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Mood - Uncertain

Mood - Uncertain

15th July 2K8, Tuesday – 8:40+pm.


Greetings, everyone~ \<^v^>/

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Now moving on… ↓

Young people harasing cars at the petrol station

Young people desperately stopping cars at the petrol station

Today, I went to the petrol station and there were a group of young people, trying to stop the out-going cars so that they could pass some leaflets to the drivers.

I don’t exactly know how young these people are and what exactly they’re doing because mother did not stop the car to hear them out. If I’m not wrong, these youngsters has been stationing themselves in the petrol stations, supermarket car parks and even outside the bank in this particular area — for more than a month.

The first time I had an encounter with them (not the same people in the picture) was 3 months ago, I think. I got out of the car and one of them approached me and mother, asking us to open a broacher to see if we won anything.

Lazily, my mother tore off the sticker to have found she won nothing but a ‘Thank you’ note. On the other hand, I got something more than just a mere ‘thank you’. Apparently, I won the grand prize and the young guy got so excited, he called over his buddies and told me that if I were to go to their workplace immmediately, I can claim my prize.

Was it a LCD TV I won? I can’t remember simply because I wasn’t interested. <-____->lll

Anyway, my mother and I rejected the offer. One of the insisted that he’ll sit in our car and direct us there.

Now… The reason why we rejected was obvious. <¬_¬>

They could be crooks, frauds, con mens… Whatever that involves cheating, you name it. They did show us that this contest was mentioned in the newspapers hence legal. <=__=>lll

But the real reason why we backed away was because — We were cheated before. <;__;> (Cries)

I can never forget that day, in year 2005. The year my family was suffering of poverty.

I’ll cut my long story short. They made us buy a couple of junks and then surprise — You have to make another lucky draw to see what you win. And these people did not made their terms clearly. They told us it’s compulsory to purchase their items (a portable sauna, foot massager…etc) and then only you get a shot in claiming your prizes.

For all you know, the ‘prizes‘ you brought back were PAID — by YOU. <`A´>/ξ

You PAID for them, NOT win them. <OAO>{!!!]

So if any of you came to my house before and saw a portable sauna collecting dust in the corner of the room, you know the story. My family will never purchase such a thing for the house! <`A´>/ξ

Back to the presence… <u__u>

I notice that the people doing this kind of field jobs are young people. Perhaps they’re school leavers or doing a part-time job. However, I can’t help but to ponder whether they know what they’re doing.

Not to say I look down on them but more of pity them. They have to stand out in the open and stop people just to sell/advertise whatever they’re selling. Knowing what kind of society we’re living in today, people are too busy in their fast-pace lives to the point they hardly look or stop for anything else other than their own destinations.

Besides, do these young people feel that this kind of jobs has a giant FRAUD label on it? <+__+>lll

… Because they are young and they look like they don’t know anything… I hope they get a better job. A decent.. practical job. <T__T>lll

(Sighs) On my part, I do try to stop and listen to these people. However most of the time, I find my approachers looking like con mens and crooks. Otherwise, why do they only approach me and no one else?

Maybe because I’m usually all alone and they figure I make an easy victim. <-__->lll

Oh well, if you have read this far…

Please be careful when you’re out alone or even when you’re with friends.

Bad guys are becoming more aggressive and daring lately.

Of course, if children or students approaches you for donation to their clubs/schools/activities, please DON’T turn them away. <u__u,>

I’m done for now.

There’s another case I’ll like to share with everyone. It’s about ‘Hypnotic’ robbery.

I’ll get to that soon, all right?

Before I go… Here’s a picture of a car model I saw today at Aeon City (Jusco)~☆ ↓

Car Model at Aeon City

Car Model at Aeon City

And my outfit for today~☆! ↓

A pink sweater and grey skirt.

A pink sweater and gray skirt.

(Laughs) I’ll update the blog soon. <^ε^>/

Right after I’m done watching WWE Raw and a movie~♥ \<^v^>/