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26th September 2K8, Friday – Night.


I’ve just finished playing Devil May Cry 4 and I’m going to write a review about the game. This is my first time writing a game review so please be lenient to this amateur sheep and correct its mistakes, ok? <^-^>/


WARNING: Contain spoilers! I don’t want to be responsible for causing you to uninstall/smash the disc just because you stumbled here. <-   ->lll

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About the Game Play

The game play is about the same as the previous DMC series. Only difference is that you have more puzzles to solve. They aren’t very hard to solve or to achieve — just plain annoying.

One of the puzzle games - This one is quite fun to play with. Whack the dice for a number and move ahead. If you land on the white spot, nothing happens. Land on blue, it will rain jellybeans-- I mean Red Orbs. Land on yellow, you delegate steps. Red -- (Sigh) Time to slay some demons!

At the end of every mission (stages), you’ll be ranked according to your timing, stylish points, collection of orbs and the usage of items.

Unlike DMC3 and the other series, DMC4 is RICH with orbs. It’s freaking dirt cheap. ↓

In Mission 19

In Mission 19

And using Nero, you can detect hidden missions, orbs and items thanks to his power-crazy arm.

Just when you thought “Great! Now I can increase my character’s skill!” — you’re wrong.

Upgrading abilities and skills no longer can be paid through Red orbs. You have to earn Proud Souls by performing a chain of combos.

As usual, your combos are graded from the lowest (Deadly) to the highest rank (Smokin’ Sick Style).

Overall, the game play is similar to the previous games however, the one major improvement about DMC4 is that when you die, you don’t have to start the whole mission all over again. You’ll go back to the checkpoint, which is the Golden Imp.

(Though I personally call it the “Scam shop”) Yes, the cost of items keeps increasing whenever you purchase something. But since the game is generous with Red Orbs… No more poverty concerns. Focus on getting more Proud Souls!

About the Playable Characters

You’ll be using Nero from Mission1 – 11. After that, you have to use Dante to rescue Nero from Mission 12 – 18.

You will play as Nero again for Mission 19 and finally, Mission 20.

Nero’s Abilities:



You’re equipped with Red Queen and Blue Rose. As for special moves, you can use his spastic right arm Devil Bringer to grab your enemies from afar and perform some combos.

Devil Bringer - Nero reaching out to grab ass!

Devil Bringer - Nero reaching out to grab ass!

For instance, you can slam dunk or toss the enemy around like a cheap toy.

You can perform different moves on different types of enemies. You can also use it on the boss at a certain timing. [Usually when the boss is constipating on the ground, you can then grab that son of a B (or whore) and beat the crap out of him(her)]

This will damage the boss by A LOT.

Apart from that, you have a function called Exceed. You’ll have to charge the sword and once full, your attacks will flame up. You can upgrade this function with Proud Souls to be more deadly.

Last but not least, Nero can do the Devil Trigger with the help of Yamato. However the disappointment in this is that you can’t really use Yamato as how you used it in DMC3.

Basically, you can only use Yamato when your Devil Trigger is on. If that’s not worse enough, a creepy ghost appears behind you and he is the one using Yamato while you’re still armed with Red Queen.

The damage will be doubled but — that’s not the point. If you’re a fan of Vergil and you are an expert in using the Yamato, this is bullshit news for you. (Cries)

Stupid CAPCOM.

Dante’s Abilities:

Dante - The King of Dopes, yet lovable!

Dante - The King of Dopes, yet lovable!

Superb! You can use 4 of his styles — without visiting the scam shop just to make a switch! Trickster, Sword Master, Royal Guard and Gun SlingerDo it whenever or wherever you like!

With that you can perform various combo and melee attacks. What more? As Dante, you get new Devil Arms!

Gilgamesh - Obtain once She-Viper is defeated. Functions exactly (Yes, exactly) like Beowulf!

Gilgamesh - Obtain once She-Viper is defeated. Functions exactly (Yes, exactly) like Beowulf!

Comes with a pair of metal wings that cant fly too!

