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Hurt myself AGAIN!

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Mood - Happy

Mood - Happy

12th August 2K8, Tuesday – Evening.


Oisu, minna-hun~♫


This is Ms.Aya who went shopping for clothes today instead of working on the 2nd tutorial for drawing manga~↓

In the fitting room

In the fitting room

I’m sorry. I intended to work on the tutorial for the whole afternoon but mummy needed to go out and buy rice. Otherwise, we won’t have any dinner tonight! (Tears)


\<^x^>/ Sheep saw so many nice clothes on sale in WH however, sheep is not allowed to buy too many clothes. Mummy forbids… <u__u,>

After scouting for clothes, I went to the supermarket to meet mum and helped her to push the trolley.

As usual, the careless sheep hurt itself — again. ↓

Toe nail chipped off

Toe nail chipped off

I accidentally jerk the wheels back and as a result of my carelessness, I hurt my toe!

It took me time to register the pain. Before I felt anything, I just stood there dumbfounded and stare at my toe…

Watch the nail dangling.. <.___.>{…]

The sore skin turning pinkish.. <.___.>{…]

And finally.. Blood starts to ooze from the cut. <ο_o>lll

Only then, I felt the pain..


From now on, I must take Kou-san, Pixy and Saru-chan’s advice more seriously and be careful.

Otherwise I’ll be a danger to myself. (Laughs)


Sheep is done for today’s entry. \<^ε^>/

I’m sorry to be such a bore once again. I’ll try to look for something adventurous to blog about next time, ok?

Those who know me very well… It can’t be help, ne? My life is inside my oyster and I don’t go out.

With that — Let’s hope Mira can share something interesting in the next entry~☆!

Sheep takes its leave now, baa~bai~! \<^v^>/

PS: Below are some pictures I took today. ↓

Todays necessity

Today's necessity

We didn’t buy many groceries as you can see above. ↑

The most important thing we needed was the rice. <^-^>

Imported vegetables

Imported vegetables

This stretch of vegetables are mostly imported, therefore, more expensive than the others. Admittedly, they are very fresh judging from the bright colors. (See the brinjal and tomato over there?) I say — these are rich man’s vegetables! (Laughs)

Had a drink in StarBucks with oka-san!

Had a drink in StarBucks with oka-san!

Other people who also drank at StarBucks

Other people who also drank at StarBucks

On the main road

On the main road

Here’s what you should know about JB’s road; we don’t have much of those turn-here-turn-there nonsense. Our road goes straight all the way and if you want to turn in to a particular area, just make your turn and go straight again.

Second fact about JB roads: Our neighborhood area has a lot of dead-ends. (Laughs) So always look ahead of the road before you turn in. Otherwise you’ll have to struggle to do a three-pointer to get out. Worse for you if a sucker follows you into the wrong lane too.

I can imagine — face slams in the ass.. <=__+>

Shop lots along the road

Shop lots along the road

The shop lots are quite old as far as I can tell. I wonder if they actually have business.. I feel sorry for old shops with no business.. Can you imagine if your family works hard in a sundry shop and one day, 7-11 is built next to your humble shop and all your customers leave you for frozen slurpies? <.__.>

Sheep will cry and try to burn down 7-11~! \<TAT>/

Oh well, sheep will try to buy from sundry shops rather than 7-11 next time.. <T_T>

This entry comes to a real end now. <u_u>