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Mood - Useless

Mood - Useless

29th July 2K8, Tuesday – Night time.


Good evening, darlings~♥!

It’s past dinner time and hopefully, everyone has settled down for the night. Although there isn’t anything to look forward to… I suppose, we all have our daily routine — right? \<—ω—>

Once you come home.. You go straight to your room.. Strip yourself.. Take a shower… Eat your dinner with your family… then straight to your computer..

This is today’s topic — ‘Houses‘.

I’m fond of houses in many ways; designs, walls, bricks, windows, gates, doors, landscape.. But what amuses me more is what kind of people live in it.

The scenery of houses

The scenery of houses

From where I live, I have the privilege to see the whole view of the neighborhood because my area mostly has slopes and hills. It does kind of give away a country-side feeling. In which is good — I just love living in a small town. \<^ε^>/

Everyday when I go out for a walk with Auwlithe, I always admire each and every house. Whether they’re bless with lovely luxurious landscapes and waterfalls, or bless with piles of garbage scattered around the compound… I adore. <•ω•>o

When I see all those huge beautiful mansions, I always think to myself and ponder — What kind of people live in here? <.__.>{?] ↓

What kind of people live in here?

What kind of people live in here? (You can see the reflection of my hand, I'm sure..)

I know they are rich and have top-notch status — But that’s not what I want to know. I want to know.. Are they kind and humble people? Snobbish? Proud? Loving? Attentive? Young mistresses?

Do they get along with the people in the house?

Are they happy with their kind of life?

Did they use the money they conned from other people to live in that bungalow?

How do they keep up with their messy garden?

How many family members are there?

How many maids do they need to maintain the house?

What kind of impression do they get if they ever see me?

… The list goes on.

Every family has a story. And the prime witness of their story is their house. You see.. When a family is miserable, the house shows it. For instance, the garden is not tended with care. The atmosphere in the living hall becomes dull.

I don’t know if you all are sensitive to these kind of things, but I certainly am. ↓

Along the street

Along the street

I always tell my mum (because I have absolutely no one else to talk to), “I want to turn into a duck and intrude this house~☆!”

And as always — she replies, “Why turn into a duck? Why not just turn into a bird? It’s easier for you to just fly in and not find yourself on the chopper board!”

Well.. I find ducks are much cuter than birds. (Laughs) <n_n>

But I’m a sheep.. In a town. <^-^>lll

You know.. I do have photos of some nice houses here and I wish to share them with you — but I’m afraid I can’t. I might get in trouble for posting pictures of private properties. You know — Those houses have personal security guards!

That’s how much of a BIG shot they are. <+__+>lll

Anyway.. As a single and virgin to relationships.. I always wonder what kind of home ‘he’ lives in. And how is the atmosphere of ‘his’ home.

(Sigh) Not like anyone is concern with my home, lifestyle and my over-all well-being, right?

In fact, I doubt anyone even cares about how I perceive houses and families.

Sorry to have bothered all of you with yet, another boring and selfish entry.

I hope to post a tutorial on how to draw manga characters soon. Since Pixy is willing to learn how to draw a bit — I thought, hey.. Might as well contribute something useful to this blog~☆

Of course if you want to learn… Go right ahead~♫.

As for now — Good night and hit the sacks before the demon hour, ok? \< ´v` >/


↑ PS: To whom may concern --- My neck is NOT broken. It's a headband used as a ...neckband! <≥A≤>/

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1.  Pixy
July 30th, 2008 at 10:09 am

Turn into a duck … LOL ! Sheep not good ? Flame Tank wor XD …

Ahhh, I try to learn bah … I need to learn something new … Hope I will have the ‘will’ to learn it XD …

Exam later … Later then ;)

2.  Saru-chan
July 30th, 2008 at 9:46 pm

Lol … Sometimes i wonder why does a person needs such a big house ?

i saw some people that lives in a Bungalow and the only person living there is the owner only ..

what a waste of space !

True About the Atmosphere thinggy .

When i enter new Houses .. or houses that have not been used for some time .. There is this awkward feeling that there is something watching you .. and the place seemed quieter hence colder than its supposed to be ..

Btw . . Creative way of Fashion you have there =)

3.  szanne
July 31st, 2008 at 8:51 am

at first i thought you were going to tell a horror story. aha. im not really fond of houses. but i do wonder how some people manage to have their houses renovated though they dont seem to be earning much. my house is not renovated nor it has a beautiful garden. my house design is still the same as it is when it was built. it looks like a bachelor’s house. lol.

anyways, what kind of people lives in your neighbourhood? anyone of same age? their mother language? oh and hows your house like? XD

4.  Ms.Aya
July 31st, 2008 at 4:45 pm

Dear Pixy

Flame tank, yea~~

Give me some time to do the tutorial, ok?

