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Bed, Sweet, Bed

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Mood - Sleepy & Haggard

Mood - Sleepy & Haggard

5th October 2K8, Sunday – Unearthly hour.


It’s past 3am and here I am, in front of my brother’s computer — blogging. <x_x>

You see, I have some relatives staying over for the night and because there are so many of us and very few mattresses, some will have to sleep on the floor.

Thankfully, my brother let me have his bed however — It’s too uncomfortable for me.

I’m grateful that my brother willingly let me have his bed therefore, I don’t want to whine and complain about how hard and unfriendly his bed is.

The fact is: No other beds can ever be as comfortable as your own.

Just like the phrase “Home sweet home”, in this case we’re talking about “Bed sweet bed”. (Laughs)

While trying my best to doze off, I realized that I can never sleep well on another bed regardless whether it’s a king size or a 5 star hotel bed. <T_T>

Gosh, it’s so hard for me to sleep now. Plus the absence of my pillow is making it tougher for me to K.O. <_   _>lll

(Sobs) My cozy bed… <;__;> ↓

My simple and humble bed of roses

My simple and humble bed of roses

(Sighs) <u_u> Sheep will try and get some sleep — on the floor.

With that said, o~yasumi~ <u_u>{Zzzz]

[ . . . ]

PS: Speaking of sleeping, what are your sleeping habits? <.___.>{?]

Is it a MUST for you to have lots of pillows barricading you?

How long does it take for you to konk-out?

Are you flexible in the sense you have no problem sleeping on beds other than yours? <.___.>{?]

(Laughs) I await for amusing answers.

But please.. Keep this subject under 18, ok? (Laughs) No one wants to know your kinky habits. <^x^>/

PSS: (Yawns) Sheep is tired. Can I reply your comments later? *Sheepish eyes* <;__;>