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Mood - Upbeat!

Mood - Upbeat!

2nd October 2K8, Thursday – Midnight.


In order to keep this blog alive, I suppose I’ll just blog even though it’s very unnecessary. <•ω•>/

You see, Mira sent me a text message saying that she won’t be able to blog due to her work load.

So… Here I am, filling in for her. (Laughs) <u_u>{Baa~]

Ms.Ayas choice of clothes for the week

Ms.Aya's choice of clothes for the week

Let me try and recall if anything stupid happened lately… *Thinks*

[ . . . ]

A~h — Got it~♫! \<^v^>/

Prior to yesterday, I went out shopping and while I was walking out of the mall’s loo — There was a man walking towards my direction.

Normally when I walk, I have the tendency to look down. I do that not because I have low self-esteem. More like — a bad habit. Well, I keep believing that I’ll find money/valuable items on the ground. (Laughs)

I was walking at a very slow pace and as the man was approaching, I noticed that he was fidgeting.

From the looks of his legs, he didn’t strike to me as a neat person. 3 quarter pants and slippers in a shopping mall that has top-notch fashion outlets like ZARA, MNG, TOPSHOP and NAFNAF?

You’ve got to be kidding me. He looks like the type of men who hangs out in the hawker stalls. I’m not demeaning him entirely according to the aspect of his legs — it was the first thought that occurred to me.

Anyway, I couldn’t bear to look at his overgrown toe nails so I lifted up my head slightly to have found him lifting up his grey sweaty-looking shirt at the same time.

Holy zen”, I freaked out. His hairy belly was exposed right in front of me, his pants were hung loose around his hips and if that’s not eye sore enough —  More than half of his groin was revealed. <OAO>

And the most disturbing part was…

He was wearing a G-string.

It was a G-string!

He was wearing a freaking G-string, damn it!

Imagine an over-flowing belly tucked in a G-string.

!! E.rai.kotcha !!

I never knew men had G strings. (Even I don’t wear them)

Maybe it’s called ‘thongs’ … OR ‘fudoshi’ for the matter — whatever it is, it wasn’t a pleasant sight for me.

I don’t really care much about people’s dressing codes. So what if you wear shorts in a classy restaurant? That — is normal.

Man in G-string — Na-uh. <x_x>

With that, I picked up my pace and walked passed him.<;__;>

He gave me a very nasty face though. <_   _>lll

Not like I showed any disgust in my facial expression after his ‘exposure’. I was too numb and tried my best to overwrite that impure image that was lurking in my head.

It took me a while to shake it off.


I told mum about the incident and she laughed at me saying that I shouldn’t look at people’s ‘down there’.

I was a bit flabbergasted for I did not have such wishful thinking or of that sort. <`A´>/

[ . . . ]

Having that said — Next time, please look up and keep your eyes at head level. You don’t want to see anything forbidden and you certainly don’t want to be accuse for being a pervert.


[ . . . ]

But it is alright to look down every 1 minute in case you might stumble onto a stray dollar note! \<^v^>/~☆

[ . . . ]

… Does this entry sound very bitchy? <.__.>{?]

… I’m sorry for sounding to judgmental over people’s appearance.

Thoughts of possibilities tend to wander. (Laughs nervously)

I don’t mean to say he was a bad person. Just — awkward.

———- Enough about nonsense.

Have you ever encountered with such disturbing exposures?

A flasher perhaps? <.__.>{?]

Oh! Let’s not talk only about indecent men. There are women too who dresses shabbily to the extend it’s no more about sexiness — but total disgust!

A few times I saw women wearing top tanks and low-cut jeans, exposing their buns — indecently.