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Mood - Hectic

Mood - Hectic

17th October 2K8, Friday – 6:32+pm.


… Sheep will be honest — Sheep was READING! (Laughs)


Oh well.. ‘Till end of this month~♥

Mean while… <.__.>{?] ↓

Elmo is going grim for this year’s Halloween!

!! Run away !!


Children in Public Places

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Mood - Languid

Mood - Languid

Mummy’s birthday, Tuesday – Dinner time.


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen~☆

This is Ms.Aya who is truly a sheep. \<^ε^>/ (Laughs)

How was your weekends, I wonder? <•ω•>

Had an enjoyable weekend? <^v^>/

Moving on to today’s happening on my side… <.__.>

While lining up at the pharmacy’s counter, I saw a really cute girl in the baby’s pram. Although I always say I don’t like children and never wish to have my own, somehow I know that deep within my feelings — I would like to have my own children one day. <^-^>

I then looked around to see if there were any other children in the pharmacy while imagining how my own would turn out to be.

In the corner of my eyes, I noted to myself that there were a couple of kids running around and that I must defend my lower part.

I don’t know if you’re prone to accidents as much as I am but let me tell you — It’s not cute and it’s nothing to be proud of. <T_T>

There’s plenty of space for children to run amok in public. And there’s high chances that they can slam themselves against the shelves, pillars, walls, doors, fragile decorations, hardware equipments, a tub of razor sharp chainsaws — anywhere and anything.

However, NOOooooo — They just have to slam into me! <=__=>lll

And what I hate most is that they MUST slam into my pelvic area or my bum. <`A´>/

Furthermore, sometimes I wear high heels and mini skirt. Even if those rascals don’t bump into me, their fidgeting hands will one way or another pull/flip up my skirt. <+__+>lll

Weeks ago, I was at a shopping complex and was about to exit the loo. Out from nowhere, a really-really dark skinned kid dash out and almost slam into me.

I quickly protected my groin with my bag and dodged the canon ball kid before he could plunge into me.

Sheep almost lose its balance but I was just relieved that I evaded the kid. Some more his head was so big! <o_o>

Just when I was going to the escalator, the same boy came charging from behind and I had this face on me → /<0[]0>\{Eraikotcha!!!!!]

Quickly, I distanced myself and grabbed hold of the escalator’s side just to ensure that I won’t fall off in case he does give me the spear. <x__x>

And the parents didn’t seem to be bothered with their reckless son.

Because of this, I am not surprise if children gets involve in freak accidents. Parents just don’t seem to watch them over carefully.

I don’t really mind the noises that the kids make. But I seriously don’t appreciate children crashing into my lower part — of all places! <`A´>/ξ

Having that said, I must keep a mental note on how to educate and discipline my own children next time.

Also — Whenever I spot a kid in sight -boy or girl- I must proceed to defending my lower part. (Laughs)

… So — What’s your best/misfortunate encounter with children?

And — What’s your tick on children’s behaviour in public? <.___.>{?]

Oh.. Here are some pictures I took today~♫ \<^ω^>/ ↓


Looking down from the top floor. I get scared sometimes when I look down. The balcony is just not convincingly safe and I always have this mental fear that it will break if I were to touch/lean against it!


I try not to pass by these 2 restaurants because the waiters (the one holding the menu and the man in green vest) always harrass sheep and any other passer-bys.

Deepavali is coming

Deepavali is coming~! The colourful peacocks on the floor are formed by coloured rice.

A closer look

A closer look - Very beautiful and artistic! I admire the patience of the artist!

Now comes the finale for this entry — ↓

Sheep couldnt open the cubicle door.

The cubicle door got stuck and sheep couldn't open it after awhile. (Cries) <;__;>

PS: On second thought, kids flipping/pulling my skirt and slamming into me isn’t so bad as what I have in mind now. At least I know they are too young to cum in their pants. Suppose a grown-up man get into physical and intimate contact with me — Now that, I have every right to bitchslap him to where the sun don’t shine! <`A´>/ξ!!!

Say NO to guilt!

Mood - Spastic

Mood - Spastic

9th October 2K8, Thursday – 8:50+pm.


My genius brother came up with this head line~♫. (Laughs)

And come to think about it, he’s right. One of my neighbours here listens to Britney Spears album aloud and shortly after that, there will be a pause of ambiance and suddenly BAM–BAM!!!!! A desperate cry from their dog. <;__;>

Let me tell you, the dog’s cries are somewhat pathetic yet undeniably pitiful to the core. I do not know how my neighbour punishes his dog and for what reason.

The dog has been caged and tied up since it was an infant. What else can it do in such a small space provided? The family don’t take it out to relief its bladder, they don’t play with it, love it.. They just leave the food and water there… There are hardly any toys around it too.

What could it have done to be punish severely? <.___.>{?]

