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Mood - げんき

18th August 2K8, Monday – 5:00pm+.


Mokarimakka, minna-hun? 「モカリマか、みんあーふん」 \<^ε^>

I heard that this week is a holiday for school-going children so — Happy holidays~♥! \<^v^>/

As for those who are working around the clock — I’m sorry. <_ _>lll (Criss)

This afternoon by chance, I saw a J-rocker fan and stopped him for a picture~☆. ↓

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Well, I don’t know much about J-fashion. I don’t even know what you call this fashion. Is it “Gothic”? Or “Lolita”? <.__.>{?]

Anyway I think it’s more appropriate to call it ‘J-rock’ fashion. Because this fashion style derived from Visual Kei bands like X-Japan, The GazettE, Alice Nine or even Moi Dix Mois

Lately, I see some of the local youngsters are cultivating this fashion style (Including Mira and Saru-chan!). However, they are quite a number of people who don’t approve this fashion. But not to the extend of getting arrested just because you dress this way.

More like — the society here thinks it’s too indecent to dress in such costumes.

Seriously, what is so bad about clothes like this?

Not like it exposes nudity or obscenity.

Your typical low-cut jeans are more eyesore than this fully-covered black and white outfit.

I went to Sushi King a couple of days ago and beside me was a woman who kept sticking her butt at me while playing with her baby. Gosh.. The sight of her exposed skin and ass-line almost made me loose my appetite. What’s more? There was a strand of hair stuck in between her buns. If she had wore a longer blouse, it wouldn’t shame her further.

Baa! <`A´>/

Most important question I want to know is — Why do people insist that J-Rock equals worshiping the Devil?

Yes.. They wear the crucifix like an accessory. I condemn that too. But about their clothes…

I mean — Hello? Evil people disguise in many forms. And they are invisible to your ‘Evil’ detection radar.

In fact — The person that you thought was the nicest and loveliest being can turn out to be the most wicked and evil bastard of them all. And guess what? They dress in casual jeans and T-shirts!

I read news and books on crimes & murders. Majority of the victims and inspectors often are surprise that the serial killers or murderers look normal and sane. No one would have suspected they were evil.

… I’m going off the topic here, sorry. <x__x>lll

I want to write a proper article on this but for now, this is it. I don’t have enough materials.

Gomen.. <u_u>

Until then, baa-bai~ \<^x^>/

PS: Sheep asked if he could speak English but he shook his head (Must be Chinese educated then) Anyway, he was friendly enough to let me take his picture and he even posed for the camera. (Laughs) ↓

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Click for a Larger View

PPS: No, I don’t wear J-costumes. But I don’t call them freaks.

PPPS: Yes, I talk trash about LALAS. Guilty as charged. But I stop doing that because I learned that even though their fashion taste is totally off — They are harmless people and are not hooligans. They don’t vandalize and they keep to themselves. So I will stop poking fun into them from now onwards.