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Hypnotic Robbery

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16th July 2K8, Wednesday – 11:30+pm.


Greetings Earthlings. (Laughs)

As promised, I shall blog about ‘Hypnotic Robbery’.

I’ve never been a victim to this so I don’t really know everything. But this is what I’ve heard so far from my neighbors.

One of my neighbors was a victim to hypnotic robbery. The aunty that my mother and I usually talk to told us that it happen to her sister.

These aunts are elderly people, say — around 60+? According to her sister (the victim), she was called from outside the house and likewise, she went to check out.

A man told her that he was selling a couple of old pots and asked if she wanted to buy. Knowing this aunty, she’s very calculative and not some one you can easily convince. After all… 2 old pots — Not like she needs them. Their house had more than enough.

However, this man managed to talk her into trading all her jewelries for the old pots. Jewelries. Does it make sense for anyone to trade their jewelries for a couple a old pots? <OAO>!!!

We all know that Jack was suckered into trading his cows for a pocket of beans but — that’s just a story. Besides, they were magic beans. <=__=>lll

Anyway… The aunty went in her house, took out all her jewelries and gave to the man without a questioned asked. Her sister who was in the house, suspect that her sister was behaving weird as though in a trance. After the man left, she asked her sister what happen and why she purchased those old pots for.

After a while, the aunty snapped out and realized she was duped BIG time.

I can imagine the feeling. You traded a box filled with jewelry for a couple of old pots. And those pots are definitely not magic pots that will grow money on trees. <T__T>

Some of you may suggest that she’s old therefore her memory isn’t good but you’re wrong. I spoke to her before. She is perfectly aware of her surroundings. I can even say that today’s teenagers are more blur than this 60+ years old aunty. (Question: Why do young people think it’s cool and cute to be blur? I’d say its stupid and pathetic)

Another case, told by my other neighbor was… This young mother was divorced and suffered a lot of financial burden.

She lives alone with her daughter and she works around the clock for survival. Until one day, a man came to her house.. spoke to her and as you can guess… She gave him some money.

But this man was very brave and greedy. He kept coming back for more money. And the woman continued to give him her money without any questions asked.

Some time later, her friend/neighbor noticed that this particular man keeps coming over to her house and take money from her. So the neighbor started asking questions about what’s going on, seeing that the scenario doesn’t look quite right.

At that very moment, the mother found out that she gave at least RM120,000 in total to that man. She also remembered that she even borrowed money from the loan sharks for that man.

And all this happen without her knowing anything. She couldn’t identify the man and whenever she talks to him, her mind goes blank.

After this discovery, she fled and moved else where — in hope to start a new life.

It is said that this was committed using hypnosis.

Well… I do believe there is such a thing. I won’t tell you in detail because I haven’t done my studies on this but the mean while…

How can we arm ourselves against this?

I don’t have answers for this too. But I’m just guessing…

  • If scent plays a role in hypnotism, then we better not inhale the stranger’s scent. It is possible that they use drugs to occupy or weaken your mind’s senses.
  • Avoid eye contact and pay attention to his/her body motions.
  • Keep a distance. You don’t want to stand too close to this kind of people.
  • Try not to let his/her words and voice get into you. It will make you think so much to the point you somehow agree with them.
  • Don’t let them talk so much. The more you let them talk, the more you’re actually considering what they’re saying. Shut them off the minute they don’t tell you anything relevant.

… I hope my dear Auwlithe can protect me!!! <≥A≤>/



What do you people think? <;__;>