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22nd September 2K8, Monday – 10:10+pm.


Hell~o minna-hun~! <¯ʎ¯>/

How are you? <•ω•>/

Any happenings lately? <^x^>/

Sheep is sorry for not updating the blog for the whole weekend. Well, there was nothing on my side other than getting stranded at the Bay. (Laughs)

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my peaceful weekend. <^-^>/

This is… ↓

Todays Ms.Aya

Today's Ms.Aya~☆

What a stupid face. (Laughs) <T_T>

This afternoon, I went to WATSONS pharmacy to browse around for some facial products. ↓



Incidentally, I met an aunty whom I’ve spoken to before and knowing aunties, they talk a lot. Plus being me, I just can’t seem to walk away from these kind of people. <_   _>lll

Now that I think about it properly — I seem to attract more aunties and adult women than people in my age group. There was even a time I went shopping for clothes with an aunty whom I don’t even know!

Apparently, she had an occasion to attend to and she couldn’t find a boutique that sells clothes for her age. She asked other youngsters where she could find those kind of clothing stores and none of them were very helpful.

She then approached me and because I am a helpful sheep (YES! SHEEP IS HELPFUL) — I took her to a boutique that I know of. I was then stuck with her for hours just because she couldn’t decide what blouse to purchase. So I had to help her select a suitable and reasonably priced blouse.

Anyway as I was saying, I feel like an aunty (oba-san) magnet. <;__;> (Tears)

Mum says she’s proud of me because older women favors me for my good manners and nature. <_   _>

You know what? <.__.>

She’s right and I shouldn’t view this oba-san magnet as an insult. <^x^>/

Here are the benefits for being an oba-san magnet:

  1. You learn a lot about motherhood and cooking – Who else can teach and train you to become a super mum other than — MOTHERS? They can answer almost everything, anything. You can’t get the  “I don’t know….” face from them. (But if you ask them about computers, you are the moron. Not them)
  2. They really care for you – Their concerns are genuine and they don’t judge you. In fact, they’ll take care of you or at least recommend you a medicine that really cures you!
  3. Lots of funny and amusing stories – If you are curious about how life was before you were born, aunties can tell you better than your friends. Also, you will know what’s going on around your neighbourhood.
  4. They are generous – Aunties are very generous in just about anything.  If they cook extra dishes, they’ll share. If they have unused clothes, they’ll give it to you. Solely because they don’t want to let it go to waste. And adults are fond of passing their things down to the younger generation.
  5. They know a lot of people – Suppose you need a doctor or someone trusty, aunties do have their own connections. And it is their nature to be skeptical before declaring someone a trusting individual.
  6. Match make – (Laughs) Need I say more?

… Now that I’ve stated my point of view about befriending with aunties/middle-age women…

However… I can’t help but to think..

Wouldn’t it be great if I have this same alluring charm for MEN?

Perhaps there is something about me that puts men off.

Can you guys help me spot the culprit?

Is it my face?

My hair?

My flat-boobs?

My clothes?

Please tell me! <∏_∏> (Cries)

Ms.Aya awaits for answers!

Note: Do you have any oba-san stories to share? <.__.>{?] Tell me! \<^v^>/

Oba-san Magnet Formula:

Women + oba-san magnet = A good thing.

Men + oba-san magnet = SHIT…

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1.  Rocketd
September 23rd, 2008 at 12:39 am

Well, it was worth the waiting ha ha ha. This post was absolutely funny.

Yeah, I know what it feels like to be an “obaasan magnet”. I’m tall so when I was in the japanese super markets I was an easy-to-spot target for any obaasan who wanted to reach any product in the higher shelves or for those who wanted someone kind enough to carry around their shopping . However, as bugging as this might sound, good things happen when you help and make friends with obaasan, you get free candy, free home-made food (damn tasty!) and of course, free advice in the matters of life and love.

