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The X-Files Movie (2008)

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Mood - Relax

Mood - Relax

24th July 2K8, Wednesday – 8:19+pm.


Yo~oh everyone~! \<•v•>/

This is Ms.Aya reporting again~♥! (Laughs)

I wonder… Did any of you receive emails from sheep? <.___.>{?]

I hope you all did. But if you wish for sheep to stop spamming your inbox with news and stuffs… Remember, just email back with the subject line: NO more emails for me.

\<^ε^>/ Baa~☆

Etoh… Looks like Mira is too busy, na? Well… I don’t have much to report on my side except that I went out with my family to watch ‘The X Files Movie‘. ↓

Before the previews even started

Before the previews even started

The X Files Movie

The X Files Movie (2008)

I must say — I’m quite disappointed with the outcome of this movie. You see, I’m an X-files fan. I used to watch every episodes when I was a little girl and so what if I get nightmares? I just love it! \<^v^>/

Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) was one of the first characters I used to adore (I still do!). And Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) was one of the most steady characters I ever came across! Unlike those typical ladies who flirts a lot and worse, emotionally break down whenever they can.

Take the Korean, Japanese and Chinese female characters for an example. They are full of tears, blank stares and self pity. Every time their boy friends take a step away from them, they end up in the hospital. How dramatic can it get?

TV shows nowadays… (Sigh) <_ _>lll

As for flirting, Dana Scully never does that. She’s too good to be bed by anyone other than Mulder. (Laughs)

Anyway.. Back to topic.. On the X files movie…

There’s nothing paranormal and phenomenal in this movie. No aliens, UFOs, were wolves, weird creatures, sickos — Okee.. There were a couple of sickos.. They are homosexuals hence sickos. <+__+>lll

When it comes right down to it, it’s just not as bizarre as it used to be. There’s no more Cancer man, coward Krycek and so on to make the show interesting. They died in the series, remember? <.___.>{?]

You will, however, find a couple of trademarks in the movie. Like the fact that Mulder still darts his pencils up the ceiling, still is stubborn, still persistent about searching for his long lost sister though he already know she’s dead.. And how can we forget? ↓



This poster is still pinned against his wall. His sister’s photo is still around too! \<OAO>/


I don’t want to spoil the movies with my bias opinions to you all so… Go ahead and watch the movie if you please. <^-^>/

I just hope that our local media will air the whole episodes of X-files again. I remember the first episode has something got to do with the insect bites though. (Laughs)

Ok, I need to go now. Thank you for your time.

… Oh! Speaking of weird creatures, my brother and I are keeping sea monkeys~☆! ↓

Sea Monkeys~!

Sea Monkeys~!

The eggs aren’t hatch yet so I’ll update later or so, alright?

(Laughs) Mira wanted to keep sea monkeys but somehow she didn’t… <u__u>

A~ah well.. Baa-bai~♫! \<´v`>/