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Mood - (bangs head against wall)

Mood - (bangs head against wall)

3rd September 2K8, Wednesday – 5:15+pm.


Hell~o! \<^v^>/

Today is my first day teaching in ELS centre~☆!

I didn’t expect to begin work on payroll that fast, really. I thought the teachers there would at least want me to observe and fully understand their teaching methods before anything else. ↓

ELS centre

ELS centre

However, they are really short of teachers and I suppose that is the only reason why they need me on the move. <.___.>{?]

Sheeps outfit for today!

Sheep's outfit for today!

So as a teacher, I have to dress in a proper manner. Otherwise, I would be a bad example to the students. (Frowns) Not like my taste in fashion is flimsy and horny. (Laughs)

I still feel weird. I never thought I would see myself as teacher. What more? At this age. (Laughs) Many people would assume I’m a student at first glance! <OAO>

Anyway, leave that for me to ponder later. My day went pretty good~♫

Although I banged my head against the wall several times for making stupid mistakes while teaching. <^-^>lll <x__x>

By the way, currently I’m teaching only 2 classes a day. (2 hours) <-   ->

The students so far are quite alright. I find each and every one of them interesting. The downside is — I am terrible at remembering names. <_  _>lll

So about them… They behave themselves a lot better than your typical high school brats. Also, they are active when it comes to group activities.

Perhaps I should give them more group activities since it’s rather enjoyable and will keep their mind occupied. < ‘.’ >

[ . . . ]

You know what? If you have any idea or suggestiongs about how to teach.. Please let me know. <TAT>

And do tell me what a student wants.

I — don’t understand what a normal student wants because I’m normally the aloof one in the class and I do my own work most of the time.

So please!

Help sheep~! \<TAT>/ (Tears)

[ . . . ]

Before I go… I’m very sorry for boring everyone with my happenings.

To be fair — Please share with me your current situations! \<^ε^>/

PS: Drawing manga tutorial will have to wait. Gomen! <≥A≤>/