Comes with a pair of metal wings too! (Though, you can't fly)

Unlike Nero who can only battle with Red Queen and Blue Rose through out the missions, Dante has a wide range of weapons. Although not as many new weapons and styles as before… <u_u,>

Speaking of styles, they do not automatically level up as they do in DMC3. You are required to upgrade them using Proud Souls.

In mission 17, you get to use Dark Slayer and Yamato. However, not in the way as it used to be. <_  _>lll

Story Line

Frankly, I don’t like the story plot at all. So I’m going to cut all the hype and long story short. Plus, I’m going to speak out of my modest league.

Because it’s more of a goose chase. First of all, Nero is –not much of a character and has no personality other than screaming and constantly piss off. He is arrogant, stylish and cocky — then again, everyone in DMC IS arrogant, cocky and smokin’ with style. Nothing else separates him other than his youthful and good looks. (Duh! With the help of PS3 technology and graphic performance!)

Anyway, basically these 3 ass clowns want to create a Savior to battle off Demons. They embedded themselves with Devil arms, modifying themselves and their followers to be half-demons so that they could have power.

The Holiness (Sanctus, Agnus and Credo)

The Holiness (Sanctus), Credo and Agnus

Dante was assigned by Lady to end these clowns’ circus performances and while he was doing his job, Nero fought on these clowns side to later discovered their world domination motive.

Nero got even more pissed when Agnus and Sanctus held Kyrie as hostage. (Credo was just as pissed but he died)

And after they stopped the completion of the Savior (a giant rock dude), Kyrie and Nero was about to kiss but was interrupted by the demons.. Strange, how come there was no mention of Credo’s death to Kyrie? <.___.>{?]

Moving on, in the credits roll — in order to get an epilogue ending, you must defend and protect Kyrie within a time limit.

The first time I played this part, I didn’t know I was suppose to protect her despite her obvious cry for help.

With that said — Don’t make the same mistake as me.

* Sanctus is very irritating. He keeps saying, “THE SAVIOR IS COMING~~!!!”. Really, all the more you want to abuse this geezer.

This.. is what I can tell you.. About the story. <^-^>lll

Other Characters



Gloria first appears in front of the Fortuna Castle.

She fights using acrobat moves and —

She doesn’t look like she’s wearing any panties.



Too bad — She has no battle air-time.



Same goes for Lady, who is suddenly so revealing. This is what happens when your mum is dead and you kill your father — Boo-yah! No more parental guidance…

Trish and Lady

Dante, Trish and Lady - Look carefully at Dante's magazine. Can you see a picture of Lady and her name there?

(Laughs) Sorry.. No pictures of Kyrie. <^-^>lll

Side note: The women in DMC4 gestures and speaks with their boobs. This is what happens when there’s a new technology to enhance graphics. First thing’s first — Boob jobs. <_  _>lll


I don’t do walk-throughs.

But here’s a site you can rely on: Click here

The layout of the guide is friendly for your eyes plus, video footage included.

Go check it out!

Personal Thoughts

Maybe it’s just me but — I feel that this game was done in a rush. And the moves are very repetitive. (Eg: Gilgamesh is a cheap replica of Beowulf, Credo’s battle style is similar to Vergil’s method)

There aren’t many new weapons and styles. All so limited.

Also, something about the new weapon PANDORA doesn’t seem to make any sense to me.



When I battled Dagon, using Dante.. I expected to get an ice element weapon since Dagon’s attacks were based on ice.

However… ↓

Pandora -- A suitcase

Pandora -- A suitcase

I got a suitcase that turns into … ↓

A nasty Gatling gun.. and can transform into … ↓

A Mega size Bazooka … Plus … ↓

A razor sharp charkra and finally — ↓

… What the F is this? <.___.>{?]


A versatile weapon, huh… <-    ->lll

At least in DMC3, it was more logical. You fight the frosty Cerberus and you get an icy weapon. You fight Agni & Rudra whom possesses wind and flames, you get their weapons.

It was a total match.

A~ah well… Something new that I’ll have to learn to accept.