You do have charm!. Why your charm attracts no men??, well I think that’s self-confidence lack messing with your charm. Your face is really cute, but that sad/gloomy look doesn’t suit you, you should smile more!!!, your hair is perfect and you might not believe this but there are many men who don’t feel attracted to big breasts but rather to the small ones (like me ha ha ha). I honestly think your looks nor your fashion are the problem, you just need to change your attitude a wee-bit^^.

2.  Ms.Aya
September 23rd, 2008 at 2:57 am

They asked you to carry their shopping stuffs? Just how do they ask you? In a very polite manner?

(Laughs) Standing 183cm tall in an Asian country — Of course you’re easy-to-spot!

Asian people are generally short and small in sizes. So obviously you’ll get plenty of attention!

Anyway, in your case — You’re fortunate that those oba-san’s just needed a helping hand and in return, they give you home-made food. You know, in a friendly, elderly way.

Imagine if they developed some sort of love interest in you — Dude, that’s a man’s nightmare!

(Laughs) As for us girls, we don’t want to be a jiji magnet!
Though there are women out there who goes for oyaji’s. *Dirty money*

Eh? You think so? (.___.){?]
But smiling creates unwanted lines.
It makes me feel — How do I say — Whenever I look and smile in front of the mirror, it looks as if I have a play-do (clay) face. (o_o)!!!

Ok ok… I won’t make any excuses. Smile more and tweak my attitude — Got that!

As for confidence —- (Cries) (;__; )

3.  rocketd
September 23rd, 2008 at 4:07 am

“(Laughs) Standing 183cm tall in an Asian country — Of course you’re easy-to-spot!”- You can say that again!! ha ha ha.

Well, I took part in a nice matsuri at Shibuya, in Tokyo. A friend invited me to help carry the Omikoshi (a small shrine), either you volunteer or get invited to take part of a matsuri -this case, Shibuya- you get really pampered by organizers and people from that community.

Being the only gaijin invited I think I was kind of the center of the attention (specially women’s), and I made many friends that time. From that day on, many obaasama started recognizing me at the conbini, the supermarket, the bar… everywhere ha ha ha.

They asked me in a very polite way, but never using keigo, that’s only for the youngsters to use. Most of the time I was the one offering help.

C’mon, don’t put that lovely face of yours to waste!!!, every single one of us will end up wrinkled like raisins ha ha ha, the only difference is that some will remember the days when their skins where smooth and youthful with a frown in their faces and the others will do it with a bright grin.

Once you start smiling carefree you’ll start getting people’s attention (read GUYS) for sure, and that’ll automatically boost your confidence, don’t worry^^.

4.  Ms.Aya
September 23rd, 2008 at 5:54 pm

Sou den’na. If you are a foreigner, they will take special interest in you. Especially of you are from the West or someone with Caucasian features.

This goes to say — you had your time of fame! (Laughs)

Keigo — As in the casual way of speaking? (.___.){?]

The adults and older generation will speak proper and formal Japanese where as the youngsters speak in slangs?

Wow… The Japanese have a lot of customs and traditions. Hard to keep up with them. So did you learn any new tradition, custom and manners there?

–every single one of us will end up wrinkled like raisins–

What a funny line! (Laughs)

Seriously, I look like a mash potato when I smile.

I don’t know what else to say. (_ _)

A~ah well. Thanks a lot for your support and motivation.

It won’t go to waste. *Forces self to smile*

5.  Pixy
September 23rd, 2008 at 11:10 pm


EH, why u keep saying ur flat-boobs ? XD …

6.  rocketd
September 24th, 2008 at 3:16 am

I was checking out some pics you posted, of a trip you made with your friends.

There was this one pic of yourself taken in front of a mirror, I swear I tried and tried and tried, and yet I couldn’t see the flat boobs you talk about ha ha ha. Seriously!!, you are hot!!.

Keigo right… keigo it’s the hyper formal form of japanese, used by young people to speak to meue (high position) people like senpai, teachers or grown ups. It’s so hard to learn that even japanese people use it the wrong way sometimes.

