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Devil May Cry 4 Review

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26th September 2K8, Friday – Night.


I’ve just finished playing Devil May Cry 4 and I’m going to write a review about the game. This is my first time writing a game review so please be lenient to this amateur sheep and correct its mistakes, ok? <^-^>/


WARNING: Contain spoilers! I don’t want to be responsible for causing you to uninstall/smash the disc just because you stumbled here. <-   ->lll

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Although it’s late…

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Mood - Hungry

26th September 2K8, Friday – DEMON HOUR.


\<-    ->/ Baa~

Although it’s very late, sheep is going to eat noodles…

…. ↓

… In the dark. (Laughs)

At this hour, I should be sleeping but I really can’t help it. After playing Devil May Cry 4, I feel like walloping some food! <^ε^>/

I know.. It doesn’t make any sense.. So…

With that said, “Itadakimasu~☆” <—ω—>b

… I hope while eating, I don’t witness any weird happenings.

… <_   _>

…  <∏__∏>lll

Ok ok… After I eat, sheep will obediently go to bed, happy? v<^-^>lll


O~yasumi~~~♫! \<;__;>/