Mood - Gleeful

Mood - Gleeful

27th November 2K8, Thursday – 5:04+pm.


Jusu~♫ Minna-hun!

This is your sheepish Ms.Aya who suddenly had the urge to wear jeans today~! <•ω•>

Usually jeans are at the bottom of my list however, there always come a time when we have to start being attentive to what we have been neglecting, am I right? <.__.>{?]

Ms.Ayas Outfit of the Day

Ms.Aya's Outfit of the Day

(Laughs) Every time I look at myself in the mirror, I start to wonder — Who in the world will want to embrace this stupid and useless sheep? Like everybody else, I too want to hug and be hug by someone whom I love. I’m not demanding for sex, I just want a hug! \<∏A∏>/

Because from what I read in books — Hugs are comfortable and warm. <^-^>v

Everyone’s face: (=__=){ .  .  . ]

But if warm, comfort and sense of security are the main feelings that everybody is craving for, then why seek for a person’s embraces when they can find other substitutions that can provide them the same feelings? <.__.>{?]

I remember I talked to someone about this and told him that a warm bath can easily substitute a human’s hug. I mean — a warm bath is great and I love it. I feel secure when I’m under the warm shower. <^x^>/

I can set the temperature to my own liking and certainly don’t have to go through trials and errors just for a hug. Besides, people are fickle minded and hypocrites. A guy may hug me but he may also hug other girls behind my back. This is what I think of everyone and no one is an exception. <`A´>/

Anyway, I kept to this mentality until this morning.

Don’t get me wrong… No guy came up to me and confessed his eternal and dying love to me. And certainly no guy hugged me just to prove that physical body contact helluva beats a blady shower (and bath tub). <_  _>lll Nuu nuu! <u_u>

While I was taking a warm shower this morning, the heater suddenly switched off and this sheep who is terrified of cold water started shivering and regretting what she had personally thought about the whole hug and shower substitution. <x__x>

This is betrayal! I can’t believe even a water heater can fail me! <≥A≤>/

Baa.. <;__;>

Having that said — I think I need to start dating. (Laughs) <^ω^>lll


… So where do I start? <.___.>{?]

Everyone’s face: (-    -)lll

Ok, I have to go now. Auwlithe needs to go out for his walk. <^-^>lll

Just so you know, despite being betrayed by my shower heater, sheep is still very happy because she has made an advance order for her new cellphone. \<^v^>/

Y~ay! I can’t wait till I get it next week~☆!

So while waiting, sheep is going to buy some colorful and kawaii stickers for her new cellphone~♥! <´•ω•`>/

Baa… <^-^>/

To all bloggers, HAPPY BLOGGING and as for the readers — HAPPY READING~☆! \<^ω^>/

[ . . . ]


PS: Gray, stop laughing at me and I don’t want to hear that “I told you so” line. (Tears) <;___;>

PPS: Currently fond of actor and singer, Akanishi Jin. ↓

Nice shoulders and — CHEST~♥!


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1.  Circle
November 27th, 2008 at 10:48 pm

Nyaho !

Please forgive me about what I’ll say Sheep but, hugs and showers arn’t close at all ! When water flow over your skin, somebody’s presence embrace what you accept to give to him.

Hugging isn’t hard at all, but if you hesitate, you won’t accept to give anything and the hug won’t be magical at all, however, if you’re confident with yourself and your mate, you’ll feel like a million of starly feelings. You could experience fear and pain too, because all your feelings will be exposed, but you must not take them back, a hug is a sharing, so you should share it, and you’re mate will be there to help you vanquish them, and you’ll do the same for him ! Despite of our weakness, when your heart would be liberated, you’ll be transcended by all kind of comfortable and lovable feelings that you could and should share with your mate too.

Peoples don’t share that much so they got bored, and they sometimes think that they know all they had to know in their mate. (.__.)

I’m not an expert in hugs so I can’t say you a lot, but as far as I can remember the true ones I had, if a hug should be compared with warm watter, it would be like watter is gently entering in your skin to your heart.

Anyway, your shower was very yasashikunai !

Have a nice walk with Auwlithe ! *fondle Auwlithe*

Wow ! The traffic meter is rising quickly !

What model did you ship ? Need pictures !

Don’t worry Sheep, you maybe don’t have your Shepherd at your side yet, however your herd is truthfully following you ! Baaah~~ !

*Entrains everyone in a Sheepy cheering bleating*

2.  Sachi-chan
November 28th, 2008 at 5:58 am

Hello Ms.Aya!
^.^ I love hugs! Unfortunately, I don’t really take part in the whole dating thing yet, so I know how you feel T_T *cries with sheep*. There are many times when I would just love a nice big hug from… someone who’s not a girl. But almost all the time I end up having to substitute a hug with something else (like say, a warm shower T_T). But when I’m honest with myself… I realize that a shower could never be, in any way, as good as a hug Π^Π*boo-hoo*.
But anyway *depressed -_-*, it’s great that you’re considering dating soon. Though it can definitely bring it’s shares of problems, it can also bring extreme amounts of joy and daydreaming *_*!
Ooo! The dude in the pictures is pretty good-looking 0v0.

Nice explaination about hugs! Very true *applause*.