You want to learn how to draw a female or male character first?

Dear Saru-chan

My mother’s first question is the same as yours: Why do they need such a big house?

I guess some people like it big. Like for mistresses, they probably like to ‘roll’ all over the house…


House atmospheres.. Yes.. I don’t know how it can affect the mood and atmosphere -scientifically- but.. I guess this is mostly due to spiritual matters, that can’t be explained.

Oh, you said when you enter a new house you felt awkward… May I know what place you’re referring to?

Thanks. I’m now very encourage to pose as an injured victim with a broken neck. (Laughs)

Dear Szanne
Horror story? (Laughs)
I’ll save that for next time. I have a couple in mind now.. but next time, ok?

You’re right. How do some people -who apparently don’t seem to earn much- can wave the green flag to renovate their house?

Unless they strike jackpot in Genting or Magnum.. (Laughs)

Speaking of your house, do you like the way your house is? (.__.) What kind of house would you want to live in?

The people in my neighbor are majority — OK people who can speak English and we live in single story houses.

Sadly, there aren’t people my age. Mostly 30+ and retired people.

My street is very short therefore not many houses and people. They are mostly single aunties (some are widows) who appreciates plants and the well-being of our street. Although there are a couple of intolerant people here.

One young mother likes to shout and scream at her baby, one old lady keeps inviting stray cats and pigeons to our neighborhood and how can I forget? The minority of Malays here who tends to find fault with my dear, dear Auwlithe! \(T_T)/

Bottom line — Living here is much peaceful than my days in PJ. (Laughs)

There, I answered all your questions!

I forgot to add this question: What is your dream house?!

Share with me!!! \(^v^)/

5.  szanne
July 31st, 2008 at 11:07 pm

yeah i wonder how much renovations costs. since buying the house alone is a bomb.

ahh, i think im pretty satisfied by the design of my house. i have a long porch and my living room is spacious enough. though i wish my house has more! cos my dining area is pretty cramped. and upstairs, there’s no hall area like most houses do. =( there’s a little garden which my bro and i struggle to maintain. aha! the plants keep dying!

i would love a penthouse! i get to view the world from my place. i just always liked to live in high rise buildings. a condo or something like that. i dont really prefer houses. well, unless of course i have a family. hehh. i would love living in cities. =D how bout you? by the beach or the city?

oh yeah, same here. i have this malay neighbour who once said he was gonna kill my dog for intruding their house. what jerks! oh, and another neighbour who would scream at her grand kids til they cry like there’s no tomorrow.

but i guess it’ll be worse living in condo right, since you can practically hear everything through the wall. hmm.. -.-

ahh… my longest reply yet!

6.  Saru-chan
July 31st, 2008 at 11:15 pm

Well .. the house i entered the other time was the Corner Lot House in SS2 that was a little old .. and there was 3 trees that grew enormously over the house .. and when i entered the house .. there was this old smell .. and the atmosphere was cold .. because the owner neglected the house .. so the house feels sad ..
Mostly The Tree spirit inherit the house .. and looked after it .. because the way the Tree Grew over it , is as if the tree was trying to protect the house and amazingly is that the Branches did not Grew inward but Grew Over The house !
Note: I mentioned about this house in my blog with Mira Washing the Windows !

And Most Recently .. I went to Another Corner Lot house in SS2 , Man .. this house is Worst ! All of the grass and weeds were not trimmed and it out grown the whole Lawn ..
The inside was worst .. The place stinks worst than ever .. and the walls were all stained like Blood and moss grew all over … rust is placed instead of iron
The house was decaying .. as it was neglected for more than 10 years !
The place is quite huge , could expand even bigger .. and it is only one floor high ..

Everything was stripped away except the Walls and the Roof .. amazingly only the carpet was left .. Stained and mucky as it seemed .. or at least it could be still called a Carpet .. cuz many sections of it was torn off .. left rugged .
It was Muddy too .

But this house was different , The atmosphere was weird .. the place is damp .. but hot in the same time ..
Again, things were watching . they did not like us there .. i could feel it so strong as if they were yelling it at us .

Bizarre huh ?

