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Sheep is a POET?

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Mood - Sheepish

Mood - Sheepish

6th November 2K8, Thursday – 10:18+pm.


Minna-hun osu~♫! <^ε^>/

Sorry for updating the blog too frequently. \<´・ω・`>/

This sheep who is called Ms.Aya is feeling rather sheepish and bubbly so — please … Pardon me. <^x^>/

I was digging for some old threads of mine in AO, an Anime forum and I recovered back some old poetry work of mine. <.___.>

After reading my old work (dated in year 2006) — I’m taken by surprise that I could rhyme the words well enough. <o_o>lll

Anyway — Without further ado, please give me your feedback! \<≧∇≦>/~☆

Up first… ↓

Eyes That Lies

Open up your eyes, gaze into her heart of ice.
What do you see? If not what is behind her mind?
Her hair covers her by the wind.
Just like the strong protecting the weak
If thou think thou can find,
She will not even let you speak.

Deep into her eyes of darkness,
All adore her light; all your eyes are on her.
Why do you look at that girl? If not her loving kindness?
She looks away once again
Just like hiding those teary eyes
So if thou saw her slow moving tears,
She will disappear along with her fears.

Countless stars she view above, too many eyes watches her below.
Ever wonder how lonely she is? If not the attention she gets?
The girl smiles when she’s all-alone, the eye slowly becomes stone.
Can you hear her screams and cries like she hears yours?
At least take a look into her eyes of sorrow. Has she ever looked at you in the eyes hollowly? She seems to be on a flow.
Drifting along the shadows, is she watching you through the windows?
Everyone knows she’s in existence; she feels she’s been sentence.
What you thought you see in her is what she is not because everything has been taken. The truth reflects in her eyes, words become unspoken.

Once again she looks away,
Leaving her hair covering her sway.
One last unspoken word mutters across her lips,
There is no other way,
She walks while you are stun.
From far apart, all anyone can do is watch her from behind.
So close your eyes and let her go.

“Eyes that lies”

[ . . . ]

Stray Sheep

Once a normal sheep with a flock to blend in,
once had a shepherd to follow.
Needless of what family can give,
in need of what the garden feeds.
Filled with friends, empty of love.
The sheep sets out on an adventure outside the farm.
Upon reaching the dark forest,
the night creatures attacked the helpless sheep.
In order to survive, it did what it had to do.
After the long escape, the sheep returned to its flock,
mouth covered with blood.
“A sheep that has tasted blood eventually becomes a wolf”.
The sheep was forbidden from the farm lands.
It traveled from one place to another, unable to rest nor fit in with others.
Now- walking in the dark shadows,
all alone with no guide.
All alone with regrets.
Abandoned by many it has helped.
Discarded by many it has loved.
The sheep wanders like a stray,
whoever/whatever that can aid it’s sore heart…
It continues to walk the earth leaving its foot prints
all alone with no trace of companionship.

“Baa… sono toki ga honto ni.. modoranai dessho..?”

[ . . . ]

Beyond My Door

Upon reaching my hands to my door knob..
I felt my skin so pale and numb..
I gripped on tightly to my thumb..
What do I wish to see beyond the door?
Nothing but that love one I adore..
The door knob turns, the door sprung open.
A lil sun light shined and melt the coldness I felt before
You were there, stretching out that wide palm of yours,
waiting for me to take in your hand.
The light was bright, the glare made me fright,
You were faceless, but i was fearless
for you who have that special aura I love.
You turned your face away,
you made me race after your sway.
The breeze blew my hair across my eyes,
Before I could see your smile, your lips were kissing mine mildly.
The feeling of doubt beating in my heart,
As my hands couldn’t feel you no more.
Your body became mist,
I cried to make you stay and insist.
The wind that was once calm became violent,
The short moment of joy became silent..
I slapped myself in the cheeks, crying out so loud
to find that it was all dream of trying so hard.
For it was impossible to reach out to that world with him beyond my door.
“I can never step out from this door step with you”
The light reflected some hopes to my door,
and there lay me sitting and waiting for you.
To come and get me for real someday…

[ . . . ]

A No-Title Poem

All there is around me,
All the people sees me,
What makes my presence so known?
It’s not like there is something I own.
For I am so alone.
In the city I walk,
For countless minutes I talk,
To no one by my side.

I’m so lame,
Yet I have the fame,
Still it’s such a shame,
Well, guess it’s just a game.

Walls I leaned on,
Falls somewhere deep in my mind,
Why can’t I stop thinking so much?
About wanting that loving touch.
For I have never had a friend,
Whom I can live till the end.

It’s like something gold,
that it shoudn’t be sold,
Even if it gets old,
Unless I am cold.

As I pass by glasses with my reflections,
I thought I saw myself smiling,
But all I can really see is the other side of someone else’s emotions,
In a table for two, cuddling with one another,
My face and image begins to blur as the smiles of others widens,
they both are having a good time, while I was craving for such lime.

So off I continue to wander in the city that I walk,
For many days I talk,
Only to strengthen my will,
so that someday I’ll get the thrill.

As I pass by more reflections,
Caught in between 2 mirrors,
The one behind me has a crystal clear reflection of me,
still alone for the crowd moves fast and faceless they are.
The mirror reflecting me the future,
is the slow pace of the people,
and my face in distortion.
My future may not exist.

I’m really so lame,
Yet I think I have the fame,
Still it’s really such a shame,
Well, guess it’s just a game.

Lastly — My most enjoyable poem. <^-^>/

[ . . . ]

In The Box

In such a small box,
Tiny bits of frost drips,
To the end of my finger tips,
Such Beauty it holds,
In such a small place,
Yet to be able to feel the ice,
How I wish I could dance under the snow,
What a shame I don’t know,
Of such lovely scenary I miss,
Cold yet Beautiful,
Colorless yet wonderful.
So I carry on starring,
In that box covered with frost,
blocked by a strong hasty mist,
too small for me to fit in,
in that what we call a refridgerator’s freezer. (T_T)

[baa.... Inspired by: My fridge's freezer that is really in need of de-frosting]


Ok, this is all from Ms.Aya who will try her best not to spam the blog with useless and self-absorbing entries!

Desu kara, have a good day! <^w^>/

PS: Please darlings… Don’t claim these poems as yours, ok? It takes a mountain of emotions to craft this poems and you have to be in my shoes to understand them. Be wise, create your own story — Don’t steal from others. <^.^>v