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Mood - Uncertain

Mood - Uncertain

9th August 2K8, Saturday – 10:33+pm.



Right now, my front teeth and gum is painful. It has been hurting for 3 days now. Whenever I drink or eat something, the sharp pain strikes and I go “O~~wie~.” <τ_τ>lll (Cries)

Incidentally, Mira who is in another state — is suffering of teeth and gum pain too!

But she said hers feel more like a new teeth is growing out where as mine is just painful when in contact with liquid. Could it be Mira is bearing a wisdom tooth?

Whatever it is … I hope both of our teeth will recover soon. It will totally suck if we have to wear dentures now! <`A´>/

Each time I feel a slight pain in my teeth or gums, I’ll start to panic and being the typical me — my imaginations will grow wild and keep me worrying for days to months.

Sometimes in my sleep, I dream one-by-one of my teeth starts to dangle off and drop — leaving my tongue rubbing against nothing else but my sore gums.

Eeeewww…”, I know that.

I wonder if you get that sort of dreams too! <≥A≤>/

But honestly, its very frightening even to just imagine such a crisis happens to you! <u__u,>

(Sigh) How I wish I had taken care of my teeth when I was young… <u_u> *Tears*

What a stupid lamb I was… <-__->lll

Therefore this goes to say — Everyone…. Please take care of your teeth~!


This is all from Ms.Aya~♥ \<^ε^>/

I know its unnecessary to post this entry but I just don’t want to leave this blog dead. Mira has no time to update so — sheep has to be the annoying pest here… Understand? (Laughs)

Very well!

Good night and sleep tight~☆!

Sheep drew this picture last year

Sheep drew this picture last year ↑

PS: Anyone watching the Olympics 2008? Well — I’m supporting USA~☆!

What about you? <.__.>{?]