Its up to you to Believe it or not , But i can take you to those houses if you want to ^^


My Dream House ?

- A Normal average Home (not so huge ..) with “English/French” interior design .. a garage with an Exotic Sports Car .. and a Beautiful Garden … With an Apple Tree at the Garden which Blooms and Bear Fruit Most of the time ..

Tiny Little Lamps Lit the garden at night ..during the morning i will wake up with the Sunlight beaming down into my room and scents of Flowers fills the house ..The Garden has Grasses That are as soft as cotton and well trimmed ..
Ohh.. And a Dance Studio in one Section of my house ! xD

My house in the Morning is Warm , Bright ,Cheerful and Comfy (smells good too ) .. While at Night its is Cool and Solemn while the crickets sing ..

But What was most Beautiful is that .. i saw ..

I was Carrying a Tray that has Tea Cups with Detailed Patterns and a Teapot .. Exiting from the Kitchen When walking to the Hall Through the long clear window i saw

- Mira and Aya at the Porch With another Woman .. All chattering Away And Laughing about their Good Times and Making Jokes About their Carrier Life and Plans of The Future … sipping on their China Teacups .. ( Mira’s Witch Laugh was quite Audible from where i was )

- Glanced at the other side and i saw ., Nugget and Pc-kun Playing with the Game consoles .. While Porchu and Hedgehog was Cracking Sick jokes … along with a few new friends .. .. I walked over to serve the drinks…. Pc-Kun was like Lashing his Japanese Words when he lost the game .. it was quite funny . =)

(Oh did i forget ? My Walls of my house have Frames of Artworks that belongs to Nugget, Pc-kun , Aya , Mira , tortoise, .. Not to forget .. yours truly mine ^^ )

The Weird thing was is that .. At The Garden .. There was Three Face-less Kids .. 1 Boy and 2 Girls .. One girl Was Picking Flowers While the boy was chasing the other girl with a worm in his hands – They were both covered in Dirt .

When i was about to take a Closer look .. i heard my mom Calling .. ” CALVIN !!!! WAKE UP AND GO TO CHURCH !!! ”

And So I was Awaken .

Thats was the end of my Fantasy dream of My House . . there was face-less people in it .. so that means im not sure who was it in the scene .

i know .. i sometimes a very Down-to-earth person …

ahaha ~~ .. and i found out that my name (Riku) Means “Land”

Sorry For the Overly- Detailed witting … i got too caught up… Because i never actually think of sharing this dream before ..

i shall now Shut Up .


7.  Saru-chan
July 31st, 2008 at 11:17 pm

Oh ! and not to forget !

The Area at My house Must have Nice Neighbors !!!

8.  Pixy
August 1st, 2008 at 1:15 am

IF can, female bah ^^ ….

My dream house ? … As long as the house stand for 100 years and no need ANY maintenance … I happy already …

9.  Mira
August 1st, 2008 at 9:05 am

i remember that row !! if i aint mistaken its from your house lane XD the first pic XD and the other big road leads to the fields i think. i also remember the 3 doggies together , dogs which looked after their own streets =.=” and yes it is a very curious thing to wonder what kind of people who lives in there

10.  Ms.Aya
August 1st, 2008 at 6:27 pm

Dear Szanne,

Cramped dining hall? Must be very uncomfortable eating there… Everywhere you turn, you hit something. (Laughs)

Wow.. A penthouse sounds like fun. And living in high rise building is convenient because for one thing — Break ins are unlikely. The security is much more tight and safe.

As for the walls… Nah… Not all condominiums has thin walls. You can get one of those sound-proof walls, right?

… Your Malay neighbor is mean! How can they threaten to kill your dog? It’s not like it does bad things. (Ok, sometimes dogs do piss on appropriate places) then again, I think they’re just being prejudice against dogs. (Tears)

My dream house? I will share that later. (Laughs)

Yes.. A very long reply. But I’m alright reading long replies.

In fact, I encourage long replies rather than, “Yes, I agree tooooo~~~~!” kind of comments. (Laughs)

Dear Calvin

Oh that! I remember that blog entry.

Yup.. Mira cleaning the windows. (Laughs)

You know, the whole tree thing covering the cold house makes me feel that plants and creatures are more loving than humans.

That’s the first thought that strike me when I read that. (Wonders)

Anyway, it is bizarre. Do take me to that house one day.

Now moving on with your dream house..

Man.. Reading it is like reading a chick-flit or some sort of novel!


It’s so detailed!

