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Mood - Feeling FAT

Mood - Feeling FAT

6th August 2K8, Wednesday – 9:53+pm.



This is Ms.Aya who is suffering a little pain in the right thighs. ↓



O~wie… <;__;> I hurt myself 2 days ago when carrying a heavy box. Clumsy sheep… <T_T>lll

I notice that nowadays I hurt myself easily. Every now and then, I just get bums and cuts obliviously. There was one time, I walked around the house with my toe bleeding excessively, and I didn’t even feel a pinch.

When I look down my feet by chance, I was like, “Eraikotcha!” <OAO>{!!!]

To my horror, I was standing on a puddle (yes, a puddle) of blood and I thought someone else was bleeding to later discover it came from my toe. <°Δ°>{!!!]

The weirdest part was — The cut was very small and I didn’t recall stepping over any sharp objects or edges. <°x°>{?!]

Strange… But this goes to say; Sheep inflicts damages to itself.

However, I bet I’m not the only one who is oblivious about my injuries.

Baa.. <u_u>

I don’t have anything else to blog about today except that I ate at Stone Grill today. ↓

Stone Grill in AEON CITY

Stone Grill in AEON CITY

Mira and Saru-chan has dined and tasted Stone Grill’s unique food before but the outlet that I went today is different than the other one.

The menu is the same except that the setting is more tropical as seen above. ↑

Well, the food here is delicious, sizzling and above all — affordable.

I don’t think you can find Stone Grill anywhere else other than JB.

Sad… <;__;>

A~ah well.. I better not get to the part where I talk about food. I might just get hungry and start foraging. Besides, I measured myself today and yes — I can’t believe I’m saying this: I AM FAT.

Having that said — I’m going to burn out ‘HARD CORE’ in the gym tomorrow! <TAT>/

Oh yea.. Auwlithe wants to appear in this blog more often~☆ (Actually it’s me who wants him to appear more) so… ↓



Say hello to Auwlithe~♥!

… Sheep is such a boring person, ne? <_ _>lll