I’ve said enough. Now.. Some screen shots if you like~ \<^v^>/ ↓

Lady, Dante and Trish

Lady, Dante and Trish



Nero drop-kicks Dantes face

Nero drop-kicks Dante's face - "In your face, pops!"


Greedy as you are, know this: The BLUE ones are meant for Nero to smack amok whereas the RED ones are for Dante...

This is Echidna, the She-Viper. Defeat her using Dante and youll get Gilgamesh.

This is Echidna, the She-Viper. Defeat her using Dante and you'll get Gilgamesh.

Nero attempted to beat the She-Viper

Nero attempts to beat the jellybeans out of Echidna from the back but ---

Accidents happen!

Accidents happen all the time!


Which guy compliments another guy’s name?

Seriously? ↓

Nero and Dante

Nero and Dante in Mission10 - The Dying Wish scene

Nero you fag!

– End –

Phew. I’m done.

Despite that my review on DMC 4 seems so negative, I just want to let you know — I enjoyed the game and I’m willing to give 7.5/10.

  • The soundtracks are great! I especially like Echidna, Agnus (1st battle) and Credo’s battle theme track.
  • The graphics are awesome! It’s so colourful like a world of skittles!
  • The videos were entertaining albeit cheesy lines…
  • The voice actors did a splendid job. Very outstanding and natural! (Except for A-a-a-Agnus)
  • Game play is fun. There are some challenging moments. Eg: Mission 18!

I’m just not happy with Nero’s character (he’s like a ripped-off character) and hopefully in the next DMC game… Please please please don’t give us any stupid surprises like “Nero is Dante’s son” or “Nero is Vergil in disguise” or any shit like that.

And it better not be Dante and Trish son. Because.. Come on..

Do you dare to bed someone who looks exactly like your mother? <OAO>

You get my point.

This is Ms.Aya the sheep, reporting out!

One last spoiler! (Highlight text to view spoiler) - Gloria is Trish in disguise.

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1.  Li Shan
September 27th, 2008 at 12:52 pm

LOLOLOLOL…. epic review (bows)

2.  Ms.Aya
September 28th, 2008 at 1:36 am

Thanks Mau-chan.

* I admit.. I like some of Nero’s moves. They are quite nasty and wicked!

Gotta love his drop-kick!

3.  Kou
September 29th, 2008 at 2:22 am

Nice review!! Now I have the urge to go and play DMC4…(o[]O) But I dont have the hard to play it!! (T^T) Guess I’ll go finish the other games I’ve got.

4.  Ms.Aya
September 29th, 2008 at 10:40 pm

Do you have PS3?
Otherwise, you can play it on the computer. Though you have to get use to using the keyboard.

Good luck in finishing your other games!

I assume you’re playing the games that you ordered from

Correct? *Smiles*

5.  rocketd
September 30th, 2008 at 12:10 am

I feel like an outsider in this post, I don’t know about video games, I liked Fatal Frame 2 and 3, and I think I’m gonna save up my energies for Fatal Frame 4, if such title ever comes up.

Anyway, good job Ayacchi!!, that review is far better than many “pro” reviews of anything I’ve read. You’ve got a gift for writing there, and it shows.

6.  Ms.Aya
September 30th, 2008 at 6:36 pm

Fatal frame is a great game with very interesting story lines.
Plus — spooky and disturbing~!

Na, if Fatal Frame 4 ever comes out — do you think it will be on PS2 or PS3? (.___.){?]

— Suddenly, I am called “Ayacchi”. (Laughs)

.. Is that so? Well… I like writing and hopefully I can start a career that is related to writing.

However, I’m having a hard time finding the right opportunity and tuning myself in for the job.

A~h well, that’s for me to worry.

Thanks for the compliment!

7.  rocketd
October 2nd, 2008 at 11:22 am

I wish you luck with that Ayacchi!!

*Ayacchi sounds cute right??, I prefer to use cchi, instead of chan, hope you don’t mind.

Fatal Frame 4… *sight*

There’s a rumor that says Fatal Frame 4 (tentatively titled “Mask of the lunar eclipse”) will be for Wii, wich would be good news for me since I already own a Wii (I don’t have a PS3), but it’s just a rumor, Tecmo hasn’t given away any official information…as usual.

