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Story of Your Scars

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Mood - Genki!

Mood - Genki!

10th November 2K8, Monday – 10:39+pm.


Hell~o to all my youthful readers~♥!

This is Ms.Aya who refuses to let the blog go unannounced for more than 3 days~☆! (Laughs) \<^ε^>/

How was your weekend!? <*^-^*>/

Mine was…Let’s just say, I’m quite occupied with something at the moment. <´•ω•`>/ ↓

The haggard looking blogger of PaperDiaries, Ms.Aya.

The haggard looking blogger of PaperDiaries, Ms.Aya.

Old hag… <T_T>

[ . . . ]


Stop staring at my aging and fatigue face. Let’s move on with today’s topic! \<`A´>/

[ . . . ]

I want to share everyone my thoughts and opinions on ‘scars’.

Upon hearing the word ‘scars’ — What is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Well… I’m guessing:

  1. Physical scars (Explicit and original meaning of ‘scar’) – Wounds inflicted on the physical body that hasn’t fully repair and recover thus the marks remains visible.
  2. Emotional scars (A phrase) – A strong and hurtful experience that impacts on one’s emotions causing him/her sadness and emotional pain that is almost impossible to recover and deem to be unforgettable.

If you’re thinking of something else, that means we’re not on the same page. (Laughs)

*a-hem* <u_u>

There are 2 definition of scars that we use to describe our unforgettable pain and I’m sure everyone what kind of scars they have. Especially our emotional scars since our hearts and emotions can remember pain more vividly than our bodies. <u_u>

It is said that emotional scars can’t be cured as easily as our physical scars. That’s something big and complex, right?

But I’m not going to emphasize about emotional scars. Instead, I want to talk about — Physical scars.

(Because emotional scars is a damn bloody depressing subject to begin with)

I was just looking at my hands today. And I notice the tiny scars I have on my left knuckles. <—ω—>/

I remember how I got them. I was with my family in the elevator and I don’t know what came over me but I reached out my left hand towards the elevator’s door.

Blue~!“, I pointed out. <^v^>/

The next thing we all saw — My tiny little hand got caught in between the doors. <x_x> Seriously, I had everyone panicking over my frivolous actions. That was how silly sheep was in her toddler years. <_  _>lll

Anyway, apparently that incident had not taught me enough about being an itchy hand. I had my fingers stuck in the freezer, had my hands caught in the bus’s door, jammed in the baby’s swinger — when it all boils down, my left hand used to be in constant danger.

Thankfully, my left hand was not taken away from me otherwise — I wouldn’t be able to draw manga today. (Laughs)

Therefore… Enough about my ridiculous childhood stories and let’s get to the real beef of this topic.

Have you ever taken interest in people’s scars?

Well.. To me.. I see stories in scars. <^x^>/

And I find them very amusing NOT because they’re hideous. In lieu, I have a peculiar interest in the stories behind them.

Did you that physical scars can tell you more about that person’s childhood? <.___.>{?]

For instance.. The scars on his legs and hands implies that he spent his childhood outdoors.

If he doesn’t have any scars, that means either he was a stay-at-home nerd OR just too bloody perfect to kiss the ground. <T_T>lll

In other words — Not macho. (Laughs) <^v^>/

Baa~ <u_u>

And if you happen to know a guy who has scratches on his shoulders, drop the idea of getting fresh with him. Because there are chances that he slept with a tigress the night before. (Laughs)

[ . . . ]

Alright… Time to end my nonsense.

Sheep has a lot to say about scars but it doesn’t want to be selfish so —

Everyone, please do tell me your views and opinions on scars~☆!

In addition… How about telling me the tales behind your scars?

Were you a miserable indoor child or the sun-shine-going-kid? <^w^>/

PS: This is a common remedy. When you have fresh wounds, apply some Aloe Vera (raw is best) or peel out the thin layer behind the onion’s skin and wrap it over your wounds.