I was surprised to find young japanese feel sympathy towards mexicans, so I never really felt rejected or something. It was nice.

7.  Saru-chan
September 24th, 2008 at 3:22 pm

This entry is hilarious !! I don’t think your appearance is the culprit .. maybe its just fate ..

Oba-san magnet .. ehh …

I have been approached by some oba-san before .. and mostly it is in shopping malls or grocery stores . .. and when i want to pass through (cuz the store lacks of space in the store ) i will say “excuse me yea ..” I smile most of the time and they will smile back .. they are nice people

Then there was once an Oba-san asked me to help her to find a shop .. because the shopping mall was huge and she can’t find the shop .. So i “escorted” her to the shop.. took some time .. but it felt nice to help someone out no?
but most of the time i was mistaken as their Son / Grandson . O.O”"

Grandson-look-alike ? @_@


8.  Ms.Aya
September 24th, 2008 at 6:22 pm

Dear Pixy

Because it is non-existent!

My twins keep telling me they want to see the world but they are too small.

I’m like, “There’s nothing I can do for you unless I go for implants”.

In which is definitely something I will never resort to. (Tears)

What am I talking about? (_ _)

*Sends Pixy for bust implants*

Hu~wa!!! Pixy has double D’s! (OAO)!!!

Dear Rocketd

… Thanks? (Laughs nervously)
Ok. Enough about me. It makes me feel like I’m full of myself. ^^lll

But honestly, thanks for your compliment. It has become a reason to be more confident.

Hyper formal form of Japanese… Can you give a couple of sentences as examples? (^-^)lll

Sorry for the trouble.

… Japanese are real fanatics over things and people that they like. (=__=) Did they by chance build a shrine for you? (Laughs)

Ok.. That’s way too much!

Dear Saru-chan

I think you are too scared to speak about me. (Laughs)

Do you agree?

The feelings of helping an elderly gives a stronger impact and sense of meaning compare to helping a useless good for nothing youngster?

Maybe it’s just me but — I feel better and more accomplish after helping an elderly or a child.

When it comes to teenagers…Well.. Puppy love and school popularity are always their core of problems in which are very trivial matters. Why bother other people with such stupid and childish matters, right? If they so want to feel love… They can always touch themselves at night.


Too darn uninspired to help them.

Perhaps because they are still young and capable of doing things on their own… Baa.. (u_u)

What do you think, Saru-chan? (.___.)

9.  szanne
September 24th, 2008 at 8:32 pm

nah, i dont believe it’s anything about you physically. you’re so much more decent in way of appearance compared to any other whom i know who’s in a relationship. and yeah, i totally agree with the rocket guy actually. it’s the lack of confidence and your smile! aha yes, let your smile complement your looks. =D

plus, i think it makes yourself seem more approachable. do try that! or try their match make?hehe.

10.  Pixy
September 24th, 2008 at 9:00 pm


Eheheheh … VERY FUNNY … like I wanna LAUGH … XD

11.  rocketd
September 24th, 2008 at 10:25 pm

Be my guest!!.

I’m gonna write down some examples using the casual way of speaking and then the same line in keigo.
Casual form: moshikashite, anata ha Endou san desuka?

(would you by any chance be Endou san?)

Keigo: moushiwake naindesukedo, anata ha Endou san de irrassharundeshouka?
Casual form: shigoto ha nadesuka?

(what do you so for a living?/what’s your work?)

Keigo: oshigoto ha nandeshouka?
Casual form: ashita gakkou e kurundesuka?

(are you coming to school tomorrow?)

Keigo: ashita gakkou e korarerundeshouka?
Casual form: ne, shittemasuka??

(do you know about this?/ have you heard about this?)

Keigo: ano, gozonjidesuka?
Casual form: ano bangumi mita koto arundesuka? omoshirokunaindesuka?

(have you seen that TV show? is it funny?)

