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Mood - Hectic

Mood - Hectic

Brother’s birthday – Lunch time.


Jusu~ Minna-hun~♫! \<`ε´>/

Right now, Ms.Aya is drafting a couple of drawing tutorials and some fun topics to blog about. <∏A∏>

I don’t know when I can finish and publish them so — for the time being, here’s something interesting for you to read~☆. ↓

It’s a personality chart according to your birthday and tree~☆!

Well.. Some people do not believe in horoscope and this sort of bullshit however, just for the fun of it… <^x^>lll Let’s see how true (or false) these ‘accusations‘ are. (Laughs) ↓ <´•ω•`>o

Sheep fell from the Fig Tree. <x_x> *O~wie…*

Admittedly, the statements are true. <^x^>lll (Laughs)

So.. Which tree are you from?

And are they correct about what they say you are? <.___.>{?]