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Children in Public Places

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Mood - Languid

Mood - Languid

Mummy’s birthday, Tuesday – Dinner time.


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen~☆

This is Ms.Aya who is truly a sheep. \<^ε^>/ (Laughs)

How was your weekends, I wonder? <•ω•>

Had an enjoyable weekend? <^v^>/

Moving on to today’s happening on my side… <.__.>

While lining up at the pharmacy’s counter, I saw a really cute girl in the baby’s pram. Although I always say I don’t like children and never wish to have my own, somehow I know that deep within my feelings — I would like to have my own children one day. <^-^>

I then looked around to see if there were any other children in the pharmacy while imagining how my own would turn out to be.

In the corner of my eyes, I noted to myself that there were a couple of kids running around and that I must defend my lower part.

I don’t know if you’re prone to accidents as much as I am but let me tell you — It’s not cute and it’s nothing to be proud of. <T_T>

There’s plenty of space for children to run amok in public. And there’s high chances that they can slam themselves against the shelves, pillars, walls, doors, fragile decorations, hardware equipments, a tub of razor sharp chainsaws — anywhere and anything.

However, NOOooooo — They just have to slam into me! <=__=>lll

And what I hate most is that they MUST slam into my pelvic area or my bum. <`A´>/

Furthermore, sometimes I wear high heels and mini skirt. Even if those rascals don’t bump into me, their fidgeting hands will one way or another pull/flip up my skirt. <+__+>lll

Weeks ago, I was at a shopping complex and was about to exit the loo. Out from nowhere, a really-really dark skinned kid dash out and almost slam into me.

I quickly protected my groin with my bag and dodged the canon ball kid before he could plunge into me.

Sheep almost lose its balance but I was just relieved that I evaded the kid. Some more his head was so big! <o_o>

Just when I was going to the escalator, the same boy came charging from behind and I had this face on me → /<0[]0>\{Eraikotcha!!!!!]

Quickly, I distanced myself and grabbed hold of the escalator’s side just to ensure that I won’t fall off in case he does give me the spear. <x__x>

And the parents didn’t seem to be bothered with their reckless son.

Because of this, I am not surprise if children gets involve in freak accidents. Parents just don’t seem to watch them over carefully.

I don’t really mind the noises that the kids make. But I seriously don’t appreciate children crashing into my lower part — of all places! <`A´>/ξ

Having that said, I must keep a mental note on how to educate and discipline my own children next time.

Also — Whenever I spot a kid in sight -boy or girl- I must proceed to defending my lower part. (Laughs)

… So — What’s your best/misfortunate encounter with children?

And — What’s your tick on children’s behaviour in public? <.___.>{?]

Oh.. Here are some pictures I took today~♫ \<^ω^>/ ↓


Looking down from the top floor. I get scared sometimes when I look down. The balcony is just not convincingly safe and I always have this mental fear that it will break if I were to touch/lean against it!


I try not to pass by these 2 restaurants because the waiters (the one holding the menu and the man in green vest) always harrass sheep and any other passer-bys.

Deepavali is coming

Deepavali is coming~! The colourful peacocks on the floor are formed by coloured rice.

A closer look

A closer look - Very beautiful and artistic! I admire the patience of the artist!

Now comes the finale for this entry — ↓

Sheep couldnt open the cubicle door.

The cubicle door got stuck and sheep couldn't open it after awhile. (Cries) <;__;>

PS: On second thought, kids flipping/pulling my skirt and slamming into me isn’t so bad as what I have in mind now. At least I know they are too young to cum in their pants. Suppose a grown-up man get into physical and intimate contact with me — Now that, I have every right to bitchslap him to where the sun don’t shine! <`A´>/ξ!!!

Say NO to guilt!