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Mood - Disappointed with self

Mood - Disappointed with self

7th October 2K8, Tuesday – 4:34+pm.


Just now in the cab, the taxi driver asked me, “Where are your friends?”.

I didn’t answer at first until he asked me again. After debating with myself whether to answer, I shook my head and said, “They’re not here”. I was about to say that I don’t have any friends here but — who will believe that? (Laughs)

Besides, it will kill the conversation. <_  _>lll

“You’re alone?”, he continued.

Sort of…”, I smiled.

That’s lonely…”, he muttered.

He asked where I come from and I told him that I live around here. After that, there was an awkward silence between us and I could tell that he didn’t want to prod me with personal questions.

Indeed, I lived here for 2 years+ and I don’t have any companions to hang out with. Why is that so? Well, we’ll get to that part later. <-___->

As I was saying, he dropped me off at my destination and I hung around the shopping complex for a while.

Just when I was exiting the complex, I saw a group of familiar people ahead of me. I looked closely and immediately recognized them.

“Uh-oh… Students from the English centre”, I gulped. <O_O>lll

One of them spotted me and alarmed the rest. <≥.≤>

Panicking, I quickly walked pass them with a slight smile on my face, hoping that I was invisible. I wasn’t worried about getting caught because by far, nobody has ever stopped me from walking away. <-    ->


Just when I was about to get to the cab, one of the student stopped me. <_  _>lll

He asked if I remembered him and how am I. I definitely remember him because he was my student and — he’s a Japanese. <^x^>/

Anyway, there was a long pause before I answered.

The next thing I know, I was in the cab — leaving the premises.

Did I say good bye after he said “Take care?”.

Did I even wish him well before I left?

… <u_u>

Sadly, no… I did not.

That’s why I’m so mad at myself right now that I’m thinking of eating a tub of beans to my death.

It’s not that I didn’t like him and wanted to be rid of him. In fact, he is a nice and polite person whom I really want to get to know.

But stupid me who got controlled by fear started to panic and as a result, I did not only create a bad image of myself but also made him look silly in front of the others.

I behaved like a fool and very unfriendly towards him although it wasn’t my intention. He and the students are probably developing a lousy impression of me as I’m typing this now. (Cries)

Baa… Perhaps the next time I see him, I shall apologize to him for being rude and unfriendly. That’s if — I don’t panic and run away again. <;__;>

Also, suppose a taxi driver ever ask me whether I’m alone or where are my friends, I’ll answer with honesty, “I’m too much of a shit load to deserve good friends”.

<u_u,> *Sniff*

With that said, you now understand that this is a shameful and stupid sheep writing to you.

Ms.Aya & Auwlithe

Auwlithe & Ms.Aya

I have no idea since when I developed such fear in people and where did this shyness come from…

Already I have an irreversible ugliness in my appearances and characteristic is the only way I can make up for. GAH!!! \<`A´>/!!!

[ . . . ]

Sorry everyone, for being selfish and full of myself. m<_  _>m

I’ll shut up now. <T_T>

!! Flees off to eat a tub of beans !!

PS: Anyone here suffer the same shyness and fear?

Mood - Blank

Mood - Blank.

6th October 2K8, Monday – 11+pm




Here are some Final Fantasy 7 cosplay pictures that I manage to find here and there!

They are not mine and full credit goes to these absolutely stunning and awesome cosplayers!

*Note: For certain images, you can get a full and clearer view by clicking it.

Let’s start with the main character of Final Fantasy 7 …

Cloud Strife

Original character image: ↓

Images by cosplayers: ↓

Click More —- FOR MORE~☆!

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Bed, Sweet, Bed

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers
Mood - Sleepy & Haggard

Mood - Sleepy & Haggard

5th October 2K8, Sunday – Unearthly hour.


It’s past 3am and here I am, in front of my brother’s computer — blogging. <x_x>

You see, I have some relatives staying over for the night and because there are so many of us and very few mattresses, some will have to sleep on the floor.

Thankfully, my brother let me have his bed however — It’s too uncomfortable for me.

I’m grateful that my brother willingly let me have his bed therefore, I don’t want to whine and complain about how hard and unfriendly his bed is.

The fact is: No other beds can ever be as comfortable as your own.

Just like the phrase “Home sweet home”, in this case we’re talking about “Bed sweet bed”. (Laughs)

While trying my best to doze off, I realized that I can never sleep well on another bed regardless whether it’s a king size or a 5 star hotel bed. <T_T>

Gosh, it’s so hard for me to sleep now. Plus the absence of my pillow is making it tougher for me to K.O. <_   _>lll

(Sobs) My cozy bed… <;__;> ↓

My simple and humble bed of roses

My simple and humble bed of roses

(Sighs) <u_u> Sheep will try and get some sleep — on the floor.