3.  Circle
November 28th, 2008 at 11:01 am

Hey, don’t be despressed Sachi ! It’s better to not have a hug than a hug which hurts, you now, a lot of girls and boys don’t trully enjoy hug with their partners because they were in the urge of finding a boy / girl friend, so takee the time and true enjoyable hugs will be there for you, just don’t feel despressed for that ! It’s no use.

4.  Pixy
November 28th, 2008 at 8:48 pm

Yo ! Nice jeans eh ?

Sorry for not commenting your new blog …

Busy with the damn assignment

5.  Sachi-chan
November 28th, 2008 at 9:56 pm

^.^ Thanks Circle! Though, I’m not really depressed, I just wish I could be embraced more -_-. But you’re right, I’m gonna keep waiting for the right person, that way the hugs will actually mean something real. And they’ll be… “true enjoyable hugs!” *_*

6.  therocketd
November 29th, 2008 at 4:45 am

Well, seems everything I could’ve said about hugs has already been said… but yeah, Circle’s totally right. No warm bath stands a chance against a good, warm, playful hug.

Man!, first thing I see when I open this site after a 3-days absence…Sheepy’s bare belly!!! why do all the best stuff happens while I’m gone?? not fair!!!!!.

7.  Gray
November 29th, 2008 at 6:03 am

IOU hugs (plural) & FYI i haz hug button.
i’ll comment in a more significant manner (& read your blog posts) when i’m not under an avalanche of work.
that photo made my day after much tiring work.

8.  Ms.Aya
November 29th, 2008 at 3:01 pm

Dear Mr.Circle

Quote: if a hug should be compared with warm water, it would be like water is gently entering in your skin to your heart.

This is a beautiful line~ (*v*)/

I’m so sorry for making you explain to me about this whole hug concept. I still don’t get it. (@_@)

Warm water is —– *A~aahh* so calm and relaxing. I feel that it can be as good as a hug. Ok, blame me for not experiencing hugs before.

But the — Hopefully I can open up myself to this — soon. (Laughs)

Quote: Don’t worry Sheep, you maybe don’t have your Shepherd at your side yet, however your herd is truthfully following you ! Baaah~~ !

(Cries) That’s so sweet.

!! Cries more !!

Dear Sachi-chan

I don’t know how young you are but at your age, I advise you to pay more attention on friendship rather than dating. Because friends are more important and as you grow, it’s going to get harder to look for new friends who are trusting enough to stand by your side.

I mean — if the friends you have right now can’t be good friends to you, what makes you think that people of that age can be lovers?

Anyway, sheep won’t probe into anyone’s love life. (Laughs)

I really feel stupid that even someone younger than me can realize that hot shower can never substitute a hug. (Tears)

YESH! He is good-looking, ne? (^-^*)/ (Melts)

Dear Rocketd-hun


It’s just a sheep~!

Baa… No one notice the DARTH VADER box. (Tears)

Dear Gray

It’s been a while since you dropped by here. (Waves)

What’s a hug button and who’s photo are you referring to? Is it the Akanishi Jin’s photo that made your day?


… I have a feeling that Gray is not going to reply this. (_ _)lll

9.  therocketd
November 29th, 2008 at 10:30 pm

Ok, guys, here we go again from the beggining. All set??, ok, silence, we’re gonna start recording now. Lights, camera…

comment on “Sheep Has Been Betrayed By Her Gullible Thoughts” take 2, action!!.

Well, seems everything I could’ve said about hugs has already been said… but yeah, Circle’s totally right. No warm bath stands a chance against a good, warm, playful hug.

Man!, first thing I see when I open this site after a 3-days absence…Sheepy’s bare belly!!! why do all the best stuff happens while I’m gone?? not fair!!!!!.

OMG!! is that a Darth Vader box????????, I wonder what’s inside…*squeezes his brains thinking*

No, really, next time you want us to notice things like that box in your pics make sure you don’t distract our attention with your bare skin… some of us can’t take that much visuals at once ha ha ha.

‘It’s just a sheep~!’

I know, does it make a monster if I think your belly is damn sexy??? just asking.

10.  nappyheaded
November 30th, 2008 at 2:23 pm

In America we just had thanksgiving so I gave lots of my relatives hugs. You can give different types of hugs but the most important thing is that you’re showing affection. If I ever came to fight in Singapore’s underground arena I would ocme visit where you are in Malaysia and give you a hug.

11.  nappyheaded
November 30th, 2008 at 2:44 pm

I’m kidding about the underground fighting in Singapore. I don’t think it’s that large to attract foreigners.

12.  nappyheaded
November 30th, 2008 at 2:47 pm

I have to start proof reading what I write from now on.I”m going back to school in January. So what I wrote is really embarasing.

13.  Mira
December 1st, 2008 at 10:17 am

ooo hot guy ! hey wouldnt you mean Mira has to start dating also ? T.T i know how a warm embrace feels like and i miss it but im not desperate for it either because that somehow betrayed me o.0. Time for me to find a new and better one ne ? XD

and no hot water can replace it though we love it XD lol. Unless you soak yourself in a bathtub full of aroma fragrance , candles , and bubbles but the feeling is just different o.o

new cellphone o.o show it to me T.T


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