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Sheep Records a Video!

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Mood - Sleepy

Mood - Sleepy

14th August 2K8, Thursday – 5:31+pm.


Kon’ban wa~\<^ω^>/!

Here are some videos of my evening walk with Auwlithe yesterday~☆!

I wanted to combine the 4 video clips into one for everyone’s convenience however, I don’t know how to use Windows Movie Maker. (Tears) <;__;>

I tried again and again but I just couldn’t fathom it out. If anyone knows how to use Windows Movie Maker, please kindly give sheep a few pointers?

Thank you~♥!

Now.. For the videos… <.__.> ↓

Note: Each video is less than 2 minutes so it won’t take too long to load. <^x^>/~Yay~!





From the videos, clearly you can tell that my English pronunciation is not very sharp and fluent. (Especially when it comes to “R”)

I know I am so pathetic. English is my mother tongue and its the only language I capable of speaking yet I fail to speak fluently! (Slams head against wall) How nice if I can edit my mistakes in the videos just like editing in word documents.. <u_u>

By the way — I just remembered the exact time. I was stalked last month — not 2 weeks ago. <x__x>lll

(Sigh) Another flaw — Sheep is not a spontaneous speaker either. <T_T>lll (Cries)

So now that I sheep realizes this… Sheep is going to resolve this problem by attending an English course! \<`ε´>/

(Laughs) I plan to start early next month~! \<^v^>/{Baa~♥]

Another thing… You can’t see me in the videos because it was recorded from my point of view…

[ . . . ]

Come on — You don’t expect Auwlithe to do the recording! <`A´>/

He’s too short and he’ll probably just record my feet or the grass!

I mean — He’s a DOG! \<`A´>ξ

Alright, this entry comes to an end.

Baa-bai~♥! \<*v*>/