With that said, o~yasumi~ <u_u>{Zzzz]

[ . . . ]

PS: Speaking of sleeping, what are your sleeping habits? <.___.>{?]

Is it a MUST for you to have lots of pillows barricading you?

How long does it take for you to konk-out?

Are you flexible in the sense you have no problem sleeping on beds other than yours? <.___.>{?]

(Laughs) I await for amusing answers.

But please.. Keep this subject under 18, ok? (Laughs) No one wants to know your kinky habits. <^x^>/

PSS: (Yawns) Sheep is tired. Can I reply your comments later? *Sheepish eyes* <;__;>

Mood - Upbeat!

Mood - Upbeat!

2nd October 2K8, Thursday – Midnight.


In order to keep this blog alive, I suppose I’ll just blog even though it’s very unnecessary. <•ω•>/

You see, Mira sent me a text message saying that she won’t be able to blog due to her work load.

So… Here I am, filling in for her. (Laughs) <u_u>{Baa~]

Ms.Ayas choice of clothes for the week

Ms.Aya's choice of clothes for the week

Let me try and recall if anything stupid happened lately… *Thinks*

[ . . . ]

A~h — Got it~♫! \<^v^>/

Prior to yesterday, I went out shopping and while I was walking out of the mall’s loo — There was a man walking towards my direction.

Normally when I walk, I have the tendency to look down. I do that not because I have low self-esteem. More like — a bad habit. Well, I keep believing that I’ll find money/valuable items on the ground. (Laughs)

I was walking at a very slow pace and as the man was approaching, I noticed that he was fidgeting.

From the looks of his legs, he didn’t strike to me as a neat person. 3 quarter pants and slippers in a shopping mall that has top-notch fashion outlets like ZARA, MNG, TOPSHOP and NAFNAF?

You’ve got to be kidding me. He looks like the type of men who hangs out in the hawker stalls. I’m not demeaning him entirely according to the aspect of his legs — it was the first thought that occurred to me.

Anyway, I couldn’t bear to look at his overgrown toe nails so I lifted up my head slightly to have found him lifting up his grey sweaty-looking shirt at the same time.

Holy zen”, I freaked out. His hairy belly was exposed right in front of me, his pants were hung loose around his hips and if that’s not eye sore enough —  More than half of his groin was revealed. <OAO>

And the most disturbing part was…

He was wearing a G-string.

It was a G-string!

He was wearing a freaking G-string, damn it!

Imagine an over-flowing belly tucked in a G-string.

!! E.rai.kotcha !!

I never knew men had G strings. (Even I don’t wear them)

Maybe it’s called ‘thongs’ … OR ‘fudoshi’ for the matter — whatever it is, it wasn’t a pleasant sight for me.

I don’t really care much about people’s dressing codes. So what if you wear shorts in a classy restaurant? That — is normal.

Man in G-string — Na-uh. <x_x>

With that, I picked up my pace and walked passed him.<;__;>

He gave me a very nasty face though. <_   _>lll

Not like I showed any disgust in my facial expression after his ‘exposure’. I was too numb and tried my best to overwrite that impure image that was lurking in my head.

It took me a while to shake it off.


I told mum about the incident and she laughed at me saying that I shouldn’t look at people’s ‘down there’.

I was a bit flabbergasted for I did not have such wishful thinking or of that sort. <`A´>/

[ . . . ]

Having that said — Next time, please look up and keep your eyes at head level. You don’t want to see anything forbidden and you certainly don’t want to be accuse for being a pervert.


[ . . . ]

But it is alright to look down every 1 minute in case you might stumble onto a stray dollar note! \<^v^>/~☆

[ . . . ]

… Does this entry sound very bitchy? <.__.>{?]

… I’m sorry for sounding to judgmental over people’s appearance.

Thoughts of possibilities tend to wander. (Laughs nervously)

I don’t mean to say he was a bad person. Just — awkward.

———- Enough about nonsense.

Have you ever encountered with such disturbing exposures?

A flasher perhaps? <.__.>{?]

Oh! Let’s not talk only about indecent men. There are women too who dresses shabbily to the extend it’s no more about sexiness — but total disgust!

A few times I saw women wearing top tanks and low-cut jeans, exposing their buns — indecently.