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Mood - Feeling better

Mood - Feeling better

10th September 2K8, Wednesday – 10:19+pm.


Oisu, minna-hun~♥

Writing to you is the sheep who is recovering from the previous event. Baa… <_  _>lll

If only I was more serious and steady… <;__;>

Anyway, now is not the time to dwell, right? <T__T>

Having that said…

Today, I ventured out to City Square on my own in hopes to find my next lead in life~☆!

As usual, I will go to the book shop and browse through some books in the marketing and business section. However today, I didn’t spend too much time browsing those books because — I just didn’t want to think about work. <—ω—>/

So, I skimped through the books that were sitting in the ‘Self-Improvement‘ shelf.

I hate self-improvement books because in my personal opinion, I find that everything mentioned in those books are so damn obvious and it doesn’t take RM79+ to figure them out. <`A´>/

Also, just plain bullshit. <`A´>/

Despite my resentment towards self-improvement books, I ended up buying a book from the self-improvement section solely because my hands were itchy.

What else could I have gone for?

Mum warned me not to buy magazines anymore because she thinks it’s a waste of money.<_ _>

Well, she’s got a point there. <-_->

Magazines = 748327249642 pages of cosmetic advertisements. As for the contents, pff. I can find better reading materials online. <TAT>

So what else will I read? Fictions? Love stories? I bought a couple of those books and I read only half and then forgotten all about it.

Simply because — fictions are not real. So what if the character is similar to you and that there is a possible chance that your happy ending will be like hers? Her life is decided and designed by the author. Author’s dreams, honey.

Whereas we in reality? God is our author and you know very well — you can’t negotiate with God.

Well then as I was saying.. I bought this book titled “How to Marry the Man of Your Choice”.

Hurriedly, I left for Coffee Bean. ↓

Coffee Bean

Coffee Bean

I had my lunch in Coffee Bean and then decided to sit outside to defrost myself.

This is the book I purchased and read through out my time in Coffee Bean. ↓

How to Marry the Man of Your Choice by Margaret Kent

How to Marry the Man of Your Choice by Margaret Kent

As much as I don’t like this kind of books, I admit — Most answers can be found in this book.

Although I’ve read until only the 4th chapter, I’m quite contented and will probably finish reading this book by tomorrow morning.

When I told my mum I bought this book, she snickered at me saying, “You don’t even have a boyfriend and you want to read about marriage!” Well, this book isn’t entirely about marriage. The books shares great tips for single women and guides them towards marriage.

In this book, Margaret Kent explains:

  • Why do ‘undeserving’ bitches get married while the women who goes all out for love remains single
  • What kind of places does your type of man hang out and how to engage a conversation with him
  • Why is it important for you to take effort instead of waiting for him to notice you
  • How to dress and get the lime light without wearing costly jewelries and cut-throat branded clothes
  • What turns a man on and off
  • The key to ensure your targeted man has eyes only for you — How to keep his interest and desire burning for you!
  • … Many more!

Now, I’m not done reading this book and certainly have not applied her tactics and methods yet.

So if you want me to rate this book’s worth.. I’d give: 7/10.

Because it’s a good reading material and I find myself nodding to everything she says.

Baa~ <^ε^>/

I hope to build more confidence as I read this book~

This sheep who has been single and never-before-been-admired by any guys is starting to feel neglected and unworthy. (Tears)

[ . . . ]

I suppose this entry now comes to an end.

Thanks for reading and to all the single women (and MEN) out there — May you find your lover soon~♥!

Before I go … Here’s a full picture of sheep.. Taken today~☆! ↓

Ms.Aya has LEGS!

Ms.Aya has LEGS!

Yes, Daisuke… I do have legs! (Laughs)

For a strange reason, sheep looks roasted in this picture.. How come? <.___.>{?]

Answer: Ms.Aya is ugly!