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Mood - Blank

30th October 2K8, Thursday – Late evening.


I, Ms.Aya the sheep is so sorry for the long overdue tutorial. <x_x>lll

Finally, I present to you… A basic guide on how to draw a full-body for your manga characters! \<^x^>/

Just before I begin this tutorial, allow me to clarify certain things:

  1. I’m an amateur and inconsistent artist. My tutorials are meant for absolute beginner’s who are just starting out. Suppose you are an expert artist and you find this tutorial pure trash — That, I wonder how did you end up here.
  2. My human anatomy outlook is retarded and deformed. However, I see it as an art to defy reality. And seriously, it doesn’t look too spastic to me.
  3. This is a very quick guide that requires less than an hour. <^-^>v

Above all — I humbly admit.. I’m lousy in drawing a full-body. <;__;> But I’m confident that the technique I’m about to teach you is more than enough to pass your artwork with compliments. <^v^>/

Now that I’m clear… Moving on…

Note: Click on image to enlarge view.

I’ve already taught you how to draw the face and create facial expressions in my previous tutorials. Now, we’re going to draw a full body for your lovely manga characters!

First off… Please draw the following graphic shown below. ↓

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