^v^>/ I love men, very much!

15. What are the goals that you have achieved?
Still pending and in progress! <≥Δ≤>/

16. What are the goals that you COULDN’T achieve this year?
Completing my current goals and nourishing my hair of revenge.

17. What do you have in mind for the upcoming year?

I want to… ↓

  • stand independently on my own feet
  • be affluent in writing and public speaking
  • have a better understanding in other people
  • make friends with the people in my town
  • grow bigger BOOBS
  • complete my ‘hair of revenge’
  • go to the theme park and beach alone
  • visit Japan with Mira for a short vacation

- End -

Sheep is done~!

Oh wait.. I pass this Year 2008 Resolution baton to:

Mira, Saru-chan, Daisuke, Rocketd, Sachi-chan, Mr.Circle, Kou-san, Pixy, Szanne…

And.. To all those bloggers out there who can’t crack up new topics, you may have this baton~! \<^x^>/

Sore ja, I’m going to watch WWE RAW now~!

Oh! Sachi-chan… Can I reply your email after the show? <^x^>lll

Thank you! \<^v^>/

Current MSN Avatar:

!! Laughs !!

Mood - Disappointed

Mood - Disappointed

Dear Readers,

For those of you who solely visit this blog because you’re a fan of Mira, this is going to be the most devastating and sad news for you then. <´•__•`>lll

Mira is no longer blogging in PaperDiaries due to her commitment in her current job.

In spite of being totally own by her current job and studies, Mira persisted to build this blog with sheep. However, I gave Mira my understandings and now she is free from her blog responsibilities. <´•__•`>

After all, blogging doesn’t earn us any money until now so with that said — I’m sure she appreciates everyone who has been following her entries. <^-^>lll

Mira‘s old posts and tutorials will be remove in case she wants to start a new blog on her own else where AND another reason would be it’s not nice of me to use her entries and tutorials.

That said, now here’s my personal message to Mira,

Thank you for blogging with me until this far! May you live up your dreams and goals~!

Everyone — Please give your applause to Mira-hun. m<_   _>m

From today onwards, please be lenient to sheep who is going solo in blogging. <u__u*>

Second Report on the LG KF350

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Mood - SAD

Mood - SAD

Christmas Eve~☆◊☆◊☆!


Nu~po! <OAO>!!!

My new cell phone…. ↓


…hanged! <o_o>{!!]


!! cries !!

I was hoping that I could report good news in my second report for the LG KF350 but NOooo~ Something awfully wrong just can’t spare sheep! (Tears)

I tried removing the battery, sim card, connect it to the computer … even wished that somehow the alarm that I set for the next day will somehow trigger the system to function again… In the end all attempts were futile. <;__;>

Sheep is sad and disappointed. It hung for 3 days already. <_  _>lll

A~ah well.. *sobs* After Christmas, I’ll send it for repair — And please after this, no more surprises. I hate surprises. <u_u,>

Besides this, I have more things to report about this phone.

  • Input dictionary keeps resetting to default - I’m used to typing manually so the first thing I did when I got the phone was — I disabled the dictionary. However, when I turned off and on my phone again — The dictionary enables itself again. It’s annoying in the sense that I have to keep disabling every time I switch on my phone.
  • The receiving end can’t hear me clearly – I phoned Mira a couple of times and she had difficulties in making out what I was saying. She said that my voice sounded very soft and unclear. <;__;> Saru-chan called me once and he thought I was half-sleep judging from my sloppy voice!
  • MMSMira sent me a MMS and at first, I had problems retrieving it. Later I discovered that I needed to download the MMS settings again. I’m using HOTLINK and in the process getting the settings, I couldn’t find LG KF350 in the category of download. Usually you need to select your phone model before downloading the settings, right? Perhaps LG KF350 is too new that’s why. In this case, I selected LG KF300, since it’s sort of similar to LG KF350. Fortunately, it worked!
  • External LED - Baa… I’m not sure whether it’s meant to be or only my phone is dysfunctional but — the time and emoticon only appeared for 2 seconds and disappeared just like that. Odd…

Apart from these, I have nothing more to report.. Since my phone hanged on the 2nd day BEFORE I could explore it to the fullest. (Cries)

Due to this unwanted incident, I could not take a picture of the dead rat that Auwlithe killed.

