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Where Are You From?

Posted by: Ms Ayain Announcements

Dear Valued Readers,

We would like to know where you are from so that we can blog appropriately and according to everyone’s approval.

Therefore, please let us know. <•ω•>/

If you want to remain as an anonymous reader, then you can go ahead and vote using the poll beneath. There’s no need for your details. So having that said, you’ll remain completely anonymous and invisible to everyone. <^x^>/

Note: If your country is not stated in the options below, vote under “Other” and type the name of your country in the orange box provided (beneath ‘Other’)

Additionally, we would like to know the percentage of gender. ↓

With that, we thank you very much for visiting our blog and giving us the silent support. m<_  _>m


Ms.Aya & Mira

First-Ever Picture Baton!

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Mood - Happy

Mood - Happy

28th October 2K8, Tuesday – 8:00+pm.


Yo~O, minna-hun. <^-^>/~♫

Please forgive sheep for being grumpy in the previous entry. To make up for being unfriendly, sheep is going to start a baton! (a.k.a tag in some people’s dictionary)

And this is NOT going to be an ordinary baton where you answer a list of questionnaires. This is — A picture baton~☆! \<^v^>/ (Laughs)

I’ve never seen such baton by far so sheep is going to declare this as the first-ever picture baton to viral all over the cyberspace!

Consider this as sheep’s domination tactic! (Laughs) <•ω•>

Ok, here’s the rule:

Rules of the Picture Baton

  1. This baton is subjected to PICTURES only. If you really don’t have the photo for the following element/instruction, you have to write in a visual manner.
  2. Start your baton by attaching a picture of the person who handed you this baton.
  3. You can include a maximum of 3 pictures per element.
  4. You may insert captions but please keep to a minimal number.
  5. At the end of the baton, you shall pass the baton to minimum of 5 people. (You may exceed 5 people if you like)
  6. After you are done with the baton, paste your baton link in the comments area (blog) of the person who handed you the baton.
  7. Happy snapping pictures~♥

Baton Starts Here!

1. The person who handed you this baton.

2. Current photo of you.

3. You wish to look like..

Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen



4. You NEVER want to look like…

Sheeva from Mortal Kombat

5. You want your life partner to look like…

The GazettE - Aoi

The GazettE - Aoi

Kuchiki Byakuya

Kuchiki Byakuya

6. You NEVER want your life partner to look like…

7. Currently fond of…

Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji

Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji

8. Currently hating.

The idiots

The idiots

9. Items that are often found in your bag/pocket.

10. Your mobile phone, wallet and misc item.

11. Your favorite footwear.

12. Random picture.

Foot fetish!

13. You pass this baton to…

Mr. Circle, Daisuke, Kou-san, and anyone who wants to keep this baton alive.

- End -

Alright… (Laughs)

I hope this is fun for everyone~

With that, sheep takes its leave~ \<^x^>/

Thanks for being a sport! \<^v^*>/