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Oba-san Magnet

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22nd September 2K8, Monday – 10:10+pm.


Hell~o minna-hun~! <¯ʎ¯>/

How are you? <•ω•>/

Any happenings lately? <^x^>/

Sheep is sorry for not updating the blog for the whole weekend. Well, there was nothing on my side other than getting stranded at the Bay. (Laughs)

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my peaceful weekend. <^-^>/

This is… ↓

Todays Ms.Aya

Today's Ms.Aya~☆

What a stupid face. (Laughs) <T_T>

This afternoon, I went to WATSONS pharmacy to browse around for some facial products. ↓



Incidentally, I met an aunty whom I’ve spoken to before and knowing aunties, they talk a lot. Plus being me, I just can’t seem to walk away from these kind of people. <_   _>lll

Now that I think about it properly — I seem to attract more aunties and adult women than people in my age group. There was even a time I went shopping for clothes with an aunty whom I don’t even know!

Apparently, she had an occasion to attend to and she couldn’t find a boutique that sells clothes for her age. She asked other youngsters where she could find those kind of clothing stores and none of them were very helpful.

She then approached me and because I am a helpful sheep (YES! SHEEP IS HELPFUL) — I took her to a boutique that I know of. I was then stuck with her for hours just because she couldn’t decide what blouse to purchase. So I had to help her select a suitable and reasonably priced blouse.

Anyway as I was saying, I feel like an aunty (oba-san) magnet. <;__;> (Tears)

Mum says she’s proud of me because older women favors me for my good manners and nature. <_   _>

You know what? <.__.>

She’s right and I shouldn’t view this oba-san magnet as an insult. <^x^>/

Here are the benefits for being an oba-san magnet:

  1. You learn a lot about motherhood and cooking – Who else can teach and train you to become a super mum other than — MOTHERS? They can answer almost everything, anything. You can’t get the  “I don’t know….” face from them. (But if you ask them about computers, you are the moron. Not them)
  2. They really care for you – Their concerns are genuine and they don’t judge you. In fact, they’ll take care of you or at least recommend you a medicine that really cures you!
  3. Lots of funny and amusing stories – If you are curious about how life was before you were born, aunties can tell you better than your friends. Also, you will know what’s going on around your neighbourhood.
  4. They are generous – Aunties are very generous in just about anything.  If they cook extra dishes, they’ll share. If they have unused clothes, they’ll give it to you. Solely because they don’t want to let it go to waste. And adults are fond of passing their things down to the younger generation.
  5. They know a lot of people – Suppose you need a doctor or someone trusty, aunties do have their own connections. And it is their nature to be skeptical before declaring someone a trusting individual.
  6. Match make – (Laughs) Need I say more?

… Now that I’ve stated my point of view about befriending with aunties/middle-age women…

However… I can’t help but to think..

Wouldn’t it be great if I have this same alluring charm for MEN?

Perhaps there is something about me that puts men off.

Can you guys help me spot the culprit?

Is it my face?

My hair?

My flat-boobs?

My clothes?

Please tell me! <∏_∏> (Cries)

Ms.Aya awaits for answers!

Note: Do you have any oba-san stories to share? <.__.>{?] Tell me! \<^v^>/

Oba-san Magnet Formula:

Women + oba-san magnet = A good thing.

Men + oba-san magnet = SHIT…