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Mood - Beautiful

Mood - Beautiful

5th November 2K8, Wednesday – Evening.


Good evening, minna-hun~ <´•ω•`>/~♫

I’m Ms.Aya, the sheep who will be irritating you once again. (Laughs) <*´▽`*>/

Baa~ <⌒▽⌒> So kindly bear with this jobless sheep.

Last week, I bought a book and unlike any books — it wasn’t the usual type of books that I would buy. <^x^>

* My usual(s) are: Business & marketing books, language and magazines.

So what exactly did I purchase? <.___.>

[ . . . ]

Ok ok.. I won’t keep everyone guessing in the dark. I bought … ↓

The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

Now don’t start to get ideas like I’m having a child in my womb or my mentality has dropped to a 4th level grader.

No. <T_T> That’s not it.

I bought this book because for one; the illustrations are just too adorable to resist. ↓

The Ugly CUTEST Duckling

The Ugly CUTEST Duckling

For another — I was thinking of the future generation.

You see… I can’t help but to feel that certain old traditions are wearing out as we speak and that they are being substitute by new concepts and ideas in which I personally think they are no match for our timeless classics. Nowadays, I hardly come across any cartoons that are meaningful enough to invoke emotions and self consciences let alone morals.

And the very one thing I notice is that everyone is becoming exhorbitantly vain.

With our most reliable and advance technology, almost everyone have the ability to enhance their photos in order to beautify themselves.

Not long ago, only the professionals were given the ability to modify photos of top notch super stars like Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Kylie Minogue — you name them.

However, today — Just about anyone is given the privilege to edit their photos as dodgy as the professionals.

Don’t get my tone of voice wrongly. I do not condemn photoshopping. In fact.. I think it’s alright to use adobe photoshop for some minor editing. Plus, it can be pass off as an art.

Admittedly, I too sometimes feel the temptation to edit my photos. I always tell myself, “How nice if I can make that deep line vanish with just a click of a button“.

Then again, I always end up editing the lighting or simply delete the photos and decide not to post them up after all.

Anyway — What concerns me most is the idea of plastic surgery.

It’s becoming too widely known as a quick solution to ultimate beauty.

Initially, I never give much thought about it. I always kept my opinions to a minimal point in this topic because I used to think that only Hollywood stars can go for plastic surgery.

But now.. After reading several blogs — I learned that…

Any John & Jane Doe can go for plastic surgery!

<°Д°>/ {E.rai.kot.cha!]

I don’t have to emphasize what plastic surgery is all about since it’s now widely known. However in a nutshell — Plastic surgery reforms and supports your appearance using sillicon and … plastic. <x_x>

The last time I met Saru-chan, we had a serious discussion about plastic surgery. I’m very happy and impress with his wise words and knowledge.

Plastic surgery came into existence for the purpose of reforming and repairing the deformed people.

For instance, if you are born deformed and distorted, plastic surgery is there to correct and omit your form so that you don’t have to suffer. Also, to substitute body parts that are not proper. Eg: Arms, legs, eyes, cheeks…

However, we now take advantage of this benefit to satisfy our appearance to the maximum.

I really can’t think of anything else when I see or heard about someone who under-went plastic surgery.

The first image that always occur to me is: Was he/she born in an abnormal way?

Even if that is the case, eventually I would let the thought of ugliness slip by me because outer beauty isn’t my quest.

But when I see people who were borned normal yet undergo plastic surgery… Somehow despite their fascinating beauty… By knowing that he/she is THAT vain to resort to such desparation for more adoration.. I feel so disgusted in return.

Besides… Do you feel good living like that?

Anyway, I’m not bothered about plastic or narcissistic people.

I’m seriously concern about what holds for my future generation.

I’m just imagining.. If I have children.. and when the world is becoming overly competitive in the aspect of beauty and sex appeal…

How am I going to teach my children the right way?

How am I going to convince them that looking beautiful is different from being beautiful?

I wouldn’t want my daugther to be a plastic Barbie and I don’t want my son to be like Issei Sagawa, a Japanese man who murdered and ate a Caucasian woman just because he wanted to be beautiful.

Although I am in no position to say such things which I have yet to do. I too am a victim to vainity.

Then again… I want to strongy abide myself to my morals and principals.

That, my friends.. Is the true beauty within me. <^-^>/ (Laughs shamelessly)

Baa~ <n_n>lll

Having that said — I bought ‘The Ugly Duckling’ story book so that in any case — some shitty bedtime story overwrites it (Just like Shrek producing diarrhea over Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella) … I still have it and perhaps… I can read this story to any child out there who is suffering of low self-esteem..

And hopefully — It can be an inspiring story to them. <*^-^*>/

I mean — Don’t you think this duck is overloaded with cuteness? <.___.>{?] ↓

This picture looks so sad and pitiful

This picture looks so sad and pitiful

Alright.. (Stretches) Sheep better takes its leave now.

It would be nice if I can get more opinions on this. So I humbly say — May I learn a lot from you! \<≧∇≦>/~☆

Oh! < ̄□ ̄;>

But first… Here’s something I had to do for Rocketd‘s tag. Strangely though… I uploaded a series of photos but I keep getting.. ↓

… How come? <.___.>{?]

Anyway, those who want to find out their comparism with infamous idols, go to, fill up a very quick sign up and then proceed to to start the moment of truth. (Laughs)

Baa.. <u_u> This is all from Ms.Aya the sheep! \<´・ω・`>/~♥

[ . . . ]

PS: This is unrelated but — If you’d like to read more on Issei Sagawa, the cannibal murderer — Try these links.

Warning: Explicit images included.



PPS: While writing this entry, the radio played one of my favorite songs which is The Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. I started dancing around and suddenly, I feel more motivation flowing in my veins… Hur~ray~♫

At the end of this entry, somewhere in this world.. An ugly duckling has finally transformed into a gorgeous swan!

At the end of this entry, somewhere in this world.. An ugly duckling has finally transformed into a gorgeous swan! *Cheers*