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Sheep’s Weekend

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Mood - Bored

Mood - Bored

28th September 2K8, Sunday – 8:50+pm.


Kon’ban wa~☆!

This is Ms.Aya the sheep, blogging about her regular weekend to —- whoever gives a damn. (Laughs)

During the weekends, I love to stay at home and read books or surf the Internet. You probably prefer to go out and meet your friends since you’re busy working/studying during the weekdays. So I guess we’re on a different page. But I understand. The weekends are the days you get a chance to catch up with your buddies. <u_u>

Anyway, I had my lunch at home yesterday. Usually, I don’t eat lunch or if I do — I will buy from outside. <•ω•>/ No, I did not dish out my own meal. I ate a packet of noodles which I’m about to introduce to you~♥ \<^ε^>/

For all those I-can’t-cook-for-squat AND noodle lovers, please try this noodle~♥! ↓

Korean Instant Noodles

Nong Shim Potato Noodles

The method of preparing this noodle is similar to your average maggi mee. The soup is spicy and the noodles are very soft, tender and chewy! <^ω^>/

Unlike certain Maggi mee/instant noodles which comes with only the spices, Nong Shim Potato Noodles comes with dried ingredients such as spring onions and mushrooms! /<´v`>\~¤



I bought it at JUSCO Tebrau, JB for RM5.10 (Price is uncertain. Estimatedly to be RM5 and a few cents). Unfortunately, you might not be able to find this scrumptuous noodle easily. I’ve tried searching at other supermarkets but to no avail.

So — I think you can only find it in JUSCO supermarkets. <-___->

WAIT~! Try the Korean Mart! Since it is a product of Korea… <T_T>

After I wiped out my bowl of potato noodles, I proceed to dessert~! ↓

Walls Ice-Cream

Walls Viennetta

I remember when the first time Wall’s released Viennetta, it was very expensive (at that time). I was in primary school and was eager to get a taste out of this new yummy-looking ice-cream. My brother, cousins and I saved up our pocket money to buy this ice-cream. We ate it for only a couple of times.

But right now, we can afford and we don’t feel the pinch as painful as it used to be.



From the image of the box, it just looks too mouth-watering! I don’t really browse through the ice-cream freezers in the supermarket simply because I don’t fancy tub ice-cream.

But when I spotted Viennetta, I felt the same attraction I had when I was a little girl. Without much of thinking done, I threw it into my basket.

So yesterday, I eagerly ripped the box open and …



To my disappointment, it didn’t look anywhere close to the image displayed in front of the box and it was very messy and all squished up. The box showed that there is a chocolate melted syrup but instead, it was just cocoa powder.

The peanuts were soft, the cream were out of place —

Just then I remembered why I stopped eating this particular ice-cream… It was horrible! <`A´>/

I ate a couple of slices and packed the rest back into the freezer. Seriously, it’s very tedious and the next time I take it out of the fridge, it will probably look like a ball of clusterfuck. <`A´>/

That was yesterday, my Saturday. (Laughs)

Today, in the evening — I thought of playing with Auwlithe, my dearest dog. Prior to this intention, I was reading through a book on how to train and play with your dog.

All this while, I rarely play or have an activity with him other than taking him out for a walk and petting him to sleep. Auwlithe is quite lazy and he prefers to just laze around while I pet him. Mum says that he’s growing sideways and he should exercise sometimes.

So with good intentions, I tried to get him all riled up by running around him and then tapping him from behind.

I was hoping he will run and chase after me however —

He caught me by my right hand and he refused to let me go.

As a result of ‘trying to play with him’ … ↓

O~wie… <;___;> I got mauled by my own dog.

And you know what?

He thought that biting and dragging me down to the ground was the whole part of the game. <x_x>lll

(Cries) Thankfully, I did not bleed a single drip. And luckily he is short! Otherwise he would have bitten off my entire arm!

With that said… Next time — I’m going to stick to just petting Auwlithe to sleep.

Screw what the books say.


Auwlithe, my little wolf

[ . . . ]

Alright, sorry for keeping you here for too long.

But before you go, would you mind sharing with sheep your ideal weekend?

What do you like to do during the weekends?

What is your ultimate weekend dream? <^x^>/


This is Ms.Aya the sheep, who is going to resume to reading… ↓

PS: Anyone heard of The Tales of Genji?

I saw this book in MPH and wanted to buy but had not enough money. Before I buy, I hope to get some reviews first. So anyone here care to give me a bean of information?