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Every House has a Story

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Mood - Useless

Mood - Useless

29th July 2K8, Tuesday – Night time.


Good evening, darlings~♥!

It’s past dinner time and hopefully, everyone has settled down for the night. Although there isn’t anything to look forward to… I suppose, we all have our daily routine — right? \<—ω—>

Once you come home.. You go straight to your room.. Strip yourself.. Take a shower… Eat your dinner with your family… then straight to your computer..

This is today’s topic — ‘Houses‘.

I’m fond of houses in many ways; designs, walls, bricks, windows, gates, doors, landscape.. But what amuses me more is what kind of people live in it.

The scenery of houses

The scenery of houses

From where I live, I have the privilege to see the whole view of the neighborhood because my area mostly has slopes and hills. It does kind of give away a country-side feeling. In which is good — I just love living in a small town. \<^ε^>/

Everyday when I go out for a walk with Auwlithe, I always admire each and every house. Whether they’re bless with lovely luxurious landscapes and waterfalls, or bless with piles of garbage scattered around the compound… I adore. <•ω•>o

When I see all those huge beautiful mansions, I always think to myself and ponder — What kind of people live in here? <.__.>{?] ↓

What kind of people live in here?

What kind of people live in here? (You can see the reflection of my hand, I'm sure..)

I know they are rich and have top-notch status — But that’s not what I want to know. I want to know.. Are they kind and humble people? Snobbish? Proud? Loving? Attentive? Young mistresses?

Do they get along with the people in the house?

Are they happy with their kind of life?

Did they use the money they conned from other people to live in that bungalow?

How do they keep up with their messy garden?

How many family members are there?

How many maids do they need to maintain the house?

What kind of impression do they get if they ever see me?

… The list goes on.

Every family has a story. And the prime witness of their story is their house. You see.. When a family is miserable, the house shows it. For instance, the garden is not tended with care. The atmosphere in the living hall becomes dull.

I don’t know if you all are sensitive to these kind of things, but I certainly am. ↓

Along the street

Along the street

I always tell my mum (because I have absolutely no one else to talk to), “I want to turn into a duck and intrude this house~☆!”

And as always — she replies, “Why turn into a duck? Why not just turn into a bird? It’s easier for you to just fly in and not find yourself on the chopper board!”

Well.. I find ducks are much cuter than birds. (Laughs) <n_n>

But I’m a sheep.. In a town. <^-^>lll

You know.. I do have photos of some nice houses here and I wish to share them with you — but I’m afraid I can’t. I might get in trouble for posting pictures of private properties. You know — Those houses have personal security guards!

That’s how much of a BIG shot they are. <+__+>lll

Anyway.. As a single and virgin to relationships.. I always wonder what kind of home ‘he’ lives in. And how is the atmosphere of ‘his’ home.

(Sigh) Not like anyone is concern with my home, lifestyle and my over-all well-being, right?

In fact, I doubt anyone even cares about how I perceive houses and families.

Sorry to have bothered all of you with yet, another boring and selfish entry.

I hope to post a tutorial on how to draw manga characters soon. Since Pixy is willing to learn how to draw a bit — I thought, hey.. Might as well contribute something useful to this blog~☆

Of course if you want to learn… Go right ahead~♫.

As for now — Good night and hit the sacks before the demon hour, ok? \< ´v` >/


↑ PS: To whom may concern --- My neck is NOT broken. It's a headband used as a ...neckband! <≥A≤>/