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Sheep Returns!

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Mood - Grumpy

Mood - Grumpy

28th October 2K8, Tuesday – Unearthly hour.


Tadaima, minna-hun~♥

Mira has really been entertaining everyone during my absence, ne? <^x^>/

I read some of your blogs and I see that everyone is doing rather fine. That’s nice to know. <^-^>/

Anyway, now that sheep is back — Please take care of sheep who has just returned from China. <^v^>/

Sheep followed it’s mummy and uncle to China, reluctantly. For 2 reasons:

  1. Sheep hates Chinese-speaking people.
  2. Sheep hates going out with family members.
The reluctant Ms.Aya

The reluctant sheep at the air port.

I’m not going to blog about the entire trip because there are just too many things to comment and sad to say — Every destination appeared to look the same to sheep. <T_T> (Tears)

So I’ll just share with you the highlights of this trip — That’s if you’re interested. <;__;>

Outside Beijings airport

Outside Beijing's airport

We took the tour for Beijing and we had the privilege to visit the Great Wall of China, Tian Na Men Square and the Bird Nest stadium, where they held the Olympics opening and events. Through the trip, my butt was numb and frozen. <≥A≤>/

We were led by 2 tour guides. One from our own country and the other (who did the most talking) is a local. ↓

Dont know what the F he was saying

Don't know what the F he was saying

Our local tour guide could speak some English but my family still loses out because the trip was entirely in Mandarin.

Anyway moving on..

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