A~ah well.. I prefer details rather than lucid text. Now I can visualize Saru-chan’s house!

I can’t help but to think that in your dream, you were a lady yourself. Because it seems so! (Laughs)

But I must say — Interior French/English design is most splendid and wonderful craftsmanship. I love those very much! It makes a home so cozy and warm!

Living in such a house, every tea pots and cups must be design with lovely flowery patterns to enhance the atmosphere.

Also, to give it a country feeling.

If you were to mix futuristic designs in such house, man — that’s odd.

However, Playstation is acceptable. (Guffaws)

Thanks for sharing this dream house of yours here, where everyone else can read.

There’s nothing to be ashame of. (*v*)v.

Oh.. Who is this ‘another woman’ Mira and I were talking to?

Perhaps your future lover?

!! CHEERS !!

Yes.. Nice neighbors… (stations Joshua to live next to Saru-chan for another 342321927194 years)

Dear Pixy

Female it will be~

You are very simple.

And you’re more practical with it..

But seriously, do you think you can live up to 100 years?


The best house is a house that doesn’t need maintenance and the facilities inside will never damage or run out.

.. Better still.. Don’t need to pay electric and water bills!

Good one Pixy. Next time someone ask me about my dream house, I’ll include this. (Laughs)

Dear Mira

Heehee.. The big house and the street is no where near my neighborhood.

I don’t go to that 3 doggie street anymore. Because a few weeks ago, I got stalked by a car and ever since then, I was advised not to go that far anymore. (Cries)

Dear Everyone
I’ll share my dream house … later, okee? Be patient!

11.  szanne
August 1st, 2008 at 10:53 pm

well, im sure you know malays cant be touching dogs. their religion rule or something. so whenever my dog goes over.. they’d get irritated. oh, and they once threw stone at it. what sons of bitches.

oh yay, i do love to hear bt your dream house! post soon soon!

12.  Mira
August 1st, 2008 at 11:39 pm

u were stalked o.o omg….. dangerous o.o
and big houses XD need maids !!! ehehehheee and then put lots of siberian husky !

13.  Pixy
August 2nd, 2008 at 9:03 am


Yeah … won’t get damaged and run out … but I seems impossible in this real world … since everything need maintenance over time ..

But well, this is my dream house .. I don’t request for anything luxury for my house … As long as like u said … no need to pay bills and the maintenance … Wow, u can save up a lot of your money for something else …

14.  Pixy
August 2nd, 2008 at 9:03 am


Yeah … won’t get damaged and run out … but it seems impossible in this real world … since everything need maintenance over time ..

But well, this is my dream house .. I don’t request for anything luxury for my house … As long as like u said … no need to pay bills and the maintenance … Wow, u can save up a lot of your money for something else …

15.  Pixy
August 2nd, 2008 at 9:05 am

eh sorry … double post … the my internet browser hang …

16.  Ms.Aya
August 3rd, 2008 at 3:44 pm

Dear Szanne

Sons of bitches indeed.

I’ll post about my dream house — later.

Thanks for wanting to hear me!

Dear Mira

One of the houses here has 3 huge Siberian Huskies.

Very fierce and protective but how on earth can those types survive in our hot climate country?

Dear Pixy

I’m done with the tutorial but Youtube is being a bitch so I can’t post the tutorial yet.

You’re very humble about your dream house. Then again, I can’t agree more.

A house that doesn’t need to pay any rent, water bill, electricity bill and maintenance is the best house ever!


… But only in our dreams.. (Cries)

Like you said.. It’s impossible in this real world..


17.  Ms.Aya
August 4th, 2008 at 9:32 pm

Okee~ Now I share my dream house~ (If anyone is still interested)

I have.. 3 version of my own dream house:

1. Traditional Japanese house – I don’t want a big house but just one that looks like a temple and has lots of spaces outside. But the downside of this house is — The walls and sliding doors are too thin. Which mean no privacy.

2. Country home – A one and a half-story house! My bedroom should be in the ‘attic’ and my choice of furniture will be wooden. I’ll spam my house with collection of tea cups and pots. Also, lots of flowery curtains!
The design will be very country like. I want to hang pictures of ducks, deers and sheeps. (Laughs) Yea.. And warm-color wallpapers!

3. An apartment – Hmmm… Probably will turn out to be something like my country home dream. But I normally visualize that my kind of guy will live in an apartment..
Baa…. (u_u)

I would like to share my dream houses in detail but it’s hard for me to describe them with words. (Tears)


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