8.  Ms.Aya
October 2nd, 2008 at 6:19 pm


Oh dear!

I just read the article about Fatal Frame 4 in IGN after reading your comment.

It does sound fun to play this game on Wii however.. (Cries)

Does this mean I must buy a Wii just to play this game?

Bummer. (u__u)

If it really comes out for Wii only — (sniffs) You’re in luck, mate!

Quote: Tecmo hasn’t given away any official information…as usual.


9.  Rocketd
October 3rd, 2008 at 12:11 am

I’m sure Fatal Frame 4 will be released for PS3 and Xbox too, like the previous titles. But if its development is meant for Wii, that means people playing it in other systems will be missing a lot of the fun :/

10.  Circle
October 3rd, 2008 at 3:29 am

That was a lot of fun reading your review !

I played only to the first episode but it was pretty hard to get all the S grades and finish sub-missions, I think I’ll ask someone to borrow me the 2 and 3 and then I’ll try this one, when I’ll be in holydays.

Another review in sight ?

11.  Circle
October 3rd, 2008 at 3:31 am

That was a lot of fun reading your review !

I played only to the first episode but it was pretty hard to get all the S grades and finish sub-missions, I think I’ll ask someone to borrow me the 2 and 3 and then I’ll try this one, when I’ll be in holydays.

Another review in sight ?

The side note is incredible funny ! *Laughs*

12.  Ms.Aya
October 3rd, 2008 at 12:18 pm

Dear Rocketd-hun

That would be depriving.

Oh well.. Let’s wait and see.

Dear Mr. Circle


I heard that DMC 2 was a flop and no one (hardly anyone) mentions about it. Perhaps you should read about it first.

DMC3 is a must-play. It’s awesome and action filled. With all the cool weapons and styles, you’ll definitely score S!

However, do watch out for the damage infliction. Once you get injured by the enemies, your rank meter will restart to DOPE.

I don’t know about the difficulty in DMC1 because I have not played it yet (though I have the CD).

I’ll play it one day. (Laughs)

Mmm… For now, there won’t be any reviews until I hog on to a new game.

By the way, what games do you normally play?

13.  Circle
October 3rd, 2008 at 1:11 pm

I’m playing date games with mature content, online poker and horse race simulations. ~~ That was the fake part, or is it not ?

I used to play a lot but not anymore, mostly RPGames, I bought a Wii for a friend but she gave it back to me so I have some games on it: Mario Party, Super Mario Galaxy, er… Harvest Magical Melody (it’s cute but…), Mario Kart ! It’s the only one that I frequently play with a friend, Ican’t remember the other ones, but I guess I won’t play anothre games until a long time (ouch, my wrist just cracked, heading over rheumatisms ?)

I love funny reflexion games too, like Monkey’s Island, terrible game it is.

Actually I’m playing “So Blonde”, you’re a blonde girl from a wealthy family experiencing a shipwreck, you must find a way to leave this island. However the games isn’t very realistic, the girl seems too clever to be a real-blonde. (Laughs).

Unfortunately, I don’t have friends close with PS3 or Xbox360, so I can’t try these…

So I guess you never played DMC 2 too ? if you say the third is the best, I’ll try this one, is it on PS2 ?

14.  Ms.Aya
October 3rd, 2008 at 5:06 pm

Sorry, I’m not familiar with the games you have mentioned. I do know SuperMario (everyone does).

It’s about a crazy Italian man jumping on turtles and eating mushrooms, right? (Laughs)

Quote: However the games isn’t very realistic, the girl seems too clever to be a real-blonde. (Laughs)

!! Guffaws !!

Let’s hope there are no blonds reading this statement.

Oh, I’ve never played DMC2. I can’t find the game here. DMC3 is can be played on PS2 and on the computer.

If your computer can support high graphic performance, you can also play DMC4 then.

15.  Circle
October 4th, 2008 at 12:38 am

Oh ok, I should try to play it on my computer so.

But I think it would be more funny with a pad… lll

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