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The Days Before Today

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20th November 2K8, Thursday – 8:04+pm


Hell~O boys and girls of all ages~♥

This is Ms.Aya who is happy to be able to spam in PaperDiaries again~ (Laughs) <´v`>/

I wonder — Is there anyone who wishes to torture this sheep with a pitchfork? <^-^>lll

Baa.. I’m imagining things up again.

But a few days ago, I’m very positive that I did not imagine picking up a wallet filled with Malaysia and Singapore dollars!

No no, it wasn’t surreal either. It was REAL. <`A´>/

While taking Auwlithe out for his morning walk, I noticed a brown wallet lying down on the grass. I picked it up, look left and right — and when the coast was clear, I opened it and damn! /<ºДº>/

Lots of 50 dollar notes in both currency as mentioned above. There was even a Mastercard inside! /<ºДº>/

The first thing that came to mind was, “Told you so… It pays to have your eyes on the ground”.  Those of you who remember this entry, yea… You’ll get what I mean. (Laughs) <^x^>lll

Anyway.. The owner of the wallet lives nearby so I went over to his house and threw the wallet over his gate.

My mother saw what I did and instead of praising her money-face daughter for being honest — she scolded me for being rude. <T_T>

She said I shouldn’t throw the wallet over the gate and that I should return it back to him upfront. <-   ->lll

Well… I don’t think my actions were rude since the doors and windows were closed plus it was early in the morning. Leaving the wallet in his post box is just as good as missing since petty thefts may bestow upon in the most least expected time. <¯Д¯>

Another reason (which beats the above) is — I don’t like that man. He’s creepy and every time he sees me, he gives me that perverted smile. Now, I don’t mind being an oba-san magnet but a gijiji magnet is totally a no-no for me. <`Д´>/

Having that said, I just didn’t want to give him any reasons or obligations to smile and talk to me whenever I’m outside. <TAT>

Hey, at least he got his wallet back, right? <_   _>

Apart from that morning, what other tiny encounters did I have? <.___.>{?] ↓

Ok.. I struggled in teaching myself CSS….<x_x>

Came across some colorful tins of biscuit that charmed my eyes~ ↓

Especially this one!

At first I wanted to buy it but in the end, I bought the normal cream crackers. You know… Dipping crackers into your coffee is really yummy. (Though there’s a rumor that intake of caffeine can kill your breast tissues) Try that for a change during your tea time, ok?

Baa… <u_u> While you’re at it, play chess~☆! \<^v^>/

Oh ya! Here’s a question for girls~☆!

Guys, if you know something, tell me! I won’t accuse you of being girly. (Laughs)

I bought this Whitening Mask from China and I’ve been using it for weeks. ↓

Even though it’s quite effective, I’m just not sure whether I’m using it correctly because the method is not mentioned there. <.___.>

Firstly, I would wash my face and then apply it and leave it on for 30minutes+. However upon washing it off, it’s just too moisture to be wash off completely. ↓

So does this mean this is a leave-on mask and requires no rinsing? <.___.>{?]

Baa… <u_u>

Ok.. I need to go off soon. <-   ->

As a finale of this entry, ↓

DEAD SPACE, anyone? <´v`>/

PS: During my absence, did you pick up any new interest and hobby? <.___.>{?]

Re-Opening of PaperDiaries

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20th November 2K8, Thursday – Midnight.


O go kigen yo, minna-hun~♫! \<^v^>/

This is Ms.Aya the sheep who is speaking on behalf of Mira~♥!

Those who have been following PaperDiaries until today, we are very grateful for your support~! <´•ω•`>/

Right now… ↓

We like to welcome you to our new blog with our open arms~☆!

You see, we always wanted a domain name for our blog and finally — We’ve bought it!

*Dances around together* \(  *^v^)/\<^.^*  >/

Although we’re still upset that we have to forgo the hits that we earned so hard for the passed 3 and a half months… ↓

35,784 hits since July 2K8. No joke and certainly no forging was done.

Ah~well… <u_u>

We’ll strive harder and continue to do our best to take blogging to new heights~☆!

[ . . . ]

At the moment, is in a mess and for that reason, we would like to ask a favor from everyone.

Can your browser view this blog properly?

Any spastic errors? (Other than the header) <.___.>{?]

If there’s anything wrong, please let us know.

Thank you~!


PS: I, Ms.Aya would like to thank those who offered to help sheep in editing this blog’s theme. Even though you weren’t able to do anything, I really appreciate it the fact that you bothered to look into my matter. Also, I would like to thank my brother for setting this blog and amending the errors I made.

Thank you!

… Ne, Mira-hun.. Anything you want to say? <.___.>{?]

… <   ._.>{?]

Ne?.. <._.  >{?}

.. Baa..


PPS: Remember to amend our links to this new blog, honeys! \<^x^>/


Listening to : Halcali - Long Kiss Goodbye

Listening to : Halcali - Long Kiss Goodbye

Konbanwa minna ^^ sorry if im posting late again >.< its because of my time and job as usual.

looks like the blog is finally back again and we can all post and chat once again ! ^^

To tell everyone honestly i am really happy for all of your support with us till now waiting for our domain to be up and coming to join us once more. Please do contiue to support us XD we LOVE you !!! ~~~ no seriously we do love you for your support with us o.o

Keep in touch with our blog domain as we will continue to bring news , events and happenings in our lives with 2 different stories from 2 different girls ^^

Currently problems are trying to be fixed and there will be a few new things available here soon which needs to be get done urgently so do await it XD . GANBARIMASU ~~~

once again :

Ms.Aya and Mira thanks you for your continues support and may you have fun here always ~