Keigo: ano bangumi goran ni natta koto arimasuka?
omoshiroi to omoimasuka?
As you can see, in some cases the words you use change completly. It’s really hard to learn keigo, but you must use it in order to avoid further trouble living in the japanese society, unless you want to be considered a “punk” ha ha ha.

12.  Ms.Aya
September 25th, 2008 at 11:58 am

Dear Szanne
Lack of confidence…
Non-approachable… (_ _)lll
I’m so doom… (Cries)
… You think I’m decent?

(Becomes overly happy)

Sheep is DECENT!!! \(*v*)/

Dear Pixy

That was a lame remark. Sorry. (^-^)lll

Dear Rocketd

Thanks for your examples!

How generous of you!

Baa… Keigo is more long-winded and very formal. The sentences are so proper and modest.

Standard Japanese is easier to learn and use.

Thank you for this information. I’ve learned something new. Those who are reading this will also learn and gain something from this. (^-^)b

13.  Pixy
September 25th, 2008 at 2:00 pm


There is nothing wrong with flat-boobs … Don’t worry too much about it … xD … Make sure u eat and live health will do …

14.  Mira
September 25th, 2008 at 8:59 pm

i definetly have to agree with you since it IS true that oba-sans are nice people (well those who practically dont scam your money)

and fuck….. talking about guys more like ….. now that you have mentioned it …. *hides in a corner* im hopeless too lol XD ahahahahah but like i said you should wait and i seem to see something XD lol

rocketd : sugoi o.o thnx for teaching this is really cool XD

15.  rocketd
September 25th, 2008 at 11:12 pm

Hey Mira!, thanks, I’m not really a japanese teacher but I’ve learned some myself¨^^. If you guys are interested in learning japanese and you are stucked with something I can lend you a helping hand anytime, sometimes I’m a bit slow at answering but it’s sure I will do it. Cheers!

16.  rocketd
September 25th, 2008 at 11:20 pm

By the way Aya!, I’m still doing my research about that self-teaching material we were talking about. I haven’t forgotten, I’ll let you know this weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend Aya san, and everyone!!

17.  Ms.Aya
September 26th, 2008 at 3:25 am

Dear Pixy

Aw~! You care for my health!

(Cries) \(TT___TT)/


Dear Mira

“ahahahahah but like i said you should wait and i seem to see something XD lol”

Wakarimahen.. Nandate? Dou iu imi? (.___.)

What what what?!

What is it that you see!? (O_O)!!!

Dear Mr.Rocket

Take your time. (*-*)v
I’m always here.

You too, enjoy your weekend to the fullest! \(^v^)

18.  Kou
September 29th, 2008 at 2:17 am

LOLs, seems like I got a few things in common with rocketd, friends? ^_^?

I guess that good natured and polite people like ourselves attract oba-sans alot? Why cant we attract the opposite gender of our age group that way? LOLS, I guess we were born into this world one generation too late?

As for the matter regarding you Aya-chan, there is nothing wrong with you!! Jeez, you realize how many comments you get on the pics of yourself that you post at AO? A LOT, thats how much. You’ve got a cute face and your hair is styled just fine to bring out your charm. You’ve also got a great sense of fashion too. I may not know much about fashion but I know what looks good and you look good. As for your chest…errr, like rocketd says, some guys prefer small ones. ^^; And if thats not good enough than let me take a quote, “Small breasts are a status, a rarity!!’ (Got that from Konata from Lucky Star whom quoted another anime/game…I think it was “SHUFFLE!”)

~You’ve got charm Aya-chan, you’ll most definitely find yourself a great guy one day.

19.  Ms.Aya
September 29th, 2008 at 10:33 pm

Yes.. The both of you are the only ones capable of speaking proper Japanese.

How envious~!

I accept your kind words and compliments there, Kou-san.

You have been supporting and following my ‘chronicles’ for 2 years now.

As you can see, nothing really changed on my side. Life isn’t moving for me.

… Let’s not talk about me…

… I want more updates from your blog, Kou-san!!!


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