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Search Engine For Hotels

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Mood - Fatigue but happy

Mood - Fatigue

25th November 2K8, Tuesday – 1:05+am.



Baa… <u_u>

Blogging right now is Ms.Aya who is wearing a powerless glasses just to have the Megane-kun looks~☆ ↓

Megane-kun no Aya

Megane-kun no Aya

(Laughs) <^v^>

I just finish publishing a manga tutorial and if strength permits, I want to accomplish my next tutorial by tomorrow. Unless God forbids sheep from spreading its misleading techniques. (Laughs nervously)

Initially, I was drafting an entry about Korean barbecue. But after checking PaperDiaries’s inbox — I received an email that was personally addressed to me. <o_o>

It appears that if I were to spread the word about their search engine, they will donate $20 to WWF on my behalf. <.__.>

“That’s nice. So what is this search engine all about?” I pondered. I was afraid it was some sort of scheme that will lead me to pornographic sites. You know… Those stupid emails with offers. <x_x>

Anyway, I checked the site and came to an agreement that this is a useful site. <^-^>/

It’s called Hotels Combined. This is basically a search engine for hotels.

You can look up for hotels in any country! ↓

Of course for an effective research, you may narrow down your scope to cities/states. ↓

Prior to this, I used to scout for hotels via Internet. In the process, I have vomited many buckets of blood by doing so. Knowing my country, NOTHING is efficient and reliable at all. Especially when it comes to information!

I remember each time I pick up the phone to make some queries, I’ll always end up slamming the phone down and cursing the birth of the stupid receptionist who cultivates no manners and intelligence.

The worst thing is — I didn’t get any definite answers.

Ok.. “What about their web sites? Perhaps I can find some information there!”

To my horror, I get outdated information. I emailed and sent support tickets to their hotel sites and till today, I get no answers. <;__;> (Tears)

(Mira, remember last year when we planned to visit Cameron Highlands? I sent an email and support ticket to a chalet and got no response!)

Also, I tried to search for a hotel in Penang this year and the results were to no avail. The best thing out of this was — I discovered a chalet which I was interested and taking no chances in emails, I called to find out that the chalet is now a private property.

… What the fuck, right?

Their websites are covered with fossilized information.

Imagine if I had made any reservations and 100% trust them to later find out my accomadation did not exist!

And let me tell you, googling in a rich pool of results is not fun. I get lots of weird results that has no relevance and connections to my needs.

Having that said –

Whoever came up with this Hotel search engine is BRILLIANT.

At least whatever we feed the search engine, we get HOTEL results — Not some stupid products or land in some teenager’s ranting blog!

About how reliable the information can be..

Just for the fun of it, I checked out the hotels that are in JB. It appears to be accurate and they have lots of information.

You can even view the map in the satellite and hybrid map view. Plus, you can view some photos and reviews by other people.

To what it seems, this search engine looks new so probably there won’t be many reviews yet.

But no doubt, the information is useful and could be reliable.. <T__T>  At least 10x more reliable than Malaysia’s websites. (Laughs) <^x^>/

Therefore, if you want to look for hotels. Skip Google and visit Hotels Combined immediately. \<^v^>/

Baa~ Ok.. Sheep wants to retire for the night. <u_u>

Everyone.. Oyasumi Nasai~♥!

As expected, glasses does not suit me. (Laughs)

As expected, glasses does not suit me. (Laughs)

PS: What if…

I let them know that Geylang is the best attraction place for prostitution? (Laughs)

PPS: Wanna join the Spread the Word Charity too? Click here to find out how you can contribute to WWF through your blog!

Mood - Active

Mood - Active

25th November 2K8, Tuesday – 12++am.


This tutorial is probably the quickest and most plain tutorial ever done by Ms.Aya. (Laughs)

Not that I’m lazy. It’s just that many of the basics has been taught in my previous tutorials. <^-^>/

In this tutorial, we will learn how to draw 2 types of guys with different facial features and characteristics.

We have all sorts of people in this world; The happy-go-lucky, gangsters, old geezers and the list go on. But sadly, we’re only going to learn how to draw the typical guy with wide eyes and the serious nonchalant dude. (Laughs)

Ok, for those who are absolute rookies who don’t know anything about the T-junction foundation, click here to learn. Otherwise, proceed shall we? ↓

Start by dividing your paper into 2 sections and draw as shown above.

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