At first I dismiss the idea of abuse and concluded that my neighbour was probably just trying discipline his dog and that the cries are normal.

However — The cries and the beatings became more vicious to the extend my dog retaliates and growls at my neighbour. My dog would even summon me out! (By the way Auwlithe named me “Wuff–!”) <^-^>lll

Auwlithe, the champ!

Auwlithe, the champ!

With this excuse, I would go outside and pretend to talk to Auwlithe. Only then, the beatings stop. <-___->lll

There was a few times I felt like scolding and reporting his abusive manners to the Animal Rights association. But my mother told me not to interfere because she didn’t want to have any bad relations with the neighbour.

He is a nice and very thoughtful person. Really, he’s polite too. Other than abusing the poor dog, he is an alright person. Or so it seems. <+   +>

He had a series of dogs prior to this current dog. The previous one also received a hell lot of beatings. And incidentally, the beatings occurred in the afternoons — while listening to Britney Spears. <_   _>lll

You know… I had a couple of chances to save the dogs. In fact, there were 2 occasions when I rescued his dogs — in a different way. <-   ->

The first time happened last year, while his whole family went out. I remember clearly it was raining very heavily and I just got back from somewhere. I was about to settle myself at home until I heard the puppy yelping desperately as though in pain.

My family peeped over and saw the puppy tangled in its own leash and was seriously choking itself. Furthermore, under the down pouring rain. <T_T>

I told my mum that I don’t mind climbing over to release the puppy but my mother and brother protested. They didn’t want to interfere. <=   =>

The puppy went on crying for quite some time and it was becoming too disturbing and depressing so without any consent, I went out… Climbed over the grilled fence… Released the puppy… and off I left.

Later I informed the owner what happened as I didn’t want to be accused of intruding.

The second occasion took place this year — One of the infant puppies got stuck in a gap and it was yelping and whimpering so loud, I couldn’t stand it (neither my mum and brother) so I climbed over and carried the puppy out.

It was cute. The puppy’s siblings tried to pull the clumsy one out. <^w^>/

(By telling you all this, I don’t mean to brag about my deeds, ok?)

Now that I know how abusive my neighbour can be.. Damn! I should have just carried the puppies out and free them when I had the chance. Or give away to someone more worthy!

Damn! And double curses! <`A´>/

Why didn’t I B and E their house and crash all their Britney Spears albums while I was at it?

O~h well… <u__u,>

For now.. My family, my other neighbours and I will just have to bear with this — Until someone stands up… (Cries)

So folks.. What is the moral behind this entry?

  1. Don’t abuse your pets even though they are naughty. There’s always a better and more peaceful solution. Give them a cold shoulder by not looking or petting them. This is enough to send a message across your pets (especially dogs) that you are angry and will not love them until they learn their lesson.
  2. Your neighbour’s pets are yours too. Don’t standby and be an accomplice of the abuser.
  3. I urge you to…

STOP listening to Britney Spears music.

8 years ago, you may dance to her tune, sadly today — You beat up dogs!

Who knows what other shit you can do after listening to her music. ↑

- End -


Just so you know, Mira as usual.. Won’t be blogging for some time. Apparently this time, Saru-chan busted the router, that’s why!

Hence said — Ms.Aya is sorry for the regular appearance in this blog! <•ω•>/

Mood - Mono

Mood - Mono

8th October 2K8, Wednesday – Evening.


Today I was approached by a member of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Malaysia organization, asking if I’d like to contribute and support their funds for Malaysia’s natural environment.

At first I was a little dumbfounded for I had my mind else where and did not give much attention the man who was talking to me. But until he brought up the topic about the Malaysia’s natural resources and habitats, my attention was immediately recaptured.

I have more feelings for animals compared to human beings and if I there’s a donation needed for the animals, I am more than willing to help.

However, it’s a monthly commitment and the payment has to be process via credit card/bank, which is something I’ve never done before.

After reconsidering the whole proposition and details, I decided, “What the heck? Fuck beggars, save the animals and trees! This is a noble deed”. So I gave my particulars and was willing to contribute. Unfortunately, I found out that I’m considered underage to make such a commitment.

Apparently, I have to be 21 years old. (Laughs) So I couldn’t sign up.

WWF Logo

WWF Logo (I found this picture via Google)

Anyway, right now I may not be able to help financially but the least I can do is dedicate an entry for the sake of our natural habitats and animals.

First let me ask you:

Did you know…?

  • In the 1950′s there were about 2990 tigers in our (Malaysia) forest, but today — we have only about 500 left?
  • 4 out of 7 species of marine turtles in the world land and lay their eggs on Malaysian beaches however, only 1 out of 10,000 hatchlings survive long enough to become an adult?
  • WWF Malaysia is a national conservation trust and is a non-profit as well as non-governmental organisation?

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