You see, this rat has been camping in our car engine for weeks. We didn’t know until Auwlithe urged us to check the car engine.

We tried to catch it but the rat was such a sneak and our rat traps were to no avail.

Anyway, yesterday when I returned home from shopping — Auwlithe showed me the dead rat and it appears that it’s neck was twisted.

I’m convinced that it was Auwlithe’s work since he killed another rat and a pigeon using the same method, in front of me.

… Auwlithe, いい子だ~♥! <^v^>/

Baa~ <u_u>

Time for sheep to leave~!

Baa-bai minna-hun~

And …


↑ Mum bought this hat specially for Auwlithe~♪! <^ω^>v

<TTATT> (Cries) My ice-cream phone…

!! U~~WAaaaaaaa~~~ !!

While everyone is celebrating, Ms.Aya is going to cry herself to sleep. <;__;>

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Mood - Uncertain

Mood - Uncertain

22nd December 2K8, Monday – 4:49+pm.


Ne, ne… <.__.>{?]

You know… <-   ->lll

This girl.. When she’s at home, she simply clips up her hair without a care? <OAO>{!!!] ↓

(Laughs) <^x^>lll This girl is no other than me, the sheepish Ms.Aya. <^ε^>/♪

What can I say? Home is the best place where you can be YOU without worrying whether you look pretty and outstanding. Come on, who’s around to judge you?

If you’re living with your family members, I don’t think they give much a care either because they too want some time of from dressing to impress the neighbors.

Therefore, home (bedrooms for certain people) is where you can really be YOURSELF. In other words — FREEDOM! \<^v^>/

Speaking of freedom, last Saturday — At the hand phone shop, the sales attendant who attended me was in my opinion — kind of cute in the sense that makes me want to pat his head even though he’s taller than me.

Although he isn’t anywhere near my type but — Let’s just say I do cherish other people’s charm. He was helpful and I wanted to inquire more about the phone just to be sure that I’m buying a reliable phone.

In the end, I said nothing because my mummy was beside me. I didn’t want her to get the any silly ideas. Besides, she isn’t tech savvy so she wouldn’t understand and eventually get bored.

After walking out from that shop, for some reason I felt that freedom and hope never existed. <;__;> (Cries)

So you know, I don’t even open myself up to my own family — Not at all. <u__u>

(Sigh) I’m dwelling in too many trivial yet hard to escape issues. Here’s one of them, a stupid wish I made 2 years ago, when I bought my Nokia 7390 phone — At that time I was wishing hard..

“I want this to be the phone where I can hear his voice. I want this to be the phone where I can tell him I saw something funny while I was at the mall. I want this to be the phone where I can see his name and phone number on the screen…”

In the end, it didn’t happen at all. Now that I’m using a new phone, somehow I can’t bring myself to make that childish wish again. Despite that, deep down I still secretly wish for the same desire.

[ . . . ]

Anyway, how is everyone? It’s been some time since sheep wrote a normal diary-type of entry. <^-^>lll Most importantly I forgot that I’m blogging to minna-hun. <_   _>lll (Slaps self) <x__x>

Christmas is just around the corner so I assume that everyone is preparing themselves to celebrate this joyful occasions with their family and friends. <*^-^>/

On my side, there won’t be much of a celebration for me other than attending mass in church. After mass, the day will continue just like any other day. So yes, that’s pretty much my Christmas. (Laughs) <^人^>

As for celebrating the New Year, I promise Auwlithe that I’ll welcome the Year 2009 with him outside our house. <´•ω•`>/ When that day comes, in lieu of wasting myself on beer like a party animal — I’d be sure to have enough stock of Sparkling Ribena~☆! ↓ <^▽^>

The time has come to end this entry~♪

Everyone, please enjoy your holidays and Christmas celebration~☆!



Current favorite dress <^ω^>/~♥ ↓

[ . . . ]


<OAO> “Oh” again?

I’m alone at home — until Wednesday! <°A°>{!!!]

Y~ay! FREEDOM~☆!

!! removes